Posted on: August 15, 2009 1:14 am

Michael Vick


I heard in a report last night, that he was in Philly with the humane society and did an appearance in which inner city kids and adults attended, which was geared to stop animal cruelty in Philly (which has been a problem supposedly). The Human Society was impressed, even saying "he attracted and was able to relate with tha community that we would never have been able to reach out to". I guess thats the nice way of saying, "black people" will listen to Vick, and not "crazy animal people". You know what? This could all end up being a good thing. He will NEED to work basically hand in hand with PETA. Maybe Mike Vick could really turn all his negatives to a positives. Imagine that, he becomes some superstar dog fighting activist and he may actually make a difference. people will listen to him, as people follow stars words more than protesters. Kind of like the Jose Canseco of football. He did steroids the whole time, but then outted everyone and basically got the game cleaned up single handedly. My one issue would be the fact of his genuine feelings towards animals and everyhing.But it sorta like when a star gets like a certain disease, then they start a foundation after for it. Like, they didnt care about cancer BEFORE they got it but then they start a full fledged war against it.  It could have just been peer pressure and the way things were down south. I think horse racing is a little cruel, but i have been going to the track my whole life.

I just watched Michael Vicks whole press conference today. Realistically, he doesn't care about the well being of animals. In reality, I really do not expect him to, but he KNOWS he has to do something. He can't just be like "il never kill another dog, i promise"..which we all know he WILL NOT EVER harm another animal as long as he lives, but EVERYONE knows that is not enough for the public. Im all for his second chance, but I do agree with PETA, he most likely has no empathy towards animals. His main point is, "how could i have been so stupid to do such stupid pointless things while being an NFL superstar making millions"...which he is right with that. There was NO point whatsoever for him to be bankrolling a dog fighting ring. To make stupid, at most 10K bets? Dude was the highest paid player. This was his hobby. Understandable. If he was a gambling addict, and opened an underground casino or poker club, he would have gotten in just as much trouble. Again, pointless for a superstar multi millionaire. HOWEVER, the company in which he kept were not rich like him. They were not stars. They were thugs. In so many words, he was probabablly looking to just hook his friends up, so THEY can make some money (the wrong way of course, why get a job?). I do like how he mentioned the "part of our culture" is just a "lame excuse"...As it may be, that is like accepting stereotypes. Should i just accept a drug dealer because that is part of a black culture? No, we can't do that. He needed to grow up, he needed to get away from the thugs. He needs to be a regular rich guy. Go buy a yacht or something, start golfing. Of course im just kidding, but there were many other things he could have done. He knows this now. He has alot of work to do, and this is just the beginning. I'd like to mention that my mother is a PETA supporter, and her and my sister are both vegetarians due to animal cruelty. I believe the same theories as them as far as cruelty towards animals, but i do still eat meat...(kind of hypocritical in a sense if you ever honestly did some simple research on the meat you eat..lets put it this way...id rather be michael vicks pitbull in 2004 than a cow, chicken or pig at a purdue farm)...if you seriously are a meat eater...and have a problem with animal cruelty SO passionately that it wouldnt allow you to forgive a man for a dumb part of his life,then you are also a hypocrite. Even hunting(which i hate with a passion). Its all the same thing. But hunting is part of "our culture" (yes i mean white people)lol so its ok right? Wrong! Again hypocritcal. You are either all for every living creature deserves it's life, or it animals dont mean much to you. Either way, to each his own. Why have animal laws to protect some, but not all? Pick and choose? Pets vs wild animals? Or kill this animal this time of year, but not another? Step on a bug, adopt a cat but blow a deer's head off? There is no law saying that you have to care about animals, just do not run a illegal gambling ring. Which is what he got in trouble for, not 2 years for killing some dogs. 2 years for running an iillegal gambling ring(just so happens animal cruelty is involved in this). He should have just opened up an underground brothel. Atleast that would have been PIMMMP. At the end of the day though, it was the tax evasion and illegal gambling that got him in so much trouble. The dogs are what EVERYONE will remember though.

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