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2010 Top 25 Week 6

So we have a new number one this week. I think Alabama's loss is less about them being a weak team and more about something we usually see in the NFL. Parity! Yes I said it parity. It is getting harder and harder to remain undefeated. Yes there are still quite a few undefeated teams. But one by one we will start seeing them go down. Who will it be this week?

So here it is. My top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land for your perusal.

1. Ohio St. - Will anyone be able to finish the season undefeated? Now the Buckeyes get the
    unenviable joy of having the largest target in college football. NEXT: @ Wisconsin has first
    shot at that target. LW - 2
2. Oregon - The trip to Pullman wasn’t as much fun as it should have been. The final score was
    fine. The injuries not so much. Good thing NEXT: is BYE  LW - 3
3. Boise St. - Did you know the Broncos are 2nd in total defense just ahead of Ohio St.? True
    story. NEXT: @ San Josie and the Pussy Cats. Sigh. LW - 4
4. Nebraska - Did you know the Cornhuskers are ranked 7th total offense averaging over 494
    yards a game? True Story. NEXT: Texas (Some how this game has lost it’s luster.)  LW - 6
5. TCU - Most Cowboys like it in Texas. Not so these poor Wyoming frauds masquerading as
    a football team. NEXT: BYU (This game has also lost it’s luster.) LW - 5
6. Oklahoma - Did you know the Sooners are ranked 93rd in total defense, giving up over 411
    yard per game? True Story. NEXT: Iowa St. LW - 7
7. Auburn - Did you know the Tigers are 1st in total offense in the SEC? True Story. NEXT:
    Arkansas LW - 9
8. Utah - This is probably the ceiling for the Utes until they play Air Force and TCU. NEXT: @
    The ugliest jerseys of Wyoming. LW - 10
9. LSU - Did you know a broken clock is right twice a day? True story NEXT: Scrimmage
    with McNeese St. LW - 13
10. South Carolina - This is officially the biggest jump for any team in my poll. For once The
      Ole Ball Coach let Garcia play. And for once Garcia didn’t let him down. Nice. NEXT: @
      Kentucky. LW - NR
11. Alabama - You know I could be wrong but I think Bama fans are actually glad to be rid of
      the stress of worrying about whether or not the Tide could go undefeated two years in a
      row. It’s still very possible for them to defend their National Championship title. NEXT: Ole
      Miss LW - 1 (See. Your still number 1. You just have an extra 1 to go with it now.)
12. Stanford - Wow! You almost looked past USC. How dumb is that? One of the best hits I
      saw in football this weekend was made by QB Andrew Luck. A QB bringing the wood.
      How cool is that? NEXT: BYE  LW - 15
13. Arkansas - Ryan Mallett will have yet another opportunity to choke away another game
      versus a highly ranked team. NEXT: @ Auburn LW - 12
14. Michigan St. - I still haven’t forgotten the fake FG, that resulted in a TD versus ND, should
      have been nullified by a delay of game penalty. For shame. NEXT: Illinois  LW - 17
15. Arizona - This team is in need of a running game. The Wildcats still have to play @
      Stanford and Oregon. Both like to get after the QB. I see at least 2 more losses for them.    
      NEXT: @ Washington St. LW - 8
16. Iowa - The loss to Arizona will hang around your necks like a boat anchor for at least a few
      more weeks. NEXT: @ Michigan LW- 14
17. Florida St. - Not as sure you’re good as I’m sure that I had way over ranked Miami.
      Which is why you’ll find no love at all in this poll for the Hurricanes this week. NEXT:
      Boston College LW - 21
18. Oklahoma St. - NEXT: Texas Tech (Two high powered offenses and two low powered
       defenses. First team to 100 wins!) LW - 20
19. Nevada - Saw some of this game. The most prolific players in their game this weekend
      were the officials. On one drive alone a Nevada touchdown was nullified three times. Drive
      ended with a missed field goal. I’m a believer in Colin Caepernick but this was a messy
      game. Next:@ Hawaii  LW - 19
20. Wisconsin - If you love tough grind it out low scoring smash mouth football look no further
      than Camp Randall this Saturday. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate soccer NEXT:
      Ohio St.  LW - 22
21. Missouri - Haven’t really beaten anyone but haven’t lost either. Fine. I’ll rank you. But
       you’re on a short leash. NEXT: Texas A&M  LW - NR
22. Air Force - No aerial game and you're...the...Air Force? Eventually some defense is just
      going to put all 11 in the box. NEXT: San Diego St.  LW - NR
23. North Carolina St. - Next game should have a PAC-10esq score. NEXT: East Carolina.
      LW - NR
24. Michigan - Did you know that the Wolverine D is ranked 111th of 120 overall? Just Below
      New Mexico. Scary but true. NEXT: Iowa  LW - 18
25. West Virginia - Go find something on West Virginia yourself. Oh by the way NEXT: South
      Florida. LW- NR

Cannon fodder: Miami, Fl, Florida, Kansas St., Northwestern, USC

Wishing upon a star: Florida, USC, Oregon St., North Carolina, Virginia Tech.

