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Free Agency

This is for the off season challenge.  Post what players on your team are free agents and if you will be offering them a contract, say what it is, and say who you are dropping.

Free Agents:
Randy Winn
Jason Isranhousen
Gabe Kapler
Gregg Zaun
Freddy Garcia 4.5 Million One Year Giants
Jose Contreas
Bartolo Colon
Andruw Jones
Joaquin Benoit
Jason Grilli Released
Eddie Guardado
Akinoria Otsuke
More Will Come up as you post them, also if there are still remaining teams, please post their free agents.

Re Signing offers:
Bengie Molina 11 million one year, Giants
Juan Uribe 3 million one year, Giants
Akinori Iwamura Accept Option Rays
Troy Percival 1YR 3M Rays
Jim Thome 2YR 12M White Sox
Octavio Dotel 1YR 5M White Sox
Mark Kotsay 1YR 1M White Sox
Ramon Castro 1YR 1M White Sox
Omar Vizquel 1 year 1 million Rangers
Hank Blalock 1 year 3 million Rangers

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The Attractive And The Ugly Alex Rodriguez Ed.

Second in this series.

Physical Breakdown: As a thirdbasemen for the Yankees, he has strength*, stands tall at six feet and three inches, weighing in at a lean 220.  Wears number 13.

The Attractive: Alex Rodriguez has power, and lots of it, he has a great shot at being the home run king at the end of his career, and has already won many batting crowns.  As a power hitter, he often hits for average as well!  He has a career average of .304, and not only does he hit, he runs, he is a former 40-40 player, so whats not to like about this guy?

The Ugly: A-Rod was busted for steroids, and that hurts everyone's reputation.  He has bounced back though, and is still a key player!  Albeit, he has more flaws, he has never been great in the field, and gets too many errors, he could be a much better playre if it weren't for his fielding, with too many errors

Grade: I give him a B+, he is a very good player, a possible A, but due to the steroids I give him a B+, overall though he is an A!

User Quotes:

You forgot to put something in the ugly. He only has 1 RBI in the last 5 years in the postseason, which came on a meaningless homerun against Rafael Perez with the Yanks down 5-0 in the 6th in Game 4 during an elimination game. This guy, when it comes to October, tightens up. I give him an A-, because I need to see it in October. Btw, when is the Yankee debate going to be posted. -- arth

Indeed, although this is not fair, he has not had the most chances.

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Lucky Duckies

Right now there are a few teams who don't really have a great record, but are only a few games out of first place.

Astros: Few times this year have the Astros been more than five games above .500, but as the division is weak, they still have a shot.  Miguel Tajada, who I almost forgot about, has been hitting .350, this veteran is carrying his whole team of veterans!  Do the Astros have what it takes to take over the division?

The whole AL Central! The Tigers have an average record and lead the division by a game, how someone with a .533 win percentage leads a division is beyond me, but they may still make the post season.  The White Sox are now heating up, a game back of the Tigers, and with no shot at the wild card, between the Red Sox and Yankees, the White Sox NEED to win this division....

Who would have thought these records will be playing in October?
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First Half American League Standouts

Contained here is a list of the top performers of each AL position, other than the DH, they may be included in their natural fielding position.  In order, top three.

Starting Pitchers:

1. player photoZack Greinke, who in my mind deserved to start in the All-Star Game, Greinke leads the AL in ERA, is 10-5, and may have more wins if the Royals gave him some more run support.  To top it all off, batters are having a horrific time against the peerless Greinke, who has struck out 129 batters.

2. Roy Halladay, the All-Star starter, has retired 106 batters, and only walked 17. Although he may not be on the Blue Jays much longer, they would certaintly miss his 10-3 record, he also has three complete games.

3. Justin Verlander, another ten win pitcher, he has an ERA that does more than get by at 3.38, but the main thing about this guy is that he leads the AL in K's, and as he gets run support is ERA could sink down to 3.00 soon!

Relief Pitchers:

1. player photoJoe Nathan, he's amongst the top of the saves list, and has a lower ERA and more strikeouts than most of the leading relievers.  Nathan may soon become the leader in saves.

