Posted on: June 20, 2009 8:52 pm

Yankees please retire 21 and 51!....24?

Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams. Enough said. But, I do believe this is what The "New" Yankee Stadium is missing. I would not mind retiring Tino Martinez as well, but some people have argued with me, that he was not with the team long enough. I ask them about Reggie Jackson. We all know 2, and 42 will be there someday (well 42 is already, but im sure it will ceremoniously be ritired when Mo Rivera is done). This may be just what Yankee Stadium needs, the last Yankees champions numbers out in Monument Park. I have a feeling Yankees management is just waiting for Derek Jeter to be the 1st number retired at the New Stadium. Oh, and I forgot one last number that is a lock for monument park, once he's done.... #6.

2, 51, 21, 42, 24, 6......these will be the numbers i will be telling MY kids were Yankees greats (keep in mind im 23)
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Posted on: June 11, 2009 3:50 am

Booing at The Stadium

I have watched the Yankees my whole life. I have went to games my whole life. Can someone please tell me when we started booing our players? I am getting pretty sick of it. We can be up 9-3 in the game, have won 10 outta the last 12 games, and we are still booing Arod for hitting into a double play? Does anyone remember the boos Mark Teixeria was getting? I dont like it. The player knows hes doing bad, no need to let him know. How bout some support? As if these players aren't professionals, and not trying thier hardest. You can tell if a player isn't giving it his all, because he will be on the bench, and Derek Jeter or Jorge Posada would not have it. It should be a sin to boo a Yankee while he is playing. Don't get me wrong, if someone strikes out, i curse and say some things, but i would never BOO a Yankee along with a crowd.
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