Posted on: September 9, 2009 8:21 pm

Finishing out the season strong

Well as you probably could have guessed i have given up my dreams of post season glory and resigned to the hope of a strong finish. All i want are some positive signs for next year. The recent sweep of the Pirates is nice but we need to continue the trend, that has been the main problem this year, consistency. Jeff Baker has looked great since joining the Cubs and especially this month, and road trip. So hopefully that is a sign that he can be the starting 2nd baseman next year as the Mike Fontenot expirement failed. Lee has gotten his power stroke back, Harden proved that he can be moderatly healthy 2 years in a row now (140+ Inn), Hoffpauir is looking decent again, and Marmol is thriving in the closers role. There have been many other positve signs and hopefully this season will show Jim Hendry not to F### with team chemistry again. And i know i beat the horse to death on this but we need to dump some salary and build up our young talent. Here is my hopefull roster projections for next year.

C- Soto
1B- Lee
    - Hoffpauir
2B- Baker
    - Fontenot
SS- Theriot
    - Blanco
3B- Ramirez
    - Fox
LF- Soriano ( I would like to get somebody else here but i dont know how we can with his contract and poor performance this year.)
   - Fox
CF- Fukudome
    - Johnson
RF- Fox( Bradley will be gone, and they need to teach Jake how to play here because he can hit no matter what)
    - Hoffpauir


1. Zambrano ( or someone else, i think we need to get rid of him)
2. Lilly
3. Harden
4. Wells
5. Dempster


CL- Marmol ( I think he finally is ready for the role based on his performance down the stretch)
SU- Grabow
SU- Guzman
MR- Marshall
MR- Stevens
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Posted on: August 29, 2009 1:30 pm

Bradley's just dumb

All i have to say is that Milton Bradley is an idiot and he has just sealed the deal that he will be gone by next season. So Jim Hendry probably had his worst offseason of his career if you look at it.

DeRosa to Cleveland--Fail  He is putting up equivelent numbers that he did last year and is a key member of a contending team.
Signed Kevin Gregg--- Fail  He has been kicked out of his closer role and finally replaced by Carlos Marmol, he is just a mop up guy now.
Signed Milton Bradley-- Fail  He is "hated by everybody" and his hitting .260 with 11 HR and is getting paid 10 mil a year.
Signed Aaron Miles-- Fail  He is hitting under .200 and dosnt really contribute anything.
Let Kerry Wood go-- Pass  I miss Wood but he is not playing that great for Cleveland.

So he basicly went 1-5 last off season, he is going to have to improve his decision making if he wants to keep his job.
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Posted on: August 22, 2009 8:00 pm

Getting pretty old

I dont know what else to say about the Cubs anymore. They are just playing like a bunch of bums and im getting tired of it. If i was Lou i would retire after this season because it's wearing me out. For a week or two we might be good, but then we get punished for getting excited and they fall back into a slump. We hit balls hard but right at people, we strike out, make errors. This team is about as good as the 2006 team. We cant keep blaming it on injuries. Ramirez is back, Soriano is healthy but what has Soriano been doing...nothing. I am about to give up on this season and get ready for football season. I never thought i would want baseball season to be over in August. But i do, maybe my football teams ( Cowboys, and Bears) can do better. That's all i have to say. Except after this season i want the whole team retooled. I want Zambrano, Dempster, Gregg, Soriano, and Bradley gone. And I want Jim Hendry gone. He may have made us a playoff contender but he f***ed up this team this year.
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Posted on: August 13, 2009 10:50 am

