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Michael Vick

This is probably the only time that I will discuss him. In reinstating that man, if you will, Roger Godell has made his decision. He will leave it up to the individual teams to decide how they want to view him.  It will really take something for a team to say that they want to deal with all that will come with signing him.  There are very few teams who will want to do that.  Vick's best route is probably going to be playing in the UFL this year and hope that some team will be desperate enough to sign him next year.  Jim Haslett is the coach of the Orlando team in the UFL.  He knows him well from coaching his cousin, Aaron Brooks, and coaching against him when he coached at New Orleans.  He would be a good guy to deal with him, as he has already said that he would do.  Michael is going to get support. Whether he deserves it or not is up for debate, but he will get it.  However, if he makes another big mistake, his career is done forever.  I think he knows that. It remains to be seen how long he can live up to it.
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The Bigger Ones

My tour through AFKA 1-A college football in 2009 has started to hit the bigger conferences. I wanted to do the minor ones first and then get to the conferences that have automatic bids to the BCS or at least have a shot at getting a bid to the BCS.  My tour of these conferences starts with the Mountain West.  This conference had three teams that could had a shot to get a bid to the BCS, but only one did in the end.  Utah beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl to end as the only undefeated team in AFKA 1-A college football.  Here is how this conference looks this year:

Utah-  This team has solidified itself as possibly the best non-BCS school in the country.  They have two potentially tough games with Oregon and Louisville. They face their old offensive co-ordinator in the first game with Utah State in Gary Andersen. That game should not be too tough. They will have tough competition this year as every year with BYU and TCU and possibly other teams. If they go undefeated this year, they might have a shot to get into the national championship game.

BYU- This is a school that is close to Utah, but just behind it. They have the best named coach in the country, perhaps, in Bronco Mendenhall. They lost to the two best teams that they played in the regular season last year in TCU and Utah. They lost to Arizona in the bowl game, so they may not have been as good last year as everyone thought.  They should get to a bowl game and have a shot at the Mountain West title.

TCU- This team is right in line with the previous two.  TCU recovered from its early thumping at the hands of Oklahoma to come back and have Utah beat, only to have its kicker miss field goals late.  Gary Patterson has aptly replaced Fran as head coach.  They should be a solid bowl team with a chance to win the Mountain West.

Air Force- Any time that this team wins, it is a great thing for college football.  Troy Calhoun has done a great job keeping what Fisher Deberry started going.  They should continue with the triple option this year and get back to a bowl game.

Colorado State- This is an interesting team.  This school had almost no success before Sonny Lubick got there.  Steve Fairchild got them back to a bowl game last year, even though they were only 6-6.  They beat Fresno State in the New Mexico Bowl in an offensive shootout.  Any time that this team gets to a bowl game, it is a great job by all involved.

UNLV- This is another interesting team. Mike Sanford has not has much success so far in succeeded John Robinson.  This is not an easy place to win. He could be on the hot seat.  They might want to get back to a bowl game.

New Mexico- Mike Locksley takes over for Rocky Long.  He has handled all the tough questions well so far.  He could be the next big name in coaching.  Look for New Mexico to improve and possibly make a bowl game.

Wyoming-  This is another really hard place to win.  Joe Glenn got to a bowl game one year, but did not have much success other than that.  Dave Christensen comes over from Missouri probably with a new offense having been with Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin and letting the ball fly for several years.  If they get to a bowl game, it will be a great job by all invovled.

San Diego State- Well, Chuck Long did not exactly work.  The supposed next big name in coaching did not have a good start to his head coaching career.  This team has never had a great deal of sustained success. Brady Hoke is a guy who could inject enthusiasm into a program that needs it playing in the same stadium as the Chargers.  We shall see if that comes to fruition.

The BCS conferences are next. Please stay tuned!!

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The Brickyard

Well, that was interesting. The Brickyard 400 this year had several stories.  Juan Pablo Montoya was the story for most of the race.  He could have become the first person to ever win the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400.  However, since he was just over the pit road speed limit, that really cost him a piece in motorsports history.  That cleared the way for Mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson to duel to the end of the race. Jimmie Johnson out ran Mark Martin in one of the closest finishes in the history of the 400, as some people might call it. That is what you get at Indy, like it or not. It is a really hard track to drive and an even harder one to race for those big cars.  It is almost impossible to run side-by-side for very long. Indy was never meant to have cars that size there. It is amazing that they can run as well as they do there.  Mark Martin could have been the oldest winner in the history of Indy if he won.  In other news, Tony Stewart maintains his points lead and Kyle Busch is out after crashing and finishing 38th.  It will be very difficult for him to make the chase, but do not count him out. The guys go to a similar track in Pocono this weekend.  Look for the same guys to be near the front this week.

