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My explanations Ohio State

  • Ohio St- I really don't think they are worth the hype. They haven't played that good of teams but seem like they will make it to atleast the elite 8 maybe because they can woop bad teams but im not sure about the good teams. I think if they play Syracuse they would lose because Cuse has rick jackson who is good inside and a great defender. So jackson can stop or help slow down Jared Sullinger. Im saying Penn State beats them when they play next. I know its bold.
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 Dan is the man with bracketolgy but let me talk bout mine.

Stock goes up for:Miami and Penn State

Stock goes down for:Maryland and Davidson

Cinderella for confrence tournament but this team lost to George Mason which is Towson was a 11 out of 12 seed in CAA played top seeds beat one with ease other was harder at one point in their first game they won by 9 but were up 15-0 and 24-4 at one point so NIT I hope for Towson.

here is the link to my Bracketolgy

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