Just Can't Catch A Break

This season is starting to slip away from the Cubs, and really it's because they can't get lucky. The injuries continue to pile up which has forced Jeff Samardzjia into the rotation, which by the way he is pitching shouldnt even be in the majors. I dont understand how so many teams can have so many injuries. I either have to blame it on the World Baseball Classic, to long of Spring Training or poor conditioning. Either way something needs to be changed for next season. The Cubs will not have a winning record let alone make the playoffs with the state there in. The offense is actualy playing decent, Milton Bradley is hitting along whith Fukudome, Theriot, and Lee but the pitching has taken so many injuries it;s hard for them to be effective. Looking at the opening day starting rotation only one of the players on it has not landed on the DL and that;s Sean Marshall but he's not even in the rotation anymore. The thing is that the Rotation is good when their healthy but just cant stay healthy. So some big changes need to be made. We need to dump salary in the offseason and trade for cheaper players. And if you look at the guys who get payed a lot we could get much cheaper players for the same amount of production. Soriano is hitting .245 avg.  19 HR  50 RBI roughly. We could aquire Mark Teahen next season and he could play LF, 3B, 2B, 1B, RF and he would put up .290 avg.  15 HR  70 RBI and probably play better defense, and he would cost a mere fraction of Soriano's contract. But the problem is how are we going to get a team to take his contract, and who would want him anyway. And this deal goes back to Jim Hendry mkaing mistakes. We had the option of getting Carlos Lee or Soriano and we chose Soriano. And who has played consistently better every year, Lee. Zambrano has pitched okay this year but has been injured so much that it hasnt mattered. He has shown that he is injury prone the past few years and he is still only 28 so this makes me worry long term. We need to find players who arnt health risks. That's the reason for the Cubs injuries this year. To many injury prone players combined with a lot of injuries of players who dont typicaly get injured that much. Ramirez is an example of that. So i guess my point is that this season has showed us that this team is not working. It's falling apart, and i dont mean to beat the horse to death but getting rid of DeRosa was a bad move. And if you really look at it what Jim Hendry has done these past few seasons has lead up to this year. He needs to be replaced by someone who knows what their doing and significant changes need to be made to the team. They already killed the team chemistry so whats the difference.
Posted on: August 4, 2009 3:46 pm

In Cincinnati

Well my Cubs have come into Cincinnati, my currnet place of residence and gave me my first in person view of them last night and they did not disappoint. Of the crowd of 22,000 in Great American Ballpark over 50 percent were Cubs fans. Now over the past few years that ive lived here that seems to be the trend. It was great to hear Lets go Cubbies chanted through out and opposing ballpark. The game was a dandy to. The Cubs struck first with Mike Fontenot charging a three run homer into center field. Randy Wells was very impressive allowing 1 run on 6 hits over 7 1/3 innings. John Grabow finished the 8th and Marmol closed it out although he gave up a RBI double to Alex Gonzalez on a realy long at bat. Randy Wells was the player of the game though, he did a nice job of keeping the ball on the ground and getting timley double plays. The only blemish on his game was a solo homer to Alex Gonzalez in the 7th. The Reds got a pretty good start from Aaron Harang as he struck out 10 but they couldnt get him any run support. I have tickets to the 3rd game in the series hopefuly it wont get rained out. I have yet to see Rich Harden in person so that will be cool. Tonights game should be goo though as Tom Gorzellany takes on Johnny Cueto at 7:15 although there is some bad weather here so it could get dealyed or rained out.
Posted on: July 30, 2009 11:42 pm

Some Lefty Help

Well the Cubs finaly made a move, the one that i had suspected they would make. They aquired John Grabow from the Pirates although the suprise is that we got starter Tom Gorzellany. They are both lefty's which should give us some options in the bullpen down the stretch. I hated the bullpen the first few months of the season but they have really come together and this should make it even better. Just look at it.

CL- Kevin Gregg  3.40's ERA  21 SV  ( He struggled early on but has proven he can be a solid closer, his ERA is somewhat inflated due to being put in to many non save situations.)

SU- Carlos Marmol  23 HLD  3.12 ERA More K's than innings. ( He struggled a lot with his command early on but has gotten in back, his walks are down and he is striking out a lot more.)

SU- Angel Guzman  2.50's ERA  10 + HLD  ( Guzman provided stability when the bullpen was bad and is a solid 7th inning guy.)

LS- Sean Marshall  1.94 ERA as a reliever  ( He is a dominant lefty specailst and a moderate starter)

LS- John Grabow  3.50's ERA  15 HLD  ( He was basicly the set up man in Pittsburgh and will come in a lot less in Chicago but he will be put in situations that he thrives.)

We also have a plethora of options in middle and long relief. Jeff Samardizjia is very young and may eventualy start he has a great fastball but needs to work on his secondary pitches. Jeff Stevens who came over in the Mark DeRosa trade has shown promise, Aaron Heilman is the only guy i dont like he lets every inherited run he gets score, his problem is he trys to be to perfect with his pitches and thus misses the strike zone to much. And Now we have Tom Gorzelany who could be brought up to fill Ted Lilly's spot in the rotation and i am sure he is an upgrade from Kevin Hart although i did like him.
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Posted on: July 29, 2009 10:57 pm

Deadline Action and a Houston rout

Well today has been an interesting and exciting day. First the Cubs wooped the Astros 12-0 with some power from Soriano, A-Ram, and Andres Blanco which was the biggest suprise. The coolest part of the game was that in the first inning we went through the entire lineup without making an unproductive out. The first out was on lee's sac-fly and the other outs came after we went through the lineup. The ohter exciting things from today was all the trading action. That is the type of stuff i love, looking at a player recently aquired by another team and trying to figure out the impact they will have on their new team. I want to go over some of the trades and analyize them.

