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The Hangover... My Story

I haven't seen the movie yet... maybe I will when it comes out on DVD.  I don't get to see many movies at the theaters anymore.  Having three kids who are very active in sports keeps you busy, and away from going out as a couple to something like a movie.  Also, as parents, we can't deprive them of anything either.  They get playdates, sleepovers and special days out whenever possible.  Mom and dad?  Can't remember our last sleepover, playdate or special day...

So, my hangover stories are old stories.  I am old, so just about any story out of me is going to be old.  I have seen the previews for the movie "The Hangover".  It looks hilarious, and I have always thought some of my drunken experiences could have been good stories for the big screen.

Maybe I think they are more hilarious than Hollywood movie execs might, but I will share them with you and maybe they will get a chuckle from you... or not.

Feel free to add your own "Hangover" story.  I will add additional tales of other "Hangover" experiences with time.

My first great "Hangover" experience occurred after my junior year of college.  I had a friend who's parents owned a condo just south of Myrtle Beach, SC.  Once finals were over, he invited 5 guys... well it was 4 guys and 1 girl... to spend a week staying at his parents' place.  When you're in college, going to the beach to party is like an obsession.  Bars... girls in bikinis... drinking... I mean what is better than that?  To have a free place to stay when you have no money, is a gift.  More money to buy beer, chase after girls... it is a beautiful thing for a poor college student.

My friend who invited us offered to give the girl a ride, but noone else.  Hmmmm...

So, me and three of my buddies drove down separately from Morgantown, WV to Myrtle Beach.  The drive usually took 9 hours.  We left town around 1:00 pm on a Friday so we could make it into Myrtle around 10:00 pm... just in time to hit the bar scene.  Like all good road trips, we had our drinking refreshments placed into two coolers with ice.  We started out slowly... not the driving part... the drinking part... as we didn't crack open the first beer until we reached Clarksburg... about 45 minutes into our trip. 

We had a great day to travel... sunshine, warm weather... and great tunes.  Each of us had made party tapes... dates us doesn't it?  We had to make cassette tapes back in the day.  Now, cars don't even come with cassette players.  With the good vibes, good tunes and good feelings... came a good buzz.  The beers were going down easy, and we needed to reload our coolers once we got across the state line into Virginia.

Don't you know that the exit we take off of I-77 leads us down a long path to nothing.  We not only have to drive miles to find something, but when we do, it is dry.  I had never heard of anyplace being dry.  We are standing there asking the clerk, "What do you mean this county is dry?"  We are told we have to drive to the next county to buy beer.  Well, we've gone this far, what is a few more miles?  So, off we go...

When we get to the next county, we see some beat up old place that has a neon light in its front window advertising Coors Light.  We're all over that.  We purchase another case of beer, fill up our coolers and get ready to take the winding road back to the interstate.  Before we take off, a couple of rednecks approach us.  They want to know if we want to buy any "Weed" from them and ask where we're heading, and where were from.  They tell us that the "Weed" will cost more down at the beach, and proceed to call us a bunch of dumb yankees when we turn down their excellent offer.

By this time, we're having a great time laughing at the start of our trip... we're back on track... heading to the beach.

The Charlotte area is the end of the southern portion of the interstate travel.  It is here where you take an exit from I-77 toward Route 9 (I think... it's been awhile).  We missed the exit.  No worries, we'll just take another highway heading east... my logic... the beach is to the east... eventually we'll reach the beach... if we head east.

We stopped in Charlotte, fast food for dinner, potty break, and purchase of more beer.  Once the beer was secured in the cooler, we set off east... to the beach.

By this time, we were feeling no pain.  Day was turning to dark, the beers were going down easy, and the music was putting us in the party mood.  We were somewhere in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina with some Elvis Presley booming through the stereo speakers.  I didn't know the words, so I contributed to the gang singing by blaring out the "Doo-op" lyrics in the background.  That's when we experienced mechanical failure.  The guy driving the car started laughing at first, he said something like, "I think the car just died."  We were bummed at first.  Not that the car had died, because we didn't believe him, no we were bummed that he would interrupt the great Elvis song.  When we told him he was joking, he said... "Look at the speedometer, I have the pedal floored."  We were losing speed... he wasn't lying.

We pulled the car over.  We kind of had to... but, it served a purpose for each of us had to go to the bathroom.  And, it was a great photo op.  Once we were done relieving ourselves and once we had taken pictures of us around our dead car, we decided we'd probably need to do something about the car.

One of my friends started putting his thumb out to hitch-hike... a pick-up pulled over, and took him and his brother into the next town.  That left me and a buddy to stay with the car.  We took more pictures, and drank beer.  But, there was always the thought in our mind, "Do you think the guys are alright?"

