Posted on: July 11, 2009 5:08 pm

I wish the Jets played the Vikings this year.

Should Jet Fans Hate Brett Favre?

I do now.

I was one of the 1st people to run out and buy the #4 Jets jersey. I could not have been more happy at the time.Was I just to stupid to see what was really going on? I (along with most people) was always a huge Favre fan and welcomed him with open arms. But, Brett Favre used the Jets for a one year route out of Green Bay on his way to the Vikings. He said he didn’t want anything to do with the Jets and then faked his way through an interception filled season at the expense of this organization. Now he will get his wish and be with the Vikings. I hope all Jets fans will now see last season for what it was and will have a little more forethought when similar situations pop up in the future. It’s embarrassing what he did to this team and our guys. Thank goodness Thomas Jones and Kerry Rhodes stood up for the group. Looks like everyone in Green this year, wants to be here! We got the coach we need and we have our "Golden Boy". I guess I can't hate Brett too much, he is actually the ONLY reason we got Rex Ryand and Mark Sanchez. Brett got Mangini fired and Pennington shipped away. I didn't love either of those 2 particularlly, but it seems everyone has found their place now.

As a Jets fan, I could not be any happier going into the 2009 season. I am far more excited about 09 than 08 (and trust me I was excited).

And if the on the feild excitement is not enough, at least we have the " Flight Crew" returning and doubling in size. Thank god for the cheerleaders.
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