Posted on: June 11, 2010 11:05 am

Like the talk.. lets see the walk..

As the OTA's continue for the Buffalo Bills, the one thing that has stuck out for me is the overall approach of new coach Chan Gailey, is one that requires a lot more work, and this young Bills team seems to be embarrassing it.  Alot can be said of this young group of guys that Buffalo has brought in under new G.M., Buddy Nix. With the exception of the first running back taken in the draft, C.J. Spiller, their draft was rated quite low, with really no big names selected.  The first pick in it self was a surprise pick considering that the Bills seemed set at that position, with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson already on their depth chart. 
But I really have to say, I like what I'm seeing at the OTA's in Buffalo.  With the majority of the team, including all 4 Quarterbacks that will be battling for a wide open starting spot.  Maybe its the southern accent, but i like what I hear for the new coach and gm, and with a change from a 4-3 defensive scheme to the 3-4, the bills defense will undoubtedly be improved. 
Hopefully with all the hard work put in in the off season, and the new coaching philosophy, the Buffalo Bills can improve upon last years record, and defy the critics who say they will be one of the worst teams next year. 

Posted on: April 21, 2010 12:58 pm

Important game 4

What a change in mindset this Sabres team and fans have had sense the start of this series.  After game 1, the Buffalo Sabres held the momentum of this series in their hands, but sense they have given that up to the Boston Bruins, or should I say the Bruins have taken it from them.  The physical play of the Boston Bruins has been the deciding factor in a close series.  Boychucks hit on Matt Ellis in game 3 was the prime example of how the Bruins are beating up the Sabres.  With the loss of Thomas Vanek and Yokin Heacht, the sabres offense has been boring at best and the total domination on the physical side of things, Lyndy Ruff and the Sabres have an up hill climb if they want to swing the momentum in this series.  But good news... they are only one game back in a best of seven series.  If the Sabres could pull out a win in game 4, they would have the series tied at two, and making it a best of three, with two games at home in Buffalo.  But, if this Sabres hockey team doe not pull out a win, they are looking at a tough, if not impossible hill to climb.  Down three to one, even if they are headed home would be a very hard task to overcome.  With that said, Lyndy Ruff has called up 6'1", Cody McCormick, from Portland.  He is a player with size who likes to muck it up in the corners, a physical player that the Sabres are oping can give them the spark they need to swing the momentum back in their favor.

Posted on: April 12, 2010 6:20 pm

Adams Division Flashback

It's that time of year again... playoff hockey time.  Time to grow your beard!  With the matchup of the Buffalo Sabres and Boston Bruins, it has that old Adams Division feel to it.  It seems like forever ago, but these two teams used to be bitter rivals, and this first round matchup will help rekindle the hatred between these teams.  I would like to speak for every Buffalo sports fan.. we want to embaress a Boston team.. even if it is just the Bruins, its a start.  With the Bills busy being the bottom feeders of the NFL, this is the opertunity for the Buffalonians to go Wild

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Posted on: April 5, 2010 7:40 pm

Mcnabb trade acually worked out pritty good

Ok, I'll admit, I was dissapointed at first when I heard that Mcnabb was traded to Washington.  But, atfter I took a second to think about it, I think this could be a better move.  By The Washington Redskins Taking Donnavin McNabb, that means they will not be drafting another Quarterback with thier first round pick, moving Buffalo into prime posision to get a real good quarterback in the signal caller from Notre Dame, Jimmy Clauson.    And don't forget about Jason Cambell.  There is no doubt that its got to be aquard for Cambell.  I think the Redskins will move him before the draft to get a pick, if not before than the day of the draft.  Buffalo has been rumored to be interested in Cambell, and If the Bills could get Cambell to mentor Clauson for the first year and than turn the offence over to the Notre Dame grad in year two, than that could give Jimmy Clauson the time to ease into the NFL and learn the system.  This would mean that it could be the end of Trent Edwards time as Qb for the Bills, there would be just too many qb's and he had been given his chance to shine.  Also with a new coaching staff in Buffalo, Chan Galey will most likly want somebody new to be "his guy"

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Posted on: March 26, 2010 3:57 pm

Just pul lthe triger!!!!

