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2009 College Football

My tour continues with more on the WAC.  I was starting to talk about it, and I will continue.

Boise State- This is still the best team in the WAC.  The really tough game that they will have is at home against Oregon. Whether they deserve to be in the BCS due to that win remains to be seen. The Pac-10 should really take a look at adding them because they are really too good for the WAC.

Fresno State- This is the second best program overall in the WAC. Pat Hill has done a great job here for a very long time.  They play a tough schedule, going to Wisconsin, Cincinnati, and ending the season with Illinois.  If they will all those games, they might have a shot at getting a very high ranking. 

Louisiana Tech- This could be the surprise team of this season. Derek Dooley has done a great job trying to make something out of being the head football coach and athletic director at the same time.  They could have a shot to beat Auburn in the first game of the season. That would get them on the national map.  They also go to Navy and LSU. This could be the team to watch.

Hawaii- This is a program that is headed in the wrong direction. Gone are the days of June Jones and throwing the ball almost every down. Greg McMackin was a hire that may turn out to be one of desperation since June Jones left so late.  They got blown out by NOTRE DAME in what was basically a home game in the Hawaii Bowl.  If this team makes a bowl game, it will be a miracle.

Nevada- This is one of the underrated programs in the country.  Chris Ault has done a great job since returning to his alma mater.  They should make their fifth straight bowl game this year.

San Jose State- This is another sleeper cell, if you will.  This is not a school that will win big on a regular basis. Dick Tomey has done a great job in the short time that he has been there.  He got them to a bowl game and almost got them to two more. They went 6-6 last year, but were shunned from a bowl game. Their record should be about the same this year. 

Utah State- Well, this is one of the hardest jobs in the country.  Brent Guy was relieved of his duties last year, literally and figuratively, I am sure.  Gary Andersen takes over. If this team gets to a bowl game, he should be considered for national coach of the year.  They have not been to a bowl game this decade.

New Mexico State- Well, this job may be harder.  Hal Mumme is gone after a tumultous tenure here.  In steps DeWayne Walker. This school has not been to a bowl game since 1960. Yes, I did say 1960. If he gets this team to a bowl game, it will be one of the greatest coaching jobs in college football history.

Idaho- This job is probably the hardest of the bottom three in the WAC.  Robb Akey took over for Dennis Erickson. If Dennis Erickson can win four games here, how bad is it for the rest of the coaches?  Idaho will probably never be successful on the AFKA 1-A level.  They last went to a bowl game in 1998. I don't seem them making one any time soon. 

Much more to come on this.
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Well, I guess I should talk about the finish at Daytona.  It was Kyle's fault if anyone's fault. Tony did not really do anything wrong. Kyle made an aggressive move, but it was one lap too early.  If he made that move on the last lap, he probably would have won. Tony and Denny Hamlin had the best cars the entire race. Kyle was only able to get by Tony with help from Denny.  Other than that, some other things did happen.  Dale Jr. all but got eliminated from chase contention, if he was not eliminated already.  Mark Martin dropped to 13th place, 65 points behind Kasey Kahne. Kahne and Juan Pablo Montoya will really need to run well because Mark will not give up this fight easily at all.  He will be in a great position to do well when the chase starts.  It will be a fight to the finish.
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2009 College Football

Next up on my tour through AFKA 1-A college football is the WAC. Boise State has dominated this conference in recent years and that will probably continue this year.
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Jeremy Mayfield

Well, Jeremy has a reprieve, for now. He has been allowed to compete this weekend in Daytona unless the ruling gets overturned.  It remains to be seen whether a team will take him or not.  Stay tuned on this one.
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2009 College Football

Next up on my magical mystery tour through AFKA 1-A college football is the Sun Belt.  It is always interesting to see what happens in this conference. This conference is really just a stepping stone for teams looking to move up to a better conference.  There is one new offical team in the league this year after Western Kentucky has finished its transition to AFKA 1-A football.  I will get to them in a minute.  Troy won the Sun Belt last year. It will be interesting to see if the Sun Belt can rise itself to a new level this year and upset a big name school.  Don't count on it, though.  Here is my assessment of the conference.

Troy-  Troy finished 8-5 last year.  Their record should not be too different this year because they are almost always the class of this conference.  They have road games at Florida, Arkansas, and Bowling Green. The Bowling Green is probably the only game that they really have any hope to win.  It will interesting to see how long they can hang with the SEC teams, though.  This is probably another bowl team for Larry Blakeney.

