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Juan Pierre Or Manny Ramirez?

All over the Dodgers Board I am hearing how they can't wait until Manny comes back and how they hope they can get a solid arm for Juan Pierre.

Well I'm here to open a few eyes to just how well Juan Pierre is doing.

In 84 at bats this year Juan Pierre is batting .405 with 0 homers, 12 RBI's, 19 Runs, and 7 stolen bases. Manny Ramirez in 92 at bats this year is batting .348 with 6 homers, 20 RBI, 22 Runs, and 0 stolen bases. So Manny is a little bit more productive in this category but considering Juan Pierre came into the season with splinters on his back-side from sitting on the bench so long, not to mention the huge chip on his shoulder when he had to come in to "fill manny's shoes", plus he's generally a lead-off hitter or hitting 9th like he did a few times to start for Joe Torre, it makes his play as impressive as it is surprising. It's amazing how Juan Pierre is able to bat just as well as Manny for about half the cost! Baseball is a game of streaks but Juan has been every bit as good as Manny so far with near the same amount of playing time.

Economically it's a smart move to keep Juan and possibly try to deal Manny. Who knows if anyone would even consider it with his use of banned substances, most teams don't want that kind of image in their clubhouse, or that kind of attention but someone has got to be desperate for a hitter. Again, baseball is a game of streaks and perhaps Juan will only be hot for this time and revert to his previous O.K. baseball, but he has really impressed me and I really find it hard to part ways with him. He is a great teammate and never once whined about not getting playing time when he thought he was going to be a starter when he originally signed.

In terms of baserunning and fielding it's a smart move. Juan Pierre has scored a lot of 1st inning, and late game runs with his contact hitting and baserunning, just the other day I saw him draw a walk to lead-off the game, follow that up with a Furcal single and he easily goes 1st to 3rd and eventually scores. That's the kind of lead-off production we've been needing since Furcal has been struggling to start off the season. It's always easy for the O-Dawg to get a hit when he can relax with 0 outs and men on 1st and 3rd. When fielding you never have to worry about Juan dropping routine balls like Manny would ever so often, he might even dish out an amazing play or two on top of it.

I want to praise Orlando Hudson and get off topic for a bit because he still hasn't let up, to start the season I thought he was just benefiting from Manny but since Manny was suspended he is still hitting as great as he was. With how bad Ethier has been playing as of late it's clear that pitchers don't need to throw anything to him, so it seems to me Orlando is a real threat with the bat in his hands, and is still 2nd in the N.L. in hits, keep up the good work O-Dawg.

In terms of image it would be a smart move to keep Pierre. With the steroid label forever imprinted on Manny Ramirez's forehead it's hard not to think of the steroids everytime he gets a hit in the future, maybe some people don't believe his legacy is tainted but to me, the player himself is tainted. Juan Pierre is probably the opposite of a person who uses steroids, he works hard and doesn't focus on hitting the ball hard but hitting the ball to get a hit and help the team win, not just get a paycheck.

If not for any of the reasons above then it would be a good move to try to ship Manny instead of Juan because of Manny's history. He's known to take teams to win it all and he's known as one of the best hitters of all time (or was) so wouldn't it be better to move a big name like Manny to get a big name pitcher instead of trading Juan Pierre for a decent pitcher? Even if Juan Pierre doesn't stay this hot, would we need Manny's bat if we had a more well-rounded pitching staff? Lets not forget the '03 season when Juan helped his team to win the world series with a .305 batting average, 204 hits, 64 stolen bases, and 41 RBI's for anyone who is saying "well we could use Manny for that same history".

I am not saying Juan Pierre will end up being better than Man-Ram by season's end, there's too much baseball left to be played for me to make that particular prediction but keep your mind open to possibility instead of saying you should trade Juan as soon as Manny comes back from suspension. Our team batting average has skyrocketed without Manny, for the first time since we went 13-0 at home to start I'm seeing our team come together as a real team. Maybe Manny's suspension was a blessing in disguise because in my eyes the team seems 2x more confident.

Juan Pierre has earned the right to be a starter, whether it be with the Dodgers or not, but if I had to choose between Juan Pierre and Manny Ramirez at this time , I'd pick Juan Pierre in a heartbeat.

Just a thought.

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Dodgers Go To Bed Tonight #1

I hope their dreams last long because in the real world the next 10 games are going to make or break the Dodgers. At least for now.

