Posted on: May 18, 2011 6:36 pm

New Home Run Catch Phrases

     Home run calls in baseball are getting old. Some prime examples are "Fly fly away", "Back back back", and especially "An A Bomb...from A-Rod". Sure we get the occasional gem like Stuart Scott's "As cool as the other side of the pillow" or Kenny Mayne's "I'm not sure what the pitch was, but it tastes like chicken" but they are few and far between. Baseball needs an infusion of younger announcers with new and improved catch phrases. I have come to the conclusion that the easiest way to do this would be the use of texting lingo. I offer you a short list that I have come up with followed by the new meaning and a sentence using the phrase. Batter up!

  • bff         been flying forever               He hit that so hard it has BFF!
  • brb        ball really blasted               Here's the pitch, that BRB over the right field wall!
  • fml         friggin' mile                         Chipper takes it a FML!
  • imho     it might hit orbit                   Crushed and IMHO!
  • lmao     lifted mightily and out         The ball is LMAO to center!
  • lol          launched out (to) left          He swings and LOL!
  • omg     one more gone                     McCann homered his first at bat, and OMG!
  • rotf        rocked over the fence          Hit well and ROTF!
  • tmi        three men in                         Runners on first and second...TMI!
  • ttyl         take that you losers             Heyward, tired of the opposing teams fans says TTYL!
  • wtf        watch the fans                       WTF in the bleachers fight for that souvenir!

You can of course use combinations like "Curveball and OMG a FML WTF, TTYL!"

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