Posted on: April 4, 2011 7:02 pm

Butler & UConn Are Worthy Finalists. Get Over It

Due to insomnia, I was awake at 4am and listening to the radio.  Of course, the sports stations were talking NCAA Basketball, and one set of morons to remain nameless blasted UConn and Butler, along with the NCAA because - no joke - Butler is not a powerhouse [Really?  That's a disqualifying criterion?  Only in Fantasyland!] and UConn really doesn't deserve to be in the finals because Ohio and Kansas were so much better.  OK.  So, where are Ohio and Kansas?  Oh yeah!  They lost during the tourney.  Ohio lost to Kentucky State, and Kansas fell against VCU.  Great games.  Great performances.  Not what anyone expected.

Look anyone can lose on any given day, and those who are more motivated to win and have the Fates on their side on that day will win. Ask Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal.  Both know what it's like to be number 1 and fall.  It happens.

The NCAA tourney consists of teams who either meet the eligibility requirements or play to qualify for the last two spots.  Everybody has a pretty even shot to win each round and move on to the next one.  OK.  Some teams are just more talented than others.  However, some teams have more heart and play with more determination.  Whatever it takes, someone will win, and another goes home.  DO NOT say that VCU doesn't deserve to be in the tourney.  Their play proves you wrong.  Don't say Butler is boring.  Watch those games from this past weekend or during the Elite 8 and and Sweet 16.  Don't begrudge UConn the opportunity.  Kemba et al have shown fight, grit, will.

If Ohio and Kansas aren't there, that's their fault.  They had their chance.  Too bad they lost, but don't resent the winner his due.
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Posted on: March 27, 2011 10:36 am

Forget the Brackets. Dig These Games!

OK.  My bracket took some hits, but I might survive depending on the final outcome.  Regardless, who cares when you have games like the ones from Thursday, Friday and especially Saturday?  Butler played a great game, and I was happy to see them win, even though I wasn't sure that they could.  And what about UConn?  I had faith in that squad, but at times I thought they would screw up BIG TIME.  Yet, they pulled through.  Happy to see both teams in the Final Four.  I just know that the games will be some of the best - not only of the season, but in quite a long time.  Woo hoo!
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