Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:40 am

Rocky Trivia

Who made these quotes?

'You've gotta punch and punch till you can't punch no more.'

'I can't be beat and I won't be beat.'

'The first thing you need to get Apollo is a ladder.'

 'I mean, how much can you take, either of you.'

'Man, I ain't you and you ain't Mick. When are you gonna understand that?'

'Your face doesn't look like a punching bag, it looks like a catchers mitt.'
'There is no tommorrow, there is no tommorrow.'

'The ultimate male verses the ultimate meatball.'


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Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:39 am

Rocky Trivia

Rocky Trivia


What does Rocky' License plate read?

Rocky gets home, and wakes up Adrian. He tells her he's been kidding himself, and that he can't possibly win the fight. Instead, what does he say he wants to do?

Rocky and his entourage then follow the hallway to enter the arena and get into the ring. Mickey notices that Rocky has an advertisement for Paulie's meat packing plant on his robe. How much did Rocky say he was getting paid to have the advertisement on the robe?

Shockingly, Rocky knocks Apollo down in the first round. Apollo gets up and fights back with a vengeance, breaking Rocky's nose. In his corner after the round, Rocky asks Mickey how it looks. Complete Mickey's response: "Ahhh, it's an ___________."

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