Posted on: June 1, 2009 8:49 pm

Thoughts after games 1 and 2 SCF

Okay games one and two are over and done with in the Stanley Cup Finals. As most of you know the Red Wings posted back to back 3-1 wins. I thought i would write out a few of my thoughts about the games and perhaps a bit of a preview.

These games were nothing like last years games. The Penguins played hard and kept up with the red wings. We are lucky that MAF is not on his game. If we had run into a hot goalie the wings would be in some trouble. Both teams have had flashes of brillinace but nothing sustained. Both teams are actually not playing very well. There is not alot of open ice out there to work with for either club. I look for things to open up a little bit once in Pittsburgh since home team gets last change. That will mean the Penguins can get some favorable matchups. I dont know about all of you but i dont want to see the Hudler line go against Malkin. 

On a different subject, will everyone shut up about the officiating? Both team's "fans" are driving me insane. I do not come on these boards to listen to 50 different drunk idiots screaming from the top of their keyboards about conspiracies and blind refs. Has everyone forgotten that this is a sport? Things are missed. Deal with it. The teams arent up in arms so you should follow suit. Deal with it people. Yes this includes all of you Red Wing fans that conveniently joined the site when the wings made the finals. 

Games 3 and 4 should be a whole different animal. Remember the Penguins did not go down without a fight last year and there is no way they are going out easliy this year. They have a good home crowd and they will be ready to play. Hopefully the wings can withstand the charge that i am sure will happen right out of the gate. Should be fun tomorrow!

Go Red Wings. 
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