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NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL all-star weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me the best All-star weekend out of the sports is basketball because they have so many competitions for the players to be in, and it doesn't really screw up their shot like it does for the swings in baseball. Then, it would be the baseball all-star game because of they do the home run derby plus the all-star game is fun, but they should adjust the rules a little bit like making it not count for the World series and the voting. 3rd would be NHL because like basketball they have many competitions including speed and shooting.
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DUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Or even DOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

In sports the players make many mistakes or errors that they wish they could have back. These mistakes can come on the field and off (which are the ones that you hate to hear the most). When these situations happen, it's usually because the players are in a slump or their just not using their brains.

Let's look back at some

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Posted on: June 15, 2009 11:34 am
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Rising Sports Rivalries

MLB: Rays vs. Red Sox, teams that played against each other in the ALCS, both teams have home-field advantage.
NBA: Cavs vs. Lakers, or Lebron James vs. Kobe Bryant, always seems to be games where both Lebron and Kobe put up huge numbers.
NFL: Chicago vs. Minnesota, battle of some of the best line-of-scrimmage backs in the league, Matt Forte and Adrian Peterson.
NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philidalphia Eagles, this is an interpenn match up that will be really intresting if we end up seeing them both in Super Bowl XLIV it could very well happen. (Steagles)
NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philidalphia Flyers, met in the playoffs so many times in the last few times.
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