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2009 College Football

My tour rolls on with the Mid-American Conference.  The MAC is hit and miss as a conference. Some years it can compete with the BCS schools and other years it just cannot win any big games. This year could be in the middle.  Here we go.

MAC East

Buffalo- This was probably the best story in college football last year.  Buffalo was a cream puff program for so long before last year.  It made progress in 2007, going 5-7.  Last year was its breakout year, however.  It eeked out so many close games, as you have to do in the MAC, to end up at 8-6.  It also played a great game against Ball State, who was undefeated at the time.  Turner Gill has done an amazing job building this program from virtually nothing.  Drew Willy is gone as the quarterback, but Gill works well with QBs being a former one himself at Nebraska.  If Buffalo gets to a bowl game again this year, look for Gill to get a big time job.

Bowling Green-  This is a school like so many in the MAC that is just looking to get to a bowl game. Gregg Brandon did not get to one last year, and it cost him his job.  Dave Clawson comes over from Tennessee being a former head coach at Richmond.  If this team gets to a bowl game, he has done a good job.

Temple- This was another great potential story last year if not for Buffalo.  It went 5-7 last year. This team could be this year's Buffalo.  Al Golden, who looks like Rob Lowe,  has done a good job getting this program in position to get to a bowl game. It has not been to one since 1979.  It will be great to see them back in a bowl game.

Akron-  This is another program just looking to make a bowl game. It also came up short last year. J.D. Brookhart better hope to make a bowl game, or he might not be back next year.

Kent State-  I will spare any jokes about what will happen if Kent State has another bad year.  You can make those for yourself, if you are really demented.  All I will say is Doug Martin better get to a bowl game this year or he probably will not be back.

Ohio-  Well, Frank Solich needs to work another miracle here.  He did a good job back in 2006 getting this team to a bowl game for the first time since 1968. However, expectations have not been met since. He might also want to get to a bowl game or he might not be back.

Miami (Ohio)- Mike Haywood has escaped from South Bend. That is the good news.  The bad news, he may not be in a much better spot.  This program has not been as good since Ben Roethlisberger and the late Terry Hoepner left.  As with many teams, if he gets to a bowl game, he has done a good job.

MAC West

Ball State-  Well, we shall see what they can do without the rock starts on campus anymore.  They went undefeated for a good part of the season before losing its last two games.  Gone are Brady Hoke and Nate Davis. In steps Stan Parrish, the guy who preceded Bill Snyder part one at Kansas State.  If they get to a bowl game, it will be a great accomplishment.

Western Michigan- The Broncos look to continue their success.  Bill Cubit has done a good job here getting this team to two bowl games. They should get to another one this year.

Central Michigan- The team with a great nickname, the Chippewas, got to a bowl game last year for the third straight year.  Butch Jones has also done a good with this team. They should go back to a bowl game.

Northern Illinois-  This is not an easy place to win. Jerry Kill did a good job last year getting this team to a bowl game, although they may not have deserved to get a bid.  They will be close to getting a big again.

Toledo- Tim Beckham takes over here for Tom Amstutz. It will be tough for them to get to a bowl game. If they get to one, it will be a job well done.

Eastern Michigan-  This is one of the top 10, if not top 5, hardest jobs in the country.  Ron English has quite a task in front of him.  If he gets to a bowl game, he should run out of here to a better job as soon as he can.  They have only been to one bowl game in their history, and any bowl game here is an outstanding accomplishment.

Much more to come from me.

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Erin Andrews

Well, I guess I should talk about this subject.  I think that we can all agree that Erin is, as we like to say, hotttt. There are many reasons as to why she is that way. We all know what they are.  That, however, does not give anyone the right to go Porky's on her, if you catch my drift.  I, believe it or not, have not watched this video and have no plans to do it.  It would give me such an empty feeling on so many levels.  Very few good things come from situations like these.  Whoever did this just seems really creepy.  Who knows why people do things like this.  There are so many different reasons that could be the answer.  Erin has never really tried to be mean to anyone.  Sure, she may wear some dresses that flaunt some things on her.  However, she never has been interesting in doing anything like this with or without her consent.  This is a sticky situation that I hope fades away soon enough.
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2009 College Football

My tour continues with Conference USA. This conference got gutted in so many ways losing the teams that it lost to the Big East. They may never be the same, but they will try their darndest to get there.