Freddy Sanchez to the Giants

Well this is actualy a good deal both ways maybe even leaning towards the Pirates, yes they only got one prospect for him although he is a fairly good pitcher but they were able to get the Giants to pick up Sanchez's entire salary which is huge. Now the Ginats do get a very good hitter to add to the top of their order. Sanchez will hit around .300 with below average pop. But the key is that he will get on base for the rest of their lineup. This bolsters the right side of their infield that went from Travis Ishikawas and Juan Uribe to Ryan Garko and Freddy Sanchez. On paper that looks like a huge upgrade but in actuality its a mediocre upgrade. Neither player is a huge bat but they hopefully can give a boost to an average lineup that is highlighted by should be all star Pablo Sandoval.

Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to the Mariners

This is another pretty solid trade for both clubs, Wilson provide an upgrade on all levels at shortstop and Snell has been lights out at AAA and the change of scenery may be just what he needs. He has the potential to be really good and could really help boster Seatles rotation. The Pirates will only get one player who will immediatly come up which is Ronny Cedeno (Former Cub). Cedeno is still very young and has potential to be a good starting shortstop, but has struggled some this year. They also get Mariners highly touted prospect Jeff Clement who may come up in not to long. He has struggled this year also but could make an impact in Pittsburgh. He is a Catcher/DH who i think can play first which is probably what he would play since Ryan Doumit is Pittsburghs catcher, and Steve Pearce is a mid level option at first. Those are the main pieces in the trade with 3 other guys going to the single A clubs.

Cliff Lee to the Phillies

This is huge for the Phillies, they had to give up some good prospects but they aquired a great starting pitcher. They very well could repeat this year with Cliff Lee in their rotation. Now Lee does have some injury risk that is not so good long term but he will have an immediate impact and could push them over the edge in the NL East race.

Wladimir Balentine to the Reds

This is a pretty even trade again although i am a fan of Balentine and i think he could do really well in Great American Ballpark. The Reds dont really need relievers so i think this was a smart trade on the Reds part, they get a power hitting prospect for an excess reliever although he is a good reliever which will help the Mariners. I am always hesitant with relivers though because they can fall apart quickly. Look at Aaron Heilman, or Bob Howry those guys were dominant for a while but fell apart later in their careers. To me relivers are the most unreliable players in the game. Im a fan of having your starters go 9 innings every time and not carrying about pitch counts like how it used to be. Part of the reasons players cant pitch is long is because their not trained to but anyways im getting off subject. The point is i think the Reds have the edge in this trade. Although i dont think its an immediate impact trade it will benifit later.

Those are the main trades of today we'll see what happens tommorow.
Posted on: July 26, 2009 10:55 pm

Back to First

Well after the sweep of the Reds the Cubs are now alone in first place in the NL Central for the first time since mid April. They have really begun to heat it up, although they have won their games against struggling team they still deserve credit for outstanding pitching and good offense. The real test will come this week as we enter a 4 game series against the red hot Astros. Tommorow nights pitching matchup looks to be a good one as Wandy Rodriquez wil face Carlos Zambrano. Then on tuesday Dempster will come of the DL and pitch followed by Randy Wells and Kevin Hart. So this looks to be an interesting week, and a very important one. Not only will this be interesting but the trade deadline is aproaching fast and will be interesting to see what happens at the last minute. In my opinion though i dont see a huge trade like last years Jason Bay trade or the CC Sabathia trade, but there should be some mid level trades that will have significant impact on the rest of the season. I would like to see the Cubs do something but it's not looking like it at this time. I have heard their name in a number of trade talks but nothing to serious. Players that i would want would be Mark Teahen ( I've said this about a hundred times), Freddy Sanchez, John Grabow, or George Sherrill. I know people have been saying we need another starter now that Lilly is on the DL but we have a deep enough staff to handle injuries and if we got another starter they wouldnt be used in the playoffs so whats the point. Anyways the Cubs dont have much money and the ownership change still hasnt gone through which is what handycapped us in the off-season as well. Hopefully it gets resolved before the winter meetings.
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