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Over the past week we’ve heard a few references from various NFL officials dropping hints of possible blackouts increasing this year due to ticket sales being down. Given the unemployment rate, the lackluster economy, lack of jobs, and housing crisis, it’s not surprising that people have a little more to worry about these days than getting to a game to buy 8 dollar beers and 10 dollar personal pizzas. My question to the NFL brass is simple….is threatening your fan base the best way to address this situation?


When my previous girlfriend expressed disappointment that we weren’t going out enough and that I needed to make more money in order to keep her around, what do you think my reaction was? What do you think a normal person’s reaction would be? I told her to hit the road. When a small restaurant notices fewer customers on Friday night, do they simply close on Friday night? Do they punish the customers that they do have or do they find a way to attract more business?


Of course my point here is that if the local NFL team refuses to show the game, it will not motivate me in the least to find some money and go to the game. On the contrary, it will simply cause resentment. It will give me a bad taste in my mouth. It will give me a reason to go outside. It will make me find other forms of entertainment. I will look for substitutes for that time slot that football previously occupied. I wont be looking for more money to take that girlfriend shopping….I’ll be looking for a new girlfriend! If its Friday night and Luigis Pizza is closed….I’ll find another restaurant.


Most businesses would look at the situation and find ways to attract people to the games. Not simply make an attempt to force people to go to the games at the same prices. If attendance is down, obviously consumers don’t see the value at the current ticket prices….so create value. You can’t force me to go to a game…it won’t happen. As a matter of fact, you can’t force anything without negative effects.


How about including a tailgate for all fans with free water and soda? How about putting together some meal deals? How about marketing to families? How about a postgame/pregame concert like baseball teams have started doing. How about making it an all day event? If people aren’t buying tickets, it’s because they don’t see the value. So add value…


Haven’t these NFL people been to business school? Are they that arrogant to think they can simply push around their fan base with no negative reactions? Have blackouts ever resulted in increased ticket sales? None of it makes sense to me. I don’t see any positives that can come out of punishing your fan base.


So maybe I’ll be forced to find a substitute. Maybe I’ll have a new time slot on Sundays for some bowling. Maybe I’ll be a baseball fan for the whole season. Maybe I’ll simply follow other NFL teams, and buy their gear because they know how to attract more fans. Whatever happens, I won’t be bullied into buying a ticket for the local team. Teams can bully cities into building new stadiums because of the revenue they bring in, but I have 0% gain from the presence of a particular NFL team. So go ahead NFL…try me.

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NFL Coach of the Year



Although we’ve only seen scrubs playing for a roster spot in preseason and haven’t even sniffed a real game yet, we are able to hand out the NFLs coach of the year award. Funny enough, the winner will not even be coaching an NFL franchise this year. His contributions have been felt on a more personal level. In the past, he has transformed entire organizations from cellar dwellers to super bowl champions. Instead of transforming a franchise, this time he has transformed a life. In business and in football, the managers that truly are the most sought after and the highest paid are the turn-around specialists. In this case, if Tony Dungy ever decided to return to football, every team would line up to offer him a position with their organization.  I have a feeling however that Tony would count this coaching job as his most fulfilling one out of all of them.


Tony Dungys effect on Michael Vick is absolutely astounding. His post game comments after the Eagles final preseason game are enough to give Tony the coach of the year award right now. The transformation that we’ve seen Vick go through simply in front of the cameras is amazing. He speaks with articulation. He talks about how he can get better. He speaks with modesty. He speaks as if he knows that playing football for millions of dollars is a very delicate and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Roger Goodell couldn’t be happier.


In a day where most athletes don’t say much but….it is what it is,  and we just got to go out there and compete….Vick looked at the camera and offered a clear, unscripted, positive yet modest assessment of his performance. He described how he will use the suspension of the next two weeks in a positive way to get batter at his craft. Andy Reid and Roger Goodell must have been tearing up when they heard this.  


Whatever Michael Vicks pro football career turns into, he certainly appears to have made a change for the better in the way he carries himself. Tony Dungy has given the performance of his life and took a risk to make a profound impact on the life of a troubled football player. In this case, at least initially, his risk has paid off.


Tony Dungy has turned me into a Michael Vick fan again. Something tells me that if Michael Vick continues on this course he will have a whole league full of fans. My father used to tell me that its not if you fall down, its how you get back up. Vicks humility and transformation from a cocky thug into a sympathetic family man is something that everybody can feel good about. We Americans love a good comeback story more than just a regular player. We want to know that even sports stars with millions of dollars struggle like we do. Just ask Josh Hamilton….


So give credit where credit is due. Tony Dungy is working his magic on a different level this time. He continues to extend his positive influence in any way he can, and there is at least one man that has made a new life because of it…so give him the award right now. Tony Dungy is the NFL coach of the year.


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10 Reasons to sign VIck Immediately....

1. Increased ticket sales: This may be the biggest reason for management. There is no doubt signing vick would instantly sell more tickets simply by signing him. In this financial turmoil, this reason might be the best one from the teams stanpoint and should be enough to sign him.

2. Buy Low, Sell High: This guy is as cheap as they come right now. You buy when things are at their bleakest. This is the time to hit a home run.

3. Cause: His and the teams. Think of all the money he'll be able to donate to the Humane Society with the money you give him. They already formed an alliance, and its a great opportunity to champion the animal loving cause for the team as well.

4. Feel Good Story: Everybody likes a feel good story....a rehab success. Just ask baseball. Josh Hamilton is the golden child of baseball, and even though he has barely played this year, the fans voted him a starter. This is foreshadowing....You'd be a feel good franchise.

5. Humanity: Youd be a feel good franchise. Youd make a difference in a young mans recovery.

6. Google Stockability: The potential benefit on an investment in Vick is astronomical. Again, if youve been paying low, sell high. But the cieling on this guy is very high.

7. Skill: We already know that he is running a 4.4 in the 40 yard dash. His trainer has said thats what he was running in his backyard. Its no big deal, I do it all the time...HA! If he is running like that right now, give him a month to train with you. Still though....thats pretty damn fast.

8. Offensive Creativity: In one word...WILDCAT. The guy could probably be a quarterback, running back, or wide receiver. The matchup problems a team could create with him on the roster are endless. I mean the guy could still be the best athlete on the field. He went on a two year vacation.

9. U C Dat? : Before he took a two year vacation, he was the most exciting player in football. He could break a play for a touchdown from anywhere on the field. Any play, he could take it to the house. He always seemed twice as fast as anyone else on the field. He could throw the deep ball or simply run it the distance. Pure cant leave my seat excitement.

10. Desire: This guy wants it more than anyone on your team. Talk about chip on your shoulder....this guy wants the good life again.

He has the skills, the desire, the price, the high ROI, the matchup possibilities, the feel good story, the cause, and the chance to make the coach look like a genius. Sign him now.

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