Many of you may have noticed I have Arizona over Iowa and South Carolina over Alabama. Now some of you may feel Alabama is better than South Carolina and Iowa is better than Arizona. Well I say prove it. This early in the season it is utter insanity to ignore what happened on the field. No matter what head and heart tell you, tangible on the field evidence says otherwise. And don't give me that 9 out of 10 times so-in-so will win. You can't prove it until they play again. Of course Alabama can get around this loss by beating Auburn who beat South Carolina. Then all bets are off.

Till next week.


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2010 Top 25 Week 5

I know it's been a while since I posted my Top 25 over here. I've been making one each week. Just haven't been posting it. But I put a little extra effort forth this week and here it is. My Top 25 ballot for the Best D@mn Poll in the land . Vist and check things out there.

1. Alabama - Sorry I’m just running out of superlatives for these guys. LW - 1
2. Ohio St. - Not pretty. But sufficient. LW - 2
3. Oregon - The newest method of slowing down the Ducks offense is now faking injuries. Sad.
    That’s why Oregon fans were booing. Saw the same thing about a half a dozen or more times        
    last week at Arizona St. LW - 4
4. Boise St. - If someone else actually says Boise St. should be ahead of Oregon because they
    beat them last year I’m going to split. People have really made this argument. Some people
    are just too stupid to live.  LW - 3
5. TCU - More oxygen please. LW - 5
6. Nebraska - I’m not 100% sold on the Huskers. But not a lot of teams are stepping up to claim
    these spots. A nice poll axing of K St. might help relive some doubts. LW - 7
7. Oklahoma - UCLA beat Texas worse. Just saying. LW - 8
8. Arizona   - We hear a lot about Arizona’s offense but did you know the Wildcat D is ranked 2nd
    overall allowing just over 230 yards of offense a game. True story.  LW - 14
9. Auburn - Mmmm, Sun Belt cupcakes do taste good.  LW - 15
10. Utah   - Did you know Utah QB Terrance Cain leads the country in passing efficiency? True
      story. LW - 10
11. Miami, FL - Did you know right now among the top 100 QB’s in the nation only 5 others       
     have thrown the same amount or more interceptions than Jacory Harris? And their teams are
     a  combined 11-13. True story. LW - 16
12. Arkansas - I have reserved this spot for the team with the biggest moral victory so far. Here’s
      to manufactured triumph. LW - 17
13. LSU - After the game when asked about his time management shenanigans he replied “Just
      another day in the SEC” Nice Les, way to drag the rest of the SEC down to your level. You and Gary            
      can get back into the clown car now. LW - 13
14. Iowa - Uh...whatever.  LW - 18
15. Stanford - Did anyone else notice when the ugly Tree mascot was doing pushups that it’s
      eyeballs kept bouncing on the ground. Kinda gross and disturbing. Wonder if there is eye goo
      left on the carpet at Autzen. LW - 10
16. Florida - I would rag on the Gators a little here but Gator fans have already done a pretty
      good job of it. No sense in beating a dead Gator.  LW - 6
17. Michigan St. - I am quite confident this team will find a way to blow several games and end
      the season at 7-5. You know, like normal. LW - 24
18. Michigan - Here defense. (Whistle whistle) Here defense. Come out come out where ever you
      are LW - 19
19. Nevada - Not too sure about you giving up 26 to UNLV. But they are your arch rival so
      maybe I’ll let this slide LW - 20
20. Oklahoma St. - Lose to Texas Tech and your time here will be short indeed. LW - NR
21. Florida St. - Ponder versus Harris. Should be interesting. LW -NR
22. Wisconsin - Now that you have that obligatory loss for the season out of your system you can
      go back to winning now. I believe you have some gophers on a golden platter coming to you.
      Don’t spill it. LW - 9
23. USC - Did you know the Trojans are averaging 471 yards of offense a game. True Story. 
      LW - 12
24. Kansas St. - This spot has been reserved for the only team in Kansas worth a tinkers damn. I       
      don’t know if a tinkers damn is worth more or less than a regular damn but there it is. 
      LW - 25
25. Northwestern - No where near the Northwest. I know. I checked.

