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Posted on: March 5, 2011 8:58 pm

Scheduling of Championship Week Games on CBS

Hello, college basketball fans!

Some things I would change about the schedule of conference tournament games on CBS.

I would like the Big Ten final on Sunday to be earlier in the day. I have seen Big Ten champions not be seeded where they should because the game ends too late for the NCAA bracket to be adjusted. Maybe they should swap with the Atlantic 10 on Sunday and play at 1pm (I think the Big Ten should have priority over the A-10 as to when they get to play). Another option is to move the A-10 final to noon and the Big Ten game to 2:30pm ET (an extra hour before the Selection Show).

I also think that the Missouri Valley Championship "Arch Madness" should replace Conference USA on Saturday. Excluding Memphis's run, I think the MVC has been a better overall basketball conference than C-USA and they deserve to be part of the final weekend more than Conference USA. Either move C-USA to the MVC slot or just move them to another network (I wouldn't miss them). Or how about split national coverage between C-USA and the MVC in the same slot on Saturday? I think the chance to play on the final weekend for the MVC is worth sharing TV coverage with C-USA.

I kind of like the A-10 but I would prefer to see the ACC or Big East on Sunday on CBS instead. I believe the ACC signed a huge contract with a rival network so they are likely out. Maybe CBS could get the Big East back? We can always put their championship on Saturday night in place of the Pac-10(12) final.
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