2. Mariano Rivera, the man, who has 23 saves, needs to be reminded he isn't even in his prime right now, as a veteran, he has a 43-3 K to BB ratio, and only a 2.43 ERA, he got the save in the All Star Game, and as a Yankee, he'll get plenty of save opportunities!

3. Brian Fuentes, he's the closer for the Angels, after losing last year's record setting closer, this guy has steped up, leading the league in saves, at 27, but his ERA is nothing to brag about.


1. player photoJoe Mauer, he leads the league in batting average, which is the most important hitting stat, he's probably the best fielding catcher in the AL, and he has power, with 15 homers, he competed in the home run derby!

2. Victor Martinez, like Mauer above, he has loads of power, going long 15 times, and has nearly 60 RBI's, but is not as well in the field.  Victor Martinez has a smoaking bat!
3. A.J. Pierzynski, with ten home runs, he can go long, and can knock guys in.  Another guy who fields well, but bats even better, with a .300 average, this guy is the most under rated catcher in the league.

First Basemen:

1. player photoJustin Morneau, focusing on his batting, he's batting above .310, and has 21 home runs.  And is third in RBI's, no slouch in the field, Monreau was robbed by the fans, not starting in the Mid Summer Classic.

2. Mark Teixeira, twenty one homers, close to no errors, this alone should make him an all-star.  And I haven't added that he's batting .275, and is amongst the leading RBI getters.

3. Miguel Cabrera, he still has a slim chance at getting that triple-crown, he's been good in the field, 18 home runs, .320 average, and 50 RBI's, Cabrera has a chance to shine once again, or has he already shined?  I'll go with option number two.

Second Basemen:

1. player photoAaron Hill, by far the best hitting second basemen, with 20 home runs, 60 RBI's, and a .292 batting average, its no wonder why Hill started in the All Star Game.

2. Ian Kinsler, he has speed and power, not to mention skills in the field, with only six errors, he's stolen 18 bases, and has 18 home runs!  He could have started in the All Star Game as well.

3. Robinson Cano, another guy with a .300 average, gone yard 13 times, and has scored 61 runs.  With 50+ RBI's, Cano should have been named to the ASG.

Short Stops:

1. player photoDerek Jeter, the veteran is one of the league leaders in batting average, and has stolen nearly 20 bags, Jeter is the most consistent short stop, but his RBI's and home runs, aren't very high, albeit, he is a lead-off hitter.

2. Jason Bartlett, he's batting .347, what more can I say?  He's got 19 stolen bases, and can field well.  So he's giving Jeter a run for his money at the one spot.

3. Alexei Ramirez, this guy is very under rated, his bat is great, with 11 long balls, and 50 RBI's, he needs to pick up his speed a bit, with only 12 swiped bags, his average is above decent at .281.

Third Basemen:

1. player photoEvan Longoria, he leads AL third basemen in many categories, 17 home runs, and 61 RBI's, Longoria only has eight errors!

2. Alex Rodriguez, he missed six whole weeks, and incredeoulsy has 17 home runs, and 50 RBI's, his average needs to pick itself up a bit, at .250.  A-Rod only has six errors!

3. Scott Rolen, the oldest of the bunch, Rolen is hitting for average at .320, his power has slumped, only hitting the ball over the fence six times, but speed does not slump and the veteran has four stolen bases!

Center Fielders:

1. player photoTorii Hunter, the best fielding out fielder, and he is also amongst the top hitting out fielders, batting .305, with 16 home runs and 65 RBI's, he also has 13 stolen bases!

2. Curtis Granderson, a speed threat, with 15 swiped bases, his average is not the best for a lead-off man, but his 18 home runs and 43 RBI's make up for it!

3. Adam Jones, in a few years this guy will be atop the list he is very young, and is already hitting for a .300 average, nearly 15 home runs, and 50 RBI's!

Left Fielders:

1.player photoJason Bay,  an All Star Game starter, he has a great average, great fielding, and is amongst lead leaders in both home runs and RBI's!