THUD!!!: Texas, North Carolina St., Penn St.

Ready to step once more unto the breach: Missouri, Air Force,  South Carolina, West Virginia, North Carolina St.

Well that's it. I'll see if I can be more regular with this.

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2010 Way Insanly Too Early Pre-Season Poll

I was roped into putting together this poll so early before the season. So... I thought I would share it with you.

By the way I put this togther before the suspention of Masoli. So no complaining. I would have put Oregon about
15th without him. Darron Thomas will have the entire pre-season to get up to speed and I believe he will be up to
the task.

So with out further ado. Here is my first poll for the 2010 season.

1. Alabama - Duh!
2. Ohio St. - This is finally the year that Prior lives up to some of the reasonable hype.
3. Boise St. - Will probably go undefeated again. And will probably again get to spend the next
    off season chanting ‘were the best team in America...that didn’t go to the national
    championship game’.
4. Texas - Doesn’t Garrett Gilbert have the most NC game experience for a QB in FBS college
    football right now? Well almost. Greg McElroy does. Wonder how well Gilbert do in a regular
    season game?
5. Florida - I’m just having a hard time believing that Florida will lose more than one game, in
    the regular season, next year. So this spot should be about right.
6. Oregon - Should win the PAC-10 again by default. Hey cool! USC is usually the one saying
7. Virginia Tech - This is the year! Or was that last year? Or the year before? I can’t keep it
8. Iowa - As long as they can get past E. Illinois in their first game they should be fine.
9. Nebraska - If their offensive output in last years bowl game is any indication of what is to
    come they could very well give the Longhorns a run for their money. I suspect that game was
    a bit of an aberration though.
10. TCU - I just don’t see any of the other MWC teams closing the gap on the Frogs this year.
11. Miami, Fl - They’ve had the off season to get their meds right. It’s time the Canes showed
     some consistency.
12. Wisconsin - If Run It Down Your Throat U. can improve on last year then the Buckeyes
      might not enjoy their visit to Camp Randall.
13. Pittsburgh - This is the year that Pitt wins the Big East. Or was that last year? Or the year
      before? I can’t keep it straight.
14. Penn St. - Mark my words. The day will come, in about 20 years, Joe Pa will finally pass
      on. But continue as the head coach of the Penn. St. Nittany Lions.
15. Oklahoma - This will be another terrible season for the Sooners. They probably will only
      finish in the top-15. For any other team this would be considered a success.
16. USC - I’m not really sure what to think about the things going on in La La land. Between
      Kiffen at USC and NeuWeasel at UCLA I’m starting to think people down there are
      throwing caution to the wind and drinking the water. Mmmmm...brown water. Ahhhhh.
17. Georgia Tech - Still a good team. And definitely the best team in Georgia. For what it's
18. LSU - The more time that goes by the more I think Les is less and not more. More or less. I
      thought at least Les would finally get smart and get rid of Gary Crowten. But much like his
      clock management skills he appears to be a slow learner.
19. Cincinnati - The bearcats lost their traitor of a coach and QB Tony Pike. But no Pike is no
      problem. Zach Callaros has already shown he can fill Pikes shoes. Zach might even prove to
      be the better of the two QBs. So the real question is the new head coach Butch Jones. But
      stealing Central Michigan’s coach worked when they got Brian Kelly. So why shouldn’t it
      work again. Don’t be surprised if Cincy wins the Big East again leaving Dave Wannstache
      and Pitt stuck again as a bridesmaid.
20. Oregon State - Ahh...back to the good ole days when they best they can do at QB is find
      someone to manage the game or at least stay out of the way of the Rodgers brothers. At
      least this is familiar territory and Mike Riley is the king of doing more with less. I said less
      not Les. LSU is stuck with him.
21. Clemson - They lose C.J. Spiller but get just about everyone else back. Dabo Swinney is  
      one of those coaches that doesn’t know just how good he is yet. Or maybe he does. VT & 
      GT better watch out.
22. Utah - The offense should improve this year. But not enough to knock off TCU.
23. Auburn - Could end up the runner-up in the SEC West.
24. Arkansas - Could also end up the runner-up in the SEC West. But only if they start fielding
      one of those novel things we in the biz like to call a “D”.
25. Stanford - They lose Toby Gerhart. But Luck is still on their side. And by golly that Jim
      Harbaugh can coach. Who wants to bet that Harbaugh and Kiffen end up having a few
      “issues”. Sound familiar?