Going into today's game against the Phillies, saying I was frustrated with their performance as of late would be an understatement. With the growing pains of Kershaw clearly showing on Tuesday, then add the great 13 inning game which turned into a painful loss on Mother's day, (which I saw in person) I could barely watch the game today as we were struggling against Jamie Moyer in the first 3 innings, even when he was coming off of his worst start in 4 years. But we came back in the 4th inning exploding for 5 runs. Started off by Furcal who would later score on an Orlando Hudson double. Then Loney hit his first homer of the season on a 3-run shot into right field. After the 4th it never seemed like the Phils were going to get back into this game. They have been batting terrible as of late and we absolutely had to take advantage of that in this game, not because of Cole Hamels but for the fact that we need to win to keep our player's morale up.

Randy Wolf turned in a magnificent performance out on the mound today. Wolf pitched 6 inning and allowed 3 hits with 8 strikeouts. The only run allowed by Randy came off of a bad pitch that was promptly laid into the left field seats by former MVP Jimmy Rollins. This is truely what Randy Wolf can do when he hits his spots and keeps control of the hitters. His left handed dominance this season is what really sealed this game for him when the Phils had 4 left handed batters in the lineup as always. He did not allow a hit to any lefties in this game and has given up 1 run or less in each of his last 4 starts.

I will admit, going 1-4 without Manny was as painful to watch as American Idol (After the first couple of shows when all the bad singers are eliminated). But we play 162 games in this league for a reason, you can't win them all - it's just about which team can stay the hottest, for the longest amount of time, the most times within the season.

If you are into excuses then there were many of which to pick from to explain the overall bad baseball we played since Manny's positive hCG test was released. You could say we were doing bad because of the media not willing to give this story a rest, or you could point out that we played 33 games with only 2 days of rest. But I am not one for excuses, the fact is when you are out on the field playing ball, that is exactly what you should be thinking about, playing ball . I mean, you get paid to do just that right?

I can also understand the void Manny left, not his "juiced" batting stats, but the clubhouse personality he took with him. I heard Ethier say recently that he is glad no one is trying to "act up" so to speak, in order to try to fill Manny's shoes. He also went on to add that Manny makes "his own show" and that no one could duplicate it. Leaving me to believe that Manny was not only a big part of the Dodgers success out on the field, but in the clubhouse as well.

But how sorry is Manny? Ned Colleti and Joe Torre insist that he is feeling very embarrassed, but he still has yet to address the team as a whole, and does not seem to be all that much interested in working out and traveling with the team. In my mind if you are really sorry then you will apologize to your team as a whole and continue to apologize to your fans and go out there and support your team to the fullest! Maybe it is his "shy" personality, what his biography tries to portray him as, but he needs to hone up to what he has done. Yes, he probably will never get into the Hall Of Fame now, he is a cheater, and will be heckled whenever he strays away from Dodgers stadium but you have to move on in your life sooner or later.

As for the next 10 games, we face Cole Hamels in Philly tomorrow, then we head down to Florida for a 3 game stint. On May 18th we come back home to host the Mets for 3 games, have a day off, then face the recently hot Angels in the famed Freeway Series. These games in my mind will make or break the Dodgers in the sense that if we win the majority of the games then we will have more confidence than any other team in the league. When you give our young guys confidence then they do scary, scary things out on the diamond. But even if we pull .500 ball then we have done our job for now, as I've said before still plenty of games left to be played and plenty of roleplayers yet to emerge in this young season.

Speaking of Roleplayers lets talk about Juan Pierre. I heard on the Dodgers Boards we should try to trade him early in the season but I always disagreed with that idea, he is the same man that stole 64 bases for us just 2 years ago and is tearing it up so far batting .404, earning the leadoff position on this team. He has been as about as on fire as one can get without actually being on fire, it is clear that without him and Casey Blake's homeruns this season that we would be a far worse team than we are now. Speaking of Casey, he bats in the 8th spot like it's clean up. He's batting only around .250 but has hit 7 homeruns this year. I would trade batting average any day for the most homeruns on our team out of the 8th spot.

Russell Martin bumped his average to .271 after some people in L.A. were becoming worried. As Vin Scully kept pointing out early in the season, no other catcher was doing much better than .150 at the time and we are seeing Martin really catch his stride now. Perhaps his late mother gave him some inspiration because after Mother's Day started getting closer on the calendar he seems to really be locked in on the ball more.

