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Posted on: February 6, 2010 11:02 pm

Want Grim's credentials? Watch Broncos Superbowl

Many worthy candidates got passed over this year for election to the NFL Hall of Fame.  Shannon Sharpe, Chris Carter, and Tim Brown are worthy.

The selection of Floyd Little and Ricky (or is it Randy) Jackson may be questioned, and with good cause.

But please don't question Russ Grimm.

Offensive linemen aren't glamorous choices for the Hall.  But for a player who played on a team that won three Super Bowls with three different starting QB's and three different starting RB's, being an offensive lineman takes on a little more importance.

If you still have doubt watch a replay of the 1988 Super Bowl between the Redskins and the Broncos

The Redskins' starting RB George Rogers was knicked up.  Joe Gibbs elected to start Timmy Smith in his place. 

Timmy Smith had never started an NFL game before, and never made a positive contribution to an NFL game after the Super Bowl.  But somehow he managed to run for a Super Bowl record 204 yards that stands to this day.

Did God enter into Timmy Smith's body and will the Redskins to victory on that day?  Of course not!

Smith was the beneficiary of the single greatest offensive line performances of all time.

If you don't believe me watch NFL Film's top ten Super Bowl performances of all time.  Timmy Smith IS on that list, but most of the experts agree that any running back could have run through the massive holes that Russ Grimm and company opened up for him that day.

If you study the Redskins under the first Gibbs era you will notice that QB's, RB's, and even WR's to some extent came and went during their three Super Bowl run.  The one constant was their dominating offensive line.

Any skill player who has been a major factor on a team with three Super Bowl trophies has been a shoe in to Canton.  So lets not disparage a player who excelled at two different positions during his career, even if he was an offensive lineman.

Many sports fans don't know this, but any coach will tell you:  success starts in the trenches.

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 10:39 pm

NFL should enact Dancing With the Stars clause

Seriously people.

Is there anything sadder or more damning to a reputation than a stint on Dancing With the Stars?

Actually, a more appropriate show title would be Dancing with the Marginally Famous, or Dancing with Former Stars In Desperate Need Of Cash Or Exposure.

Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were great players.  Even after watching them revert to mere mortal status during stints in Arizona, Seattle, and Denver there are still a great many people who still remember how great these two really were.

But becoming a contestant on Dancing With the Stars is almost unforgiveable.  The only thing worse than their performances on the show is the precedence it sets for future washed up NFL greats.

Therefore, before this thing gets out of hand, I am pleading to the NFL Rules Committee to enact a ruling that declares that any former player who participates in Dancing With the Stars will be banned from the Hall of Fame.

If you feel the need to grandfather Rice and Smith in fine.  But please take a stand.  Help stop former greats with bad managerial representation make fools of themselves.

Either that or put a tutu on Emmitt and Jerry's Canton busts!
Posted on: August 9, 2009 12:15 am

Telling it like it is........or was

During sportsline's tribute to Bruce Smith upon his Hall of Fame induction there was one sentence that resonated with me.

"What's most impressive is that Smith registered many of his 171 sacks in Buffalo while playing in a 3-4 defense, which should have made it easier for opponents to stop him. It's a feat Smith is quick to point out."

For a fan who is knowledgeable about the game this is the stat that illustrates how truly dominant Smith was.

The D-lineman on a 3-4 are responsible for taking on multiple blockers and keep them occupied.  This lets the linebackers make the majority of big plays.  Bruce Smith wasn't supposed to be the sack king, but he was in spite of his team's defensive philosophy.

As a Redskins fan I think he played one year too many.  He was still a force for three years with the Skins, but by his last year you could see him overpower his man but just not have the speed to round the corner.  Bruce Smith probably had more QB hurries his last season than any other player.  It was like watching a slow motion replay.  He beats his man.  He is coming for the QB.  He is still coming.  He's getting close.  Then a second before impact the QB would unload the ball.  I could see that even though he didn't have it he still was trying his hardest.  And I know that it frustrated him more than any Skin's fan.

The Skins would have been better served to go with someone else that last year.  But in retrospect, I'm glad they didn't.  It was painfully obvious that he wanted that sack record, and the Redskins gave him the opportunity to get it.

The Skins have made many regrettable free agent acquisitions recently, but I don't fault them for getting Bruce Smith.

He should rightfully go into Canton with a Bills helmet.  But there should be a small Redskins sticker at the back of that helmet.  Many greats have played past their prime with other teams.  Bruce Smith can be proud to know that unlike many others, he made a positive contribution to those Redskin teams.

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