Whatever teams: BYU, West Virginia, Florida St, North Carolina (Drank too much Tar Heel cool aid last year. Not buying it again.)

It was hard enough coming up with 25 teams this early. So if you think I should have ranked these instead...whatever. 

There it is. I know Some of you this think that Pre-Season polls are stupid. You're probably right. But it was fun and if it gets people talking about college football all the better. 
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Top 25 Final Poll

Is it me or did the National Championship Game seem a little anti-climactic? Not to take anything from Alabama. All they did was win. But the way things were going a game with Colt in the whole way could have been a game for the ages. Ah well...such is football.

LR= Last Ranking

1. Alabama 14-0 - Duh! Can anyone, using logic, really justify putting anyone else here? LR-1
2. Boise St. 14-0 - Undefeated and beat 2 teams that have spent a lot of time in the top 10 this     
    year. LR-6
3. Texas 13-1 - Can’t say they would have beat Bama with McCoy in the whole game. Can’t say       
    they wouldn’t have either. LR-3
4. Florida 13-1 - Sure they’re having Tebow withdrawals right now. Once they break the habit      
    they’ll be fine. Gators are sure fire pre-season top-5 next season. LR-5
5. TCU 12-1 - Dream season spoiled at the end. Bosie too much for them. Still a top-5 team.
6. Ohio St. 11-2 - Great Rose Bowl win. But that Purdue loss will keep them below the top-5 like     
    a boat anchor strapped to their waist. LR-8
7. Iowa - The Hawkeyes’ season is one of the Best proofs that the BIG-10 or 11 or whatever is
    still a strong conference. A strong conference with math issues. LR-10
8. Cincinnati 12-1 - Shame on you Brian Kelly. The Bearcats deserved better. LR-2
9. Penn St. 11-2 - 3 Big 10 teams in the top-10 at the end of the Year. WOW!
10. Oregon 10-3 - After the way this season started I’m not going to complain. Still PAC-10
      champions. And with all the craziness going on in Trojan land maybe the Ducks can repeat.
11. Virginia Tech 10-3 - Beat the Vols...um...uh...that’s not going to be enough to move you 
      higher. Next time play a tougher opponent in a Bowl. LR-12
12. Georgia Tech 11-3 - Those BIG-10 defenses are hard to run on huh? LR-9
13. BYU 11-2 - Jekyll and Hyde Mormans! LR-16
14. Pittsburgh 10-3 - 2 top-15 teams from the Big East. Not bad for a conference that had no
      ranked teams to start the season. LR-15
15. Nebraska 10-4 - Where was this offense all year? LR-23
16. Wisconsin 10-3 - Ran all over the Bipolarricanes. LR-22
17. Utah 10-3 - The Utes had to replace some key offensive players this season and still had a
      great year. This bodes well for their future. LR-NR
18. USC 9-4 - This was a bit of a rough season for the Trojans. Their biggest loss may have come
      after the season was over. The loss of Pete Carroll. Nothing lasts forever I guess. LR-NR
19. Mississippi 9-4 - I heard some say the Rebs had a terrible season and they don’t deserve to be
      ranked. Truth is they had a good season. It just didn’t live up to all of the hype and great
      expectations many had. They beat LSU and Okie St., both ranked when they played. They
      finished 9-4. And won their Bowl game. Really not too shabby. LR-NR
20. LSU 9-4 - This was one of the those teams I wasn’t too sure what to do with. They too had
      good season. There just wasn’t a signature win to inflate our opinion of them. LR-14
21. Texas Tech 9-4 - Played inspired football in their bowl game. But the transition to a new 
      coach may prove to be a painful one. LR-NR
22. Miami, FL 9-4 - This team is just plain unstable. Does the instability start at the top? Or was
      it one of the quirks of this particular team? LR-13
23. Clemson 9-5 - Lose C. J. Spiller next year but just about everyone else comes back. You’ll
      probably see the Tigers in my Pre-season top 25 next year. LR-NR
24 Stanford 8-5 - Stanford overall is a young team. Freshman QB Andrew Luck and sophomore
      WR Chris Owusu are back new year. That’s good. But how will they replace Toby Gerhart?
      The answer to that may determine whether or not The Cardinal in the running for the PAC-10
      title next year. LR-18
25. Navy - Absolutely handled Missouri. LR-NR

Kicked off the bus: Oregon St., Arizona, West Virginia, Oklahoma St. Central Michigan, East Carolina.

