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Posted on: October 20, 2009 12:43 am

Prisco should give 0's in his weekly grades

When I was in school I didn't like to do homework.  I always scored A's on in class tests and assignments, but those zero's for not doing homework really wrecked my GPA.

In most schools you can do your work in Clingon dialect or make patterns with your scantron sheets and end up with an F that at least will give you a 50%.

If you don't even attempt to do the work you get a zero, which can turn an A average into a C- very quickly.

If Prisco is going to grade these games according to true academic standards he should award zeros.  Certainly Washington and Tennessee deserved zeros this week.  Giving these teams an F curves the grading scale and really isn't fair to teams like the Eagles, who tried hard but failed miserably.
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