Posted on: June 2, 2009 9:56 pm

Kevin "Heart Attack" Gregg

Well Randy lost another win this time it wasnt due to the offense but our god awful bullpen. Kevin Gregg throws a wild pitch strikeout to get a man on first then gives up a homerun to Jeff Francouer. Every time that man gets out on the mound i about die, he needs at least a 5 run lead to hold a game. This is proving to have been one of the worst offseasons for the Cubs in recent years. Had Mark DeRosa stayed he would have been able to provide a solid run producer at third filling in for Ramirez, Wood i think is still better than Gregg even though he has had his struggles this year. Milton Bradley has been almost completley worthless, and so has Aaron Heilman. I had been sceptical before but now after watching the season pan out i have learned a less, never mess with a good thing. Just because the Cubs flopped in the playoffs did not meen they needed to be retooled, the managment has made some huge mistakes this year and now they need to make some trades to solidify the Bullpen and i dont want Bradley, Gregg, or Heilman on this team any more since all they do is damage it. And right now i feel the worst for Randy Wells he looked fantastic today and yeat again he is robbed.
Posted on: June 2, 2009 4:40 pm

Lets give Randy some runs

Well tonight the Cubs kick off a three game series in Atlanta against the Braves. The Braves put Kenshin Kawakami on the mound to face Randy Wells for the Cubs. Wells has pitched very well in four starts but has failed to get any run support and thus has not won a game. Hopefully he can get that first Major League win tonight and the Cubs can score some runs. I may post about the game later.
Posted on: June 1, 2009 1:35 pm

Rough outing for Marshall

I was very dissapointed in the game last night. Marshall really struggled and the offense was mediocre. It was a disappointing ending to a good series. But i cant be to upset, the Cubs did split the series with the team with the best record in baseball, and the Reds were swept by the Brewers so i got to do some trash talking today. Today there is a break for the Cubs although the Reds play the Cardinals so its a no win situation for me. Then tommorow the Cubs head for Atlanta to take on the Braves. That should be a good series. Randy Wells pitches the opener. So i look forward to that, i may come and post about that tommorow.
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Posted on: May 31, 2009 6:57 pm

Final Game of the Dodger Series

The last week or so has been pretty crappy based on the fact that the Cubs went on a 8 game losing streak and that i live in Norhtern Kentucky where there are a ton of Reds fans who will jump on me if the Reds beat the Cubs 1 time out of 50. It gets pretty annoying, so having the Reds be ahead of the Cubs in the standings is horrible. Luckly the Reds got swept by the Brewers so that if the Cubs win tday they will at least be tied. But even if they lose tday i am happy the Cubs at least split the series with the Dodgers. Dempster looked good yesterday and Bradley has been looking better. Now about tdays game, its Sean Marshall versus Eric Milton so i think the Cubs have at least a slight advantage pitching wise and offensivley the Cubs have been playing better than the Dodgers. Im looking for a good outing from Sean because he seems to be getting better as the season progresses, i definatly think he is an upgrade from Jason Marquis especialy with the Cubs recent struggles he has been able to keep games close where Marquis couldnt. Anyway lets hope for a good game, i may post through out the game if there is anything interesting.

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