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Schmolik 14 College Conference Realignment

Hello college football/basketball fans!

This is a proposal for realigning conferences based partially on the projected moves of Texas A&M to the SEC and the Oklahoma schools to the Pac-"12".

Pac-12: Add Oklahoma and Oklahoma State
SEC: Add Texas A&M and West Virginia
Big 12: Add Pittsburgh and Notre Dame
ACC: Add Syracuse and Connecticut

All of the remaining Big 12 and Big East schools merge into a new "Big Mess" conference.

South: Baylor, Central Florida, Houston, South Florida, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech
North: Cincinnati, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Louisville, Missouri, Rutgers

For a more detailed look: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/
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Schmolik 64 Update (2/21/11)

Hello, college basketball fans!

Welcome to the second update for the 2011 Schmolik 64. At the end of the regular season I will pick a complete NCAA bracket with the teams I think belong in the NCAA field and where they should be seeded. Up to then, there will be updates to see where your team stands if the season ended today (Records as of Sun. Feb. 20, 2011).

Until Championship Week, I will only seed the top 12 seeds. The bottom four seeds are usually reserved for one-bid conferences in which usually only the conference champion goes.

To accommodate this year's new "First Four" format, I am reserving two 12 seed lines for the "First Four." You should interpret these as being among the last teams to get into the field (although there could be exceptions based upon bracketing rules which prevent the actual last four from making the field). However, if only one team from a conference is listed, that team will not be placed in a First Four slot.

Until the final bracket, the No. 1 seeds will not be given ranks (although geographic placement will be considered) and no semifinal matchups will be provided.

For the record, I know there are 68 teams now but if I had my way there would still be just 64 teams and when I started the Schmolik 64 there were just 64 teams.

Here's the bracket update for Feb. 21, 2011.

EAST REGIONAL (Newark, NJ Fri/Sun March 25-27)

Cleveland, OH (Fri/Sun March 18-20)
(1) Pittsburgh vs (16)
(8) Memphis vs (9) Florida State

Tucson, AZ (Thur/Sat March 17-19)
(5) Texas A&M vs (12) Princeton
(4) Vanderbilt vs (13)

Denver, CO (Thur/Sat March 17-19)
(6) Syracuse vs (11) Colorado State
(3) Arizona vs (14)

Chicago, IL (Fri/Sun March 18-20)
(7) Temple vs (10) Cincinnati
(2) Purdue vs (15)

SOUTHEAST REGIONAL (New Orleans, LA Thur/Sat March 24-26)

Cleveland, OH (Fri/Sun March 18-20)
(1) Ohio State vs (16)
(8) UCLA vs (9) Kansas State

Tampa, FL (Thur/Sat March 17-19)
(5) Connecticut vs (12) First Four – UAB/Valparaiso
(4) Florida vs (13)

Chicago, IL (Fri/Sun March 18-20)
(6) Missouri vs (11) Michigan
(3) Notre Dame vs (14)

Tucson, AZ (Thur/Sat March 17-19)
(7) Utah State vs (10) Georgia
(2) San Diego State vs (15)

SOUTHWEST REGIONAL (San Antonio, TX Fri/Sun March 25-27)

Charlotte, NC (Fri/Sun March 18-20)
(1) Duke vs (16)
(8) UNLV vs (9) Tennessee

Tampa, FL (Thur/Sat March 17-19)
(5) Xavier vs (12) Missouri State
(4) Louisville vs (13)

Charlotte, NC (Fri/Sun March 18-20)
(6) Kentucky vs (11) Butler
(3) Georgetown vs (14)

Tulsa, OK (Fri/Sun March 18-20)
(7) George Mason vs (10) Illinois
(2) Kansas vs (15)

WEST REGIONAL (Anaheim, CA Thur/Sat March 24-26)

Tulsa, OK (Fri/Sun March 18-20)
(1) Texas vs (16)
(8) Washington vs (9) Old Dominion

Washington, DC (Thur/Sat March 17-19)
(5) North Carolina vs (12) First Four: Michigan State/Cleveland State
(4) St. John’s vs (13)

Washington, DC (Thur/Sat March 17-19)
(6) Villanova vs (11) Southern Mississippi
(3) Wisconsin vs (14)

Denver, CO (Thur/Sat March 17-19)
(7) West Virginia vs (10) St. Mary’s
(2) Brigham Young vs (15)

Big East (10)
Big Ten (6)
SEC (5)
Big 12 (5)
MWC (4)
ACC (3)
C-USA (3)
Pac-10 (3)
A-10 (2)
Horizon (3)
Colonial (2)
Ivy (1)
MVC (1)
WAC (1)
WCC (1)

Remaining Automatics (16)
Unclaimed Slots (2 - reserved for party crashers)

Compare my bracket to CBS Sports Bracketology and many others at Bracket Project's Bracket Matrix.

Please comment! I will assume you are 100% satisfied with this bracket if you don't!

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