Next thing you know, a North Carolina State Trooper approaches.  Since we are kind of drunk, we're hoping he has business to attend to, and won't stop to check on us.  But, he pulls his cruiser over and gets out to check on us.  I tried to act real sober... have you ever done that?  He notices from our license plate that we're from WV... he too is from WV.  He tells us that our friends were taken to a garage in town, and that they were on their way back to the car in a Tow Truck.  We start talking about sports with the Trooper, we talk about how the best basketball players kept leaving WV to play in the ACC.  Mark Cline went to Wake Forest,.. Jimmy Miller, the kid from Princeton, WV went to Virginia, and how bummed he is to see the state's best talent going to ACC schools.  He is super cool with us, and we feel lucky it was him to pull over.  When the tow truck arrives, he greets the drivers, tells them to take good care of us, and he moves on.  No arrests were made.

Once our car is hooked, some of us stayed in the car, some in the truck... and, it made for another great photo op.  Flashing lights, tow trucks... gotta get a picture of that... it just doesn't happen every day.

When we arrive at the garage, there is a gang of like 5 guys there.  By this time, I am drunk, so I can't be so sure of every detail, but it seems they have been playing cards and drinking as well... it is a Friday night after all.  Once they assess the problem, they let us know that it is the generator... and they can't get us a replacement until tomorrow morning.  They give us the names of some places where we could stay, but you have to remember, we were going to the beach where we were going to stay for free.  So, paying for a room for a night was out of the question.  We told them no thanks, that we'd just finish our beers and pass out in the car for the night.

Then one of the boys from the garage said we could stay with one of his friends.  He told us to hop in his car, and he'd take us somewhere to sleep for the night.

He kept calling me "Sorority Girl", and I couldn't understand why.  When I asked one of my friends why he thought he was doing it, he pointed to my sweatshirt.  I forgot I was wearing a sweatshirt with my fraternity letters.

He said he had a car that could outdrive any police cruiser in NC.  He started driving down these country roads at crazy speeds, and all of a sudden I feel like I am living an episode of Dukes of Hazzards.  He tells us all about the souped up engine, like we'd be impressed.  Then he pulls out from under his driver's seat a bottle of bourbon.  Not just any bottle, this was some good stuff... like Colonel Lee.  He wants the sorority girl to take the first drink.  I am always up to a challenge.

We proceed to take shots of good bourbon until we reach a trailer park.  Not just any trailer park, this trailer park is known as (a bad word on CBS) that starts with "P and ends with Y Heaven" ...  according to our new friend.  We pull up to his buddy's trailer, but noone is home.  He asks me and one of my buddies to help him take his friend's air conditioner.  We have no success.  Then our new friend points us in the direction of a trailer inhabited by two girls who have made the park a landmark, and helped to establish the park's nick-name by our new friend. 

My buddy and I approach the trailer and knock on the door.  A light inside the trailer turns on, and a female inside says "Hello?"  We ask her if it is alright for us to come inside, she replies... "No."

So, we turn around and head back to our new friend's car.  He has another friend for us to check out.  So, we get back into the car, do more shots of some good bourbon... and head to another trailer park.  We reach his friend's trailer, he knocks on the door, and his buddy is there.  He welcomes us inside and tells us we can crash at his place for the night.  He grabs another bottle of bourbon, some shot glasses, and his guitar.  We drink beer, shots and listen to this guy serenade us with music until our new friend comes back to party some more with us.

Eventually, we all pass out.  Sometime the next morning our new friend comes back to pick us up to take us back to the garage.  We are seriously hungover.  Our car is ready, so we pay up with them, get back into the car so we can complete our trip, and thank our new friend for all he had done for us the night before.  But, before we leave the garage we think to ask for directions to Myrtle... we remembered that we had no idea where in the hell we were.  We also thought to ask the name of the town where we just spent the night... thought it might be nice to know where we had been.  We are told its Laurinburg.  And, we get our directions to the beach.

As we are heading to Myrtle, none of us are in the party mood... we are seriously hungover.  But, we do feel the need to get something to eat.  Some good starchy food seemed to help settle the stomach.  We put some Jimmy Buffett music in the cassette player, and we start feeling it again... the need to start partying that is... we are 21 years old after all.  We pull over, purchase some beer, and get the party going again.

We finally reach our destination.  Since we arrived a day late, there were some concerns among the greeting party, but when you're 21 years old... nothing too serious.  We all knew what they'd been doing anyways... or thought we knew.  It was time to get the Myrtle party going.  We headed out to the clubs, had the good buzz going again... and upon arriving... we meet some girls.

You know how the whole rap thing goes... "Hey girls, how are y'all doing... where are y'all from?"  Imagine the roar when the girls told us they were from Laurinburg, NC...

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