Ethier is in a bad slump right now, since the departure of Manny he really does not seem focused out there. Before I would see him constantly making adjustments but as of late, he has been swinging at balls out of the zone, which before wasn't the case for him. Matt Kemp and Orlando Hudson have been doing what they do, amazing plays on the defensive side of the ball, while staying consistent with their play on the offensive side. Kemp still strikes out but he is still 5th among players all time in the category of batting average of balls in play (min. 1,000 at bats), which is a good place to start , but lets see a little less strikeouts out there Matt. Orlando Hudson is the real deal, he continues to swing a hot bat even with the exile of Manny Ramirez. He is currently 2nd in the NL in hits and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Dodgers are #1 for now but still many nights left of sleep, and many days left of baseball. "Only time will tell".

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The big question in baseball right now is "Did Manny Juice?".

Well, the answer is painfully obvious.

Manny, after testing positive for HCG, a drug normally used by women for fertility purposes, stated that his doctor gave it to him and thought it was "OK" to take. The story is a tired one and doesn't make sense. Manny could have easily went to the team physician or could have even asked the league for an exception for his "personal health issue", which he didn't specify. He didn't try to sue like J.C. Romero to prove his innocence, he merely apologized to everyone and didn't want to disclose any details about it.

Since the drug is known to help the body make testosterone, many anabolic steroid users use this after ending a cycle of drug use for this reason since the body stops making testosterone when on steroids. But the drug is also used for weight loss. If the drug is used with a low-calorie diet then the user loses more body fat then muscle tissue, but this wasn't Manny's original excuse. He claimed he got it for a health issue, but the only way HCG is used as a medicine for men or women is as a fertility treatment. So there goes that reason.

So Manny's story doesn't check out, and isn't too believable.

The only explanation I can think of is that he would roid frequently in the offseason and use the drug to get it out of his system and take away the side effects when suddenly stopping. Whether or not he knew that baseball banned the substance last year is only known by him, but you got to give him credit, he almost cheated the system. But he should have known that when you're doing something you're not supposed to be doing that you're going to get caught eventually and deal with the consequences. Which he now has to do for the rest of his life.

The question of whether his reputation will be tarnished is not of my concern at this moment , right now all I can think about is the blatant betrayal. So many fans in Los Angeles have shown him so much love only to realize he's a cheater, the ones not covering their ears and saying "La La La, I can't hear you!" at least. I want to say very badly right now that I'm jumping to conclusions but the fact of the matter is that all signs show that Manny is a juicer. He's betrayed baseball, his colleagues, and most importantly his fans. I was looking forward to going to the game this Mother's Day but when I think about the whole situation I can't get away from the disappointment, I can almost smell it in the ballpark air, I can taste it when I take a bite out of a Dodger Dog. And I laugh to myself, is this how it feels to be a Giants fan?
So what lies ahead for baseball?

A lot of people knew Manny didn't roid until this morning, so who can we trust? I'm even hearing Albert Pujols name come up, that was never the case before. I almost feel like a description should be put for everyone who played in the steroid era, actually stating that they played in the steroid era and leave a question mark after all their stats. That's how much my trust for the players who played in that era, and the ones who are still lingering from that depressing era has been destroyed.

Juicing is an unnatural advantage on the competition and is cheating. No matter how many Dodger fans want to deny what Manny did, he cheated, and people are just going to have to accept that. Hopefully he learns from all this and not only comes clean about what he did, but plays clean the rest of his career to try to redeem himself. Steroids is just something not acceptable to me.

Through all these questions, all these uncertainties, one thing is certain, Manny Ramirez will never be viewed the same in the eyes of baseball ever again.

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Test Time In Mannywood (Pitching Preview)

Seeing as how a two game set against the Nationals isn't too interesting, let's look ahead at the games within the week that will define the Dodgers as either feast or a feaster of the NL West famine.

May 10th Dodgers host the Giants at Chavez Ravine. The primary reason I'm previewing this game is the fact that I'll be there! I'll be in row E of the All-You-Can-Eat Pavillion in right field watching both mine, and my Mother's favorite team. You guys think I'm a Dodgers fan? You should meet my Mom. But with all personal matters aside, Lincecum will be battling Jeff Weaver in this Mother's Day game and I gotta say, I feel pretty good about our chances to finally beat Lincecum. We don't make too many mistakes at home and I feel like Russell Martin will step up to honor his mother, or at least really want to. As long as Weaver keeps doing what he's doing with last night's performance and his previous 4 scoreless innings then we should be in for a great game. Just as Joe Torre and Don Mattingly preach day in and day out, the Dodgers need to get deep into the pitch count on Lincecum, we need to get him out of this game as fast as possible to get to the nice and soft bullpen. Happy Mother's Day to everybody who doesn't have problems with their Mom.