Florida Atlantic- Florida Atlantic won its second straight bowl game last year. Hey, did you think Howard Schnellenbeger was going to go quietly into the night?  I didn't think so.  He has done an amazing job building this program literally from nothing.  The schedule is challenging, as per usual with a Sun Belt team.  There are road games at Nebraska, South Carolina, and UAB.  This is a borderline bowl team.  I think we all know, however, that the Wizard of Oz will somehow find a way to win.

Louisiana-Lafayette- The Ragin' Cajuns- perhaps the most appropriate nickname in sports-  went 6-6 last year.  They were trying to get to their first bowl game in school history, but were not chosen.  Ricky Bustle has done a great job in one of the hardest places to win in the country.  If he gets this team to have a winning record, he has done a great job this year.

Arkansas State- The Red Wolves went 6-6 last year. This is another hard place to win. Steve Roberts is trying to keep this team afloat in this conference.  Any time that you can get a winning record here, it is a great job done.

Florida International- The Golden Panthers- that is a great nickname-  went 5-7 last year. Former Miami Hurricane Mario Cristobal has done a great job cleaning up the mess that was left after the fight with Miami.  As with most everyone in this conference, if they can get to a bowl game, they have had a good season.

Middle Tennessee- The Blue Raiders went 5-7 last year.  Rick Stockstill is a Steve Spurrier disciple that is trying to make something out of this program.  They went to a bowl game in 2006 and if they get to another one, it is a job well done.

Louisiana-Monroe- The Warhawks went 4-8 last year under former Army coach Charlie Weatherbie.  He is one of the few coaches in this conference that is probably on the hot seat.  They have not had much success under him and have never been to a bowl game. A bowl game might be necessary for him to save his job. 

North Texas- This might be the worst program in the country.  It was a great story when Darrell Dickey took this team to all those bowl games.  Since they got rid of him, it has been a disaster. Todd Dodge was thought to be a great hire coming from the high school ranks.  Needless to say, it has not worked. He is really the only other coach that you can say is on the hot seat in this conference. They need to show at least some progress or he could be out the door.

There is plenty more to come later.
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2009 College Football Previews

Here is the first of my college football previews. I will be doing one of these every few days or so until I have done all of them.  I will do these in the order that I want. I will do the independents first, just to get them out of the way.  I really don't think that there should be any independents anymore, but three schools do not agree with me. 

Notre Dame- Well, Charlie gets to decide what he wants to do again.  Notre Dame is coming off a 7-6 year and winning its first bowl game this decade.  The offensive line has not proven that it can block good teams the past few years. That will have to improve for them to get more than 6 or 7 wins on the year.  They are a borderline bowl team at best. They should not and hopefully will not get to a BCS game this year.

Navy- Navy got to a bowl game last year and should do the same again this year.  Ken Niumatalolo did a great job in his first year at Navy picking up where Paul Johnson left off.  8-4 will be about the record that they will have this year. Anytime a military team does well in AFKA 1-A football it is a good thing, especially in this decade. 

Army- Army has not been as fortunate as Navy this decade.  Stan Brock was an unfortunate victim there. He inherited a situation that everyone thought would be great from Bobby Ross, but it was not.  Army threw the ball waaaay too many times for a military academy.  Rich Ellerson has come in from Cal Poly to get back to running option football.  Every military team should try to do that.  If they get a bowl game this year, Ellerson will be one of the top candidates for national coach of the year.

More to come in the coming days.
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Well, that is not the way that it should have been done, but I think that Joey Logano will take it. He got his first career win Sunday in a rain-shortened race. He did not have a very good car all day.  He did, however, play the strategy perfectly to be in front when the rains came. He probably won't make the chase this year, but that is a great sign for the years to come.  The points did not really change that much, but Kasey Kahne is only one point away from being in the chase.  I am sure that Jeff and Tony will be regretting that one if they are close to the lead when the regular season ends.  Anyways, on to Daytona and what I am sure will be a 4th of July fireworks show.
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The King

I guess since everyone else is talking about this, I should weigh in as well.  Michael Jackson died so suddenly that we are still trying to come to grips with what has happened.  I don't know how you can explain what he meant to everyone under the age of about 55 or so.  He was in our minds for so long.  He had his shortcomings, of course.  However, that does not diminish how great and gifted he was musically.  He was amazing even just before his death.  Some people may remember him as a little kid in the Jackson Five. Some people may remember him from Thriller and all those great music videos. Some people may not have such good memories of him.  Some people may want to focus on how his dad brainwashed him from a very young age.  Some people may focus on the accident that he had shooting the Pepsi commercial which also changed him.  There are also other things that people may discuss which may not be so pleasant. I hope that there is not too much focus put on that.  Everyone will always have memories of the King of Pop.  I hope that he is never forgotten.
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