Why is it not a done deal?  What has Donivan Mcnabb done in the last year to make you wonder if he's not a second round pick??  The rumor is the Eagles are shopping Mcnabb for a high second roung pick....this makes Buffalo in prime posision for an acuall starter playing the posision of Quarterback.  I personally think that if the Bills can walk away from draft day with a first round pick for a starting lineman, and the second round we trade for Donivan Mcnabb.  That could turn this team into a playoff team..  Think of that...the Bills and playoffs.  I think that I would even throw in a player as well,  I dont know about Marshawn Lynch, that would be too much in my oppinion.  Im just crossing my fingers..Please Ralph Wilson...  pull the trigger...  change this team into a winner.  
It has been rumored that he wouldn't resign bill the Bills after 1 year, but I think the bills could get him and then the next year you can franchise him and sign him for one more year.  My opinion is that if the Bills arn't doing well in 2 years, Then its time for him to leave anyway.

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Posted on: February 28, 2010 8:06 pm

Sid does it again

I was recently having a conversation with my soon to be wife, who is from Pittsburgh, about how Sidney Crosby drives me crazy.  He is recongnized as the greatest player, at least from North America, playing in the NHL today.  But to me, when you watch him play, its not like he wows you on the ice.  I mean when Wayne Gretsky played, he was far and away the best player and you were reminded of it every time he was on the ice.  He could just comand attention and he was so skilled that you wanted to watch him to see what he was going to do next.  But Crosby to me just doesn't have that, he doesn't make me jump up in my seat when he is playing.  But what makes him great is that he NEVER fails when the situation is important.  The guy is a flat out winner.  The gold metal game in Vancouver is just another example.  He was quiet the whole game.  I don't think I even heard the anouncers mention his name more than a couple times all game, than in the third period he almost won the game on a break away, and then when overtime started, I told my girl, you watch, Crosbys got this game.  And sure enough, out of nowhere, he comes out of the corner and gets a pass and he is all alone in front of the net.  It almost wasn't on camera it happened so fast.   He is the one player you want on your team when the game is on the line, thats why I hate him!!  But I have to give him his due. 
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Posted on: May 26, 2009 7:39 pm

Agressive isn't always good

When Cito Gaston came back to the Jays and started implimenting his syle of hitting, well, pun intended, it was a hit!  His idea of being agressive and hitting the first few pitches worked, with the idea that a pitcher wants to get ahead in the count early and ussually trys to throw strikes.  But recently the bats have been silenced in key situations.  Don't get me wrong they are still getting hits, they are just leaving men on base and not bringing home the runners.  I think that maybe the pitchers are getting the word that the jays like to swing early and they might not be throwing the pitches down the plate the first couple throws.  (just my opinon)
This style of hitting works, but as has happend over the last 7 games, it creates a streaky hitting team. It's either that or this was just a lucky begining to the season and their bubble has burst. (i sure hope this isn't the case!!)
Over this 7 game loosing streak, the pitching really hasn't been all that bad, it could be better, but i would say it has been just as good as it has been all year.  Casey Jansen is back and Ricky Romero is close to returning,  so the pitching is definatly looking like it has a light at the end of this injury tunnel.
The Blue Jays are still close to the Yankees ans the Red Sox in the standing and with a seven game loosing streak, they are pretty lucky.  Lets just hope they can turn their hitting aroung and start this run at the playoffs back up. 
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Posted on: May 19, 2009 8:01 pm

Maybe Trent Edwards should stick to football

I was watching the Blue Jays game the other day when they anounced that Trent Edwards and Lee Evens would be their guest durring the next inning of the baseball game.  I was pretty happy to see the Bills offencive core together and showing up at the game, but as the interview went on, all i could think was, this stuff only happens to the Bills.
They started talking about taking batting practice and although Lee Evens wiffed on a few pitches, Trent hit two homers at the Rogers Centre. That made me kinda proud, being the Bills fan that I am, but then the continued the interview and told what happened durring the first pitch of the game.
They brought out Trent Edwards, quarterback of the NFL's Buffalo Bills, to throw the serimonial first pitch.  One would think that this man that throws a ball for a living should have no problem with this simple task.  But as luck would have it, he threw the ball short and way outside.  As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for Vernon Wells making a pretty good move the ball would have made it to the back stop.
I mean, come on man!!  this is a task ussually reserved for people that have nothing at all to do with actually playing sports.  George Bush did a better job, and nobody wants to have him outdoing you..  I mean look at his record of screwing things up....
Now I'm not really mad or upset or anything.  This was just a goof, but it sure makes me laugh..  for now.  But, if the football season goes on and he doesn't get this team to the playoffs, this is going to be something that people look back on.
To his defence, he came on the Jim Roam show today and defended himself by kiddingly giving every excuse you could think of, from Veron Wells wasn't the everyday catcher, to he was trying to throw a 4 seam fastball and it just got away from him. 
In the end, this really isn't any sort of big deal, but as a Bills fan, just once I would like people outside of Buffalo to think of the Bills and thier player as somthing more than just a joke. 

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