May 12th The Dodgers head to Philly for the season's first rematch of last year's NLCS. The pitching match-up for the series opener will be Clayton Kershaw against Chan-Ho Park. Chan-Ho has a 8.57 ERA this year and isn't looking too hot in this young 2009 season. Of course one of the best lineups in the NL will put runs on the board, if no one else at least Manny but the offense isn't the question right now. The question is which Clayton Kershaw will show up on May 12th? Will the Clayton Kershaw who dueled 2007 Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy pitch for pitch show up? Or will it be the 21 year old who clearly shows his age with bad location that shows his face? Game 1 rests on the offense of the Phillies and Clayton Kershaw's shoulders.

May 13th Game 2 of the Dodgers .VS. Phillies series should be a great game. The ageless Jamie Moyer .vs. the former Phillie, Randy Wolf. Randy Wolf Hasn't been exactly dominating in his start with the Dodgers but he's been pitching well enough to give the Dodgers a legitimate chance to win any given game. When Wolf is hitting his spots, he can be extremely hard to hit but it also works the other way around since his stuff isn't so overwhelming. Moyer, despite having a 5.65 ERA is 3-1 and is 47 years old, just felt I had to remind everyone on how amazing this man is to still be pitching (and getting wins at that). If Moyer doesn't watch his recent control issues expect this to be a lopsided game.

May 14th The final game of last year's rematch features a battle of the aces, Chad Billingsley and Cole Hamels. Based completely on how Cole Hamels has pitched so far this year I say the Dodgers will take the game. Based on Cole Hamels ability then it's a real toss-up, if Cole Hamels decides to show up on May 14th then I expect a good old-fashioned low scoring game. Once again, it's that same strategy Joe Torre has been talking about, gotta get deep into the pitch count and take the ball out of the pitcher's hands, if we can do that this series looks to be where the dodgers prove to be the feast.

May 15th Dodgers head down to Florida to face one of the better pitchers in the N.L.: Josh Johnson. Johnson has 38 K's to 6 walks in 42.0 innings pitched this year but struggles against right handed batters. He faces Eric Stults who seems incapable at times without a very high ceiling, Eric will need to bring everything he has to outpitch Johnson and get around batters like Jorge Cantu, and the ever versatile Hanley Ramirez. Definite mismatch in this game but let's see what Stults can bring to the table.

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Dodger's First 25 Games - From My Perspective

The Dodger's start has been magnificent. Our young players are performing up to their potential, I've loved what I've been seeing from Ethier and Kemp. Kemp has been pretty consistent, although he still strikes out he's been getting a lot more hits. Contacts been making the difference for him. Ethier has been awesome, he's been reminding me of Jeff Kent lately with his choices on what pitches to swing at and what pitches to not swing at. He rarely gets fooled twice with one pitch and makes adjustments in between pitches not games.

What about the O-Dawg! He's been tearing it up in front of Manny and basically won the game last night with his sprawling stop of a ball hit up the middle to save the possible winning run. His bat is scorching right now because he knows he's going to get something to hit if the pitcher gets behind in the count with Manny behind him. He's also set his name in the Dodger record books with his cycle, he's quickly becoming loved in L.A. and he's def loved by me lol.

Manny is being Manny, we all knew he wouldn't be as explosive as he was last year but I wouldn't count him out just yet. I think if he stays out on the field he'll be a batting champion this year, it's going to be him and Pujols going at it for the batting title this year. Any pitcher who isn't elite is going to be very vulnerable to Manny.

The pitching rotation is looking promising if we can see more flashbacks from Weaver, at least until Hiroki can come back. It's funny last year I was praising Hiroki while people were still in doubts about him, guess all those doubts have been silenced after last year's playoff performances by him. In dodger stadium he's one of the best in the game and that's the truth. Kershaw will do just fine as long as he stays in control of the game and doesn't let the game control him, it's more mental than anything with our young pitchers. Randy Wolf had a great outing last night as another pitcher's duel commenced in Dodger stadium last night, except for a mistake in the first he was hitting every spot he wanted. He did struggle in the 6th with finding the strike zone again but he came out of that and was hitting every spot he wanted after that.