Conference USA East

East Carolina-  This team is probably the favorite in this division and conference again.  Skip Holtz has done a great job bringing this program back from oblivion a few years ago. They were 9-4 last year. They have a chance to get to a BCS game if they go undefeated. Their schedule takes them to West Virginia, North Carolina, and at home against Virginia Tech.  They also play Appalachian State. Don't expect an upset there.  This could be a sleeper team if they play well enough.

Southern Miss- This team has always been a sleeper cell.  Larry Fedora got them to a bowl game last year. Anytime you can get this team to a bowl game you are doing a good job.

Memphis-  This is also a program that has great potential. Tommy West is probably on the hot seat this year because this program always seems to be on the verge of doing something great.

Marshall- My how this team has fallen. Bob Pruett did a great job here for so many years. The move to Conference USA has not worked out so far. Mark Snyder is on the hot seat.  They need to get to a bowl game.

Central Florida-  Well, this has been a rough year for Central Florida. The death of the player that almost cost George O'Leary his job will be tough to overcome. I am not sure what to make of his status, but a bowl game will be nice. It will be difficult, however.

UAB- Well, this school has problems.  They do not play in a state of the art stadium.  It will never be more than third in the state of Alabama and second in its own system, if you will.  Neil Callaway is trying to make something of this program.  4 wins last year was not particularly good. A bowl game will be considered a success.

Conference USA West

Tulsa-  This school is the defending division champion. Paul Smith is gone from the QB position, but Todd Graham has shown that he can find talent almost anywhere.  They should get to a bowl game and could give Oklahoma a run for its money on September 19th.

Rice- This is a team that has come back from the dead.  It won its first bowl game last year since 1953.  David Bailiff has done a spectacular job since coming over from what was then Texas State-San Marcos.  Chase Clement is gone, but Bailiff has shown the propensity to let it fly, and he should do the same this year.

UTEP- This is a big year for this school. Mike Price has shown that he can win almost anywhere. However, expectations have risen at UTEP and they have not been met the past couple of years. He might need a good year this year to keep his job.

Houston- This is another program that has come back from the abyss.  Kevin Sumlin continued what Art Briles built up there and won them their first bowl game since 1980.  They should do the same this year.

Tulane-  Well, this is a hard place to win.  Tommy Bowden was the last coach to really win big here.  Bob Toledo has a tough job to get this team to a bowl game. They do play in the Superdome, but the administration has never really given them a lot of help to win on a regular basis. 

SMU- Where have you gone, Mustang U?  This school has never really recovered from being given the death penalty.  It is a shame to see the school of the Pony Express be down for so long.  They have not been to a bowl game since 1984.  June Jones could be the guy to get them back there, but it might not be this year.  They were 1-11 last year, their win coming against Texas State. It will be a great coaching job for them to get to a bowl game this year.

Much more to come on this.
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British Open

Well, that was amazing, even if it did not end well. Tom Watson provided one of the greatest spectacles we have ever seen in sports.  If he won, it would have been the greatest ever.  Even though he did not finish the job, it was wonderful to be reminded of so many things. It was one of the greatest major championships ever with him and all that surrounded him. The leaderboard was constantly moving and changing the entire day.  Stewart Cink won it, and he won it because of the way that he played 18. He birdied it when almost no one else did so.  So many other guys were not able to do that. Once the playoff started, I think we all knew that Watson was cooked.  He could not play four more holes for so many different reasons well.  This will go down in the top 10 if not top 5 majors ever.
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The Old Guy

Well, Mark Martin is amazing.  He seems to be in the right place at the right time this year more times than not.  He had the best car last night at Chicago.  He got caught back a bit because of some pit stops.  However, when Brian Vickers and Denny Hamlin battled one another and almost crashed, Mark got back the clean air that he lost to Jimmie Johnson.  He has not been as consistent as would like this year, I am sure. However, he would have the lead if the chase started next week due to his four wins.  I am sure that Mark wants to climb higher in the standings and win more races to feel more comfortable about his standing, because he is not very far from being out of the chase.  I am sure that he will rest this week as everyone will with a bye week, if you will.  The guys go to Indy next.  Mark has not been wildly successful there, but rest assured, he will probably be right there at the end contending for the win.
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