Posted on: April 29, 2009 2:11 pm

The NBA Fix Continues

The Rondo foul on Brad Miller was a flagrant foul no matter what point in the game, regular season or playoffs.  Rondo did not even attempt to go for the ball unless he thought the ball was Brad Miller's head.  I can see how he might of been confused someone head and a basketball are both round.  This play, has not just highlighted what has happened in the game, but in the series as a whole.  The refs calls have heavily favored the Celtics and the Bulls have not been able buy a foul.  I know that the NBA needs the Celtics to win and I know that the refs calls will always favor the team the NBA feels needs to win for ratings, but these calls have been ludacris!!  Throughout the series there has been obvious bias towards the Bulls in the form of ticky tack fouls and no calls. If the NBA and David Stern want to get away from the image of refs fixing games it might be a good idea to make clear to all refs to call fair and even games for both teams no matter who is playing.  You might be suprised to see when people do not try to influence the outcome the games are still very exciting.    

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