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Posted on: March 21, 2011 5:36 pm

March Madness and Indian Wells = I'm Beat

Well, this years's NCAA tourney may be frustrating to some, but games have proven to be exciting.  If not, they're always entertaining.  What it does point out, though, is that the NCAA committee needs some help in picking some teams.  Blowouts just should not happen at this level.  The solution is NOT to expand the number of teams who qualify.  Enough's enough there.  Rather, try to remember that this is the last big tourney of the year, and treat it that way.  Not everyone is going to get in. Sorry.  That's just the way it is.  If everyone gets some kind of pass, then it's not a competition; it's an exhibition.  Pick teams according to talent and performance.  The NCAA says it does, but look at the performance of those who got a pass, and look at the quality of talent that was left on the sidelines and should have been there instead of some who were chosen.

On the other hand, the ATP gets the idea of letting the talent speak for itself.  Even when there are upsets, rarely are they beatings.  A few years ago, Nadal had to pull out due to injury.  He knew it.  He was playing poorly.  If he didn't leave, he'd risk injury or worse thrashings.  Ultimately, the players righted themselves, adjusting to things the way they had transpired, and moved on.  Tennis hurt for while, but the quality of play did not suffer.  Indian Wells this year was exciting because players were healthy (for the most part - sorry Tommy R), very fit and ready to play.  Ultimately, the top three men ended up in the semis, and the top 2 were in the final.  Evenly matched, the two players played a good match.

Note to NCAA:  Pick quality.  Commit to performance and competition.  What makes the NCAA tourney great is that the year's great teams get to challenge each other and prove their mettle.  Don't lose that in favor of inclusion.  You dilute the pool, but - worse - you take away the value of the event.
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