Posted on: March 25, 2009 3:39 pm

I wish I knew how to spell!


As I was watching some college basketball last week I noticed one of the players names was spelled wrong. I guess I can’t really say it was spelled wrong, English is a complex language and has lots of variables, but it was spelled stupidly. It wasn’t like Dwyane Wade, where the a and the y are reversed. This guys name was Steffphon Pettigrew. That’s right, Steffphon. I can understand 1 or 2 f’s, or the ph, but to have all three? Isn’t that a tad bit redundant? It makes the spell checker in my word program go crazy!

I know every parent likes to think of their child as “special” or “unique” but giving them a name that is spelled like that just makes you appear ignorant. Your “special” child has to go through life with that name, why would you do that to them? I have a friend who named her son Sky (she was a flower child). He hated his name so much that he wrote an essay about it in junior high school, but at least she spelled it right. There are probably little people running around now named Skie, Scy, Sckiey, or Schye.

If you remember the movie Splash, Tom Hanks is walking with the mermaid (she had legs at the time) and she picks the name “Madison” after seeing a street sign. He replies that Madison is not a name. Now, of course, it is a fairly common first name. Unfortunately, it has morphed into Maddison, Madysen, Maddyson, or Mattecin.

As always, this blog is not meant to be hateful or malicious. I’m not trying to hurt people or offend anyone in any way, shape, or form. Just use some common sense people! Your child is a precious thing and should be treated as such. Spelling their name differently isn’t going to improve them or their life. It could make them miserable.  

Feel free to add names to this post – I get a kick out of some of your responses!  

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