Posted on: June 8, 2009 2:25 pm

Heeeee's Baaack!! (Again - get used to it)

OK.  So Tiger is back.  Fully.  Completely.  It's obvious.  I thought it might take him until the British open to be completely back in form, but now I think he is already back to full power (mental and physical).  Jack told us.  Were you listening?  Jack said that earlier in the week Tiger told him the knee finally is well enough that he can practice.  I would characterize Tiger's play up to the Memorial as normal superstar level.  You know - can win any given week, but so could eight to ten others (Michelson, Donald, Harrington, and so on).  Amazing to begin at that level after an eight month layoff.

Yet with all of these facts in front of them, some fans and media became doubters.  I have heard - "He's struggling with the Driver", "He might not trust the knee", "He may never return to the dominate force he once was", "He might not catch Jack" .  Wow. Really?!?  Can't practice and prepare like he would like, 8 months off, and right out of the gate playing as well as anyone in the world, not to mention far better than most.  Isn't it obvious that any athlete recovering from a long layoff will take a little time to get into the groove again?  Well, that time is past. He's Back.

I for one am tired of the doubters.  I know they are a minority, but even the most stubborn observer must admit that this guy is becoming the greatest golfer of all time right before our very eyes.  He may be the best athlete of all time.  Period.  So, since he is just entering his prime with 14 majors and 67 tour wins in tow, please, doubters, watch and enjoy this blend of gifted talent, intelligence, and drive perform his chosen craft better than any in the history of that craft.  While you are at it you may be watching him perform his craft better than any one has ever performed any craft. 
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