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Posted on: February 6, 2010 11:02 pm

Want Grim's credentials? Watch Broncos Superbowl

Many worthy candidates got passed over this year for election to the NFL Hall of Fame.  Shannon Sharpe, Chris Carter, and Tim Brown are worthy.

The selection of Floyd Little and Ricky (or is it Randy) Jackson may be questioned, and with good cause.

But please don't question Russ Grimm.

Offensive linemen aren't glamorous choices for the Hall.  But for a player who played on a team that won three Super Bowls with three different starting QB's and three different starting RB's, being an offensive lineman takes on a little more importance.

If you still have doubt watch a replay of the 1988 Super Bowl between the Redskins and the Broncos

The Redskins' starting RB George Rogers was knicked up.  Joe Gibbs elected to start Timmy Smith in his place. 

Timmy Smith had never started an NFL game before, and never made a positive contribution to an NFL game after the Super Bowl.  But somehow he managed to run for a Super Bowl record 204 yards that stands to this day.

Did God enter into Timmy Smith's body and will the Redskins to victory on that day?  Of course not!

Smith was the beneficiary of the single greatest offensive line performances of all time.

If you don't believe me watch NFL Film's top ten Super Bowl performances of all time.  Timmy Smith IS on that list, but most of the experts agree that any running back could have run through the massive holes that Russ Grimm and company opened up for him that day.

If you study the Redskins under the first Gibbs era you will notice that QB's, RB's, and even WR's to some extent came and went during their three Super Bowl run.  The one constant was their dominating offensive line.

Any skill player who has been a major factor on a team with three Super Bowl trophies has been a shoe in to Canton.  So lets not disparage a player who excelled at two different positions during his career, even if he was an offensive lineman.

Many sports fans don't know this, but any coach will tell you:  success starts in the trenches.

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