Posted on: September 16, 2009 2:30 pm

Best College Programs of All Time

Just thinking about College Football.  All the great programs and traditions.  The rivalries, players and characters that make up the history.  Makes it hard to argue that there is a better sport.  The elite programs all have tradition, rivalries, history, memorable games, characters, and players.  In trying to get a current ranking of programs the following five factors were considered:  (1)Tradition and history, (2)Historical success, (3)Success for this decade, (4)Rivalries, (5) Players, Coaches, and Characters.  Here's my current top ten with a few honorable mentions.  Just an opinion - let's hear your thoughts.

1.  USC - Richer history noses out Florida.
2.  Florida - Most successful program this decade with a chance to make it a no brainer.
3.  Texas - Earl Campbell, Vince Young, Oklahoma rivalry.
4.  Ohio State - Archie Griffen, Woody, Michigan rivalry, Decade most teams can't hope for.
5.  LSU - on a roll this decade, great SEC rivalries.
6.  Oklahoma - Switzer, Simms, Texas and Nebraska rivalries.
7.  Penn State - Joe Pa, reemerging this past few years.
8.  Miami - A little off recently, but count on them coming back, Kosar, Blades, Jimmy Johnson.
9.  Alabama - The Bear, Namath, Auburn.
10. Georgia - Walker, Dooley, The Hedges.
11. Notre Dame - Down decade - maybe two - but respectable, History and Tradition are tops, Almost every game is Rivalry.
12. Florida State - Bowden, Wide Right, Ward, Florida and Miami Rivalries.

Honorable Mention (no order):
Auburn - Bo, Alabama.
Michigan - Bo, Ohio State, they will be back.
Nebraska - Rozier, Osborn, determined to get back to what they were, and they will.
Utah - New - remember Miami, Florida, and Florida State 30 years ago?

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