As to our bullpen, we need to give Troncoso some more innings and Belisario a little less innings. Belisario is quite new to the league and I think he'll be back to form when he gets comfortable again. His stuff hasn't been bad but it hasn't been good lately, he still makes mistakes in control but after he cleans that up I think he'll be pretty solid (Why else would Torre trust him?). Will Ohman has been a solid specialist as well as reliever, we originally signed him for left handed hitters but he's looking to get more work because his stuff has been good lately. I have no idea what's wrong with Kuo this year, he was so amazing last year but he just doesn't seem focused. I don't know what it is but if he can even show shades of what he did last year we'll be in buisness. Broxton has surprised me, I thought composure would be a problem for him but he has the type of personality where he steps it up. The intensity I see from him shows me he will be solid for the rest of the season, I doubt we'll have any more problems with him for the year because honestly he looks like a new man since last year. He's so focused it's ridiculous, reminds me of K-Rod somewhat. How about Guillermo Mota , he's been very good this year so far. I remember him from the Paul Lo Duca and Sean Green days so I figured his best days were behind him, especially with his suspension for use of illegal substances but he reminds me of the old Mota.

Pinch hitters Loretta and Doug (No clue on how to spell his last name, sounds like Mancaivitch) did well this year, although Doug is hurt I don't see him slowing down when he comes back. Their hits have provided a spark in each game and have helped us greatly. Loretta is going for the pinch hit record this year which is, I think, 19 pinch hits in a season and 25 games in he already has 7.

Our bench of Brad Ausmus and former batting champion Juan Pierre have played very well. Fact of the matter is the Dodgers are rolling on all cylinders and show no signs of stopping, even our bench is tearing it up.

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Dodgers .vs. Padres Game 1 Thoughts

Part of my audition to be the official dodger poster, I want to talk about some things last night and my thoughts about the fans on the dodger board.

Last night was a classic Dodgers style game. I was quite disappointed in James McDonald's start but it is his first year getting starts in the majors, and as Steve Lyons said after the game - it's all part of the learning process. Chad Billingsly went through the same thing last year and we can see it with Clayton Kershaw as of recent. Many pitchers coming out of the minors think they can throw the high fastball and get the hitters to swing through it, it's the majors now buddy and the hitters won't go chasing it.

On to the absolute gem Jeff Weaver threw up there, it felt like I was watching the Jeff Weaver of 4-5 years ago. He had great control and his stuff was def. on last night, we're lucky he had such a great comeback or else we might have been in trouble. I don't know how long his stuff will last but he showed he can pitch in the big leagues last night. James Mcdonald should have learned a thing or two last night about location and control.

As for our relief pitching, Ronald Belisario failed again tonight. He started off the season smoking hot, but it's clear the teams have scouted and prepared for his stuff. His stuff wasn't all bad but I saw he left some hangers over the plate. If the Padres were a better hitting team our relief pitching wouldn't have been able to get away with some of those pitches. That's what good hitters do, make you pay.

Speaking of making you pay, Manny hit a towering drive into the left center pavillion. I don't think I have to say ANYTHING about Manny, everyone should already know. How about Casey Blake last night though, he hit some pretty clutch singles to the opposite field last night. I used to think of him as a powerful pull hitter but I saw him hit a few foul balls that went the opposite direction and far. I won't underestimate his power anymore, he seems completely capable of hitting a bomb to right if he wanted to.

Andre Ethier is developing into a serious threat with the bat, I noticed pitch after pitch that he almost NEVER falls for the same pitch twice. He's most dangerous if he fouls a few off and gets deep into the count, it's like he's just warming up with those foul balls protecting the plate then he hits a double to the wall. Reminds me of Jeff Kent to be honest, but Jeff never fouled any off, he usually gets a hit the first time.

About the Dodgers fans, everyone needs to calm down a littler, we still have what? 120 something games to go. Let's stop questioning Joe Torre so much and trust him because I don't believe anyone could do a better job. Everyone wants to talk about his pitching decisions, his batting lineup, but you fail to notice we're in first place.

All in all good performance since we got the W. I'd like to see our pitching do a bit better but no team is perfect and since we are only 20 some games into the season nothing major to worry about.

Can't wait 'till Kuroda comes back, Go Blue!
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