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Good Horror Flicks to get at Blockbuster

A good scare is always good for a laugh in my opinion, to divert all that is happening in the world and economy.I usually collect and now i go out and get DVD's.Here are some of the movies i had watched all over the years,but some are not as available any more because of not being in circulation.( take note though some are not really under the horror genre and mostly are Asian movies)

The Orphanage

Sixth Sense

The Ring ( Japanese version)


The Eye

Count Yorga

The Untold Story

Ebola Syndrome

Devil Fetus


Seedling of a Ghost

Mr. Vampire

Wild Zero






The Chaser

Art of the Devil (part 1,2 ,and 3)

High Tension



An American Werewolf In London (1981)

The Amityville Horror (1979)


Hills Have Eyes

Laid to Rest

*i welcome comments to add to the list of the  horror films that i put up , i might have miss a few

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As we go through our lives , we forget the simple things and be aware of what is happening to our world, as a person who cares for everyone who maybe he/she is, creed or race.
I have to put a blog that concerns us all,There are new diseases that had spread in our country that has been a source of morbidity to some state ,and being aware of it is the first step that all of us should be aware of ,it is popularly called swine flu because it is a strain of virus that was started from the pigs that we eat.The most important thing about is to prevent it by taking precautionary measures in our lives.First to use hand sanitizers and wash our hands when at home .Be aware of symptoms of the flu and be careful not to be caught in a crowded place where we can get infected,but it is how we try to make sure we are aware to be healthy that we don't get this virus.

The spread seems to be faster  than anyone can think of, with so many people all over the world travelling and coming in and out of every different parts of the world,known cases are in Mexico,Costa Rica,Canada,Japan,Malaysia, India to name a few.That is why stricter rules are now implemented by airport management to control this pandemic.

Much has been said and written about the Swine Flu Virus.
Reaction to the news that people in various locations have succumbed to the infection?
The saying still holds true that "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".

Here are some commonsensical tips
First, Is to always have a handy tissue paper.Use tissue paper to cover the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.Then be careful not to touch with your hands your nose,mouth or face too often so that respiratory droplets do not get transmitted to you.

Second, wash your hands frequently with soap and water.Alcohol based hand sanitizers also offer some protection in preventing infections especially,when one has no access to water.You may not be aware that objects you touch in the course of your work may be contaminated by the virus.

Third, Avoid large gatherings if there is a confirmed case in your area.Be careful especially in closed spaceswhere air circulation is poor.Individuals afflicted with swine flu virus can be contagious even before they demonstrate visible signs of the infection.

Fourth,  If you feel ill with the cold or flu-like symptoms stay at not go to work.Instead,go to your doctor.If they suspect swine flu,they can give you information where to go for better and further screening.

In conclusion, The ways of ensuring you don't contract the swine flu are basic,honest to goodness cleanliness and healthy habits.Take Care.


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