2. Carl Crawford, the best fielding left fielder, he proved that in the All Star game, and that silver bat may lead to jumps in his stats!  Did I mention he has 44 stolen bases!

3. Johnny Damon, he's a hitter, with fielding skills he has 16 home runs and 50 RBI's, but what I think matters most is that he's crossed the plate 62 times!

Right Fielders:

1. player photoJermaine Dye, with 20 home runs and 55 RBI's, I don't see why he was not on the All Star team, but hey, he doesn't let that distract him, and he's just going to keep on improving!

2. Ichiro Suzuki, with a crazy high batting average, he also racks up a lot of steals, he's been consistent year after year, and is only getting better!

3. Bobby Abreu, this veteran has nearly 20 steals!  Who would have thought he'd be the speed threat and not the power guy?  With six home runs, you may be shocked seeing him on this list, but he is very agressive, and does not make many mistakes!

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Once Again... Shut It!

Once again I'm tired of Yankee haters saying "Oh... A twelve year old could hit one out to right field fence!!!"   Well here is why the Yankees stadium is no easier to play in then the rest.

The Yankees have the most powerful lineup in the league, we all knew that coming into the new season, with the landing of Mark Teixeira, and all the lineups they face are powerful.  They play in the AL East, the most powerful division in the MLB, without a doubt, so that means not only do you have the most powerful hitters in there day in and day out, but unless you have Cy Young himself, he'll give up runs!  That would happen at any stadium!  Not to mention the measurments aren't that short either!

Also, as for the Yankees rotation, its actually very good.  The guys they've got get the job done, but Joe Girardi knows they don't give up extra basehits, they give up home runs.  Another reason why you don't initiate the start to a good quarrell.

Lastly, if anyone can hit it out of Yankee Stadium, why aren't opponents going in there and dominating?  After all the Yankees have the second best record in the AL!
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White Sox and Yankees Inching Closer

As I have been breaking down the race for the AL pennant I will continue to do so.

The Yankees who were just four games back from Boston have hit a spark, winning nine of their last ten, the pitching has been terrific, the bull pen a bit above average.  Milestones have been achieved already, Mariano Rivera himself got his 500th career save, and his first career RBI.  And as we get closer and closer to the All Star Break, the Yankees are only one game back of the Red Sox, not to mention they have the second best record in the American League!

The White Sox, hitting, fielding, and pitching, all of these have been amazing recently, with the White Sox, its always a nine inning game!  Winning seven consecutive, the White Sox are only two and a half games back from the Tigers, and with a stretch of games against divisional opponents, the White Sox could take over the AL Central by the All Star break!
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GIANT Rotation

NOTE: I just washed my eyes out so all of this is real.

I never would have said this even though they have a CY Young Winner, but the Giants have the best rotation in the MLB!

The Rotation:

Tim Lincecum (8-2), with eight wins and only two losses, sided by six no decisions, Lincecum has been great, leading the league with strikeouts at 132, he just pitched a complete game against one of the best teams in the league, the Cardinals, only giving up two hits, this guy will be chasing his second CY Young Award in a row.

Randy Johnson (8-6), I never thought I would be admiring his stuff at about 45 years old, but I am, of course his innings are limtited, he still has thrown more than 88 innings so far, and the Big Unit, is still dangerous with three wins in a row.

Matt Cain (9-2), a 2.47 ERA, 107 innings pitched, this guy has a shot at the CY Young Award as well!  Heck, if this continues the Giants could have three pitchers touch 20 wins, of course they would also need more run support!

Barry Zito (4-7), his losses are deceiving are deceiving, he has a decent ERA at 4.55, and when he heats up this rotation will only solidify itself, as Zito always has gotten the job done.

Jonathan O. Sanchez (2-8), Sanchez has the least talent in the rotation but he's still a pitcher to be reckoned with, he just hasn't gotten enough run support to pick up the win.

So now who's with me that this is the best rotation in the league?

Most Astonishing Fact:
Tim Lincecum who is in my mind, the best pitcher in the game right now, has a salary equivilant to many minor leaguers at 350,000!

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