Bus just left without them: Central Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon St.

Final thoughts: Well that it for this year. It was fun doing this poll and I hope that at least some out there enjoyed it too. We’ll see if I do it again in 2010.

I will post the final Best D@mn Poll In The Land when it becomes available.

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Top-25 Week 14

Well we know who is going to be in the National Championship game. Alabama and Texas. At least they have it half right. I see Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow are Heisman finalists and C.J. Spiller is not. Sad. The B eauty C ontest S election way of doing things is infectious. Still its been a fun year and there are some great Bowl match-ups out there. I’ll do one more TOP-25 after the Bowl Games have concluded. Enjoy.

LW=Last Week

1. Alabama - Is there any doubt that this is the #1 team in the land? Yes I’m talking to all those
    out there that think that Texas is #1. Bama beat the #1 team in the land soundly. Texas beat a
    team ranked around 20 barely. Only cuz the refs gave them a second back despite some dismal
    clock management. Please. LW-3
2. Cincinnati - Why the bearcats? I like their resume better. They beat Oregon St. in Corvallis.
    They also beat West Virginia and came from way back to beat Pitt. All three of these teams are
    ranked. Texas beat Okie St. and Nebraska. The only two  ranked teams that the Longhorns
    beat. And we all know what kind of mess the BIG XII championship game was. LW-4
3. Texas - In the dictionary under the word luck you will see Colt McCoy’s picture. You may
    have won the game but you still deserve a facepalm. You want someone from Texas to win the
    Heisman. Try Hunter Lawrence the kicker that bailed ole McCoy out with a clutch field goal.
4. TCU - Should be playing Florida in the Sugar Bowl instead of Boise St. in the Fiesta Bowl.
5. Florida - Even with the loss they have a better body of work than Boise St. LW-1
6. Boise St. - Should be playing Cincinnati in the Fiesta Bowl. No actually they should be playing
    Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. LW-6
7. Oregon - I Love My Ducks. But I don’t like that song. Embarrassing! At least the Ducks are
    going to the correct bowl. LW-7
8. Ohio St. - High powered BIG-10 defense verses high powered PAC-10 offense. I love it. This
    is a sweet match-up. LW-8
9. Georgia Tech - I think the 7.62 Full Metal Yellow Jackets inflict a serious triple option beat
    down on the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Orange Bowl. LW-10
10. Iowa - Sorry that’s just how I feel. (See above.) LW-9
11. Penn St. - Lions and Tigers in the Capitol One Bowl oh my! LW-11
12. Virginia Tech - Match up against Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Bowl should be a good one.
      The Vols should be in this one all the way. LW-14
13. Miami, Fl - I have no idea which Pipolarrincane team will show up for their bowl against
      Wisconsin. LW-15
14. LSU - Penn St. could be exposed as a team with a weak schedule verses the Tigers in the
      Capitol One Bowl. Still I’ll take JoPa over Les Miles and his sweet clock management skills
      any day. LW-16
15. Pittsburgh - Oh..so close. Note to self. Don’t miss extra points. They’ll come back to haunt
      you every time. LW-12
16. BYU - Play the Beavers in the Las Vegas Bowl. I’m not so sure BYU’s gonna be ready for
      the Rodgers brothers. LW-18
17. Oregon St. - Deserve better than the Las Vegas Bowl. Still it’ll be a nice match up worthy of
      watching. LW-13
18. Stanford - Toby Gerhart for Heisman. Nuff said. LW-20
19. Arizona - The Stoops brothers look like a couple of spazzes on the sidelines but they came
      within a hairs breadth of winning the PAC-10. But then again so did several other PAC-10
      teams. LW-NR
20. West Virginia - Enjoy abusing Bobby Bowden in his final collegiate game. LW-24
21. Oklahoma St. - Will play Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl. This will be a battle of the
      disappointments in a bowl that is a shell of it’s former self. LW-23
22. Wisconsin - Abused Hawai’i. But then again so does everyone else nowadays. LW-NR
23. Nebraska - Note to the kicker. Kick out of bounds lose game. A boot to the head for you sir.
      Not going to punish you too much for losing by 1 point to a top-5 team. NW-22
24. Central Michigan - Has finally earned some directional love. LW-NR
25. East Carolina - Not only beat Houston. Did it like a veteran team used to winning conference
      championships. Here some directional pirate love for you too. LW-NR

Fallen from grace: California, Houston, USC, Utah

Stop calling me Grace: Utah, USC, California, Northwestern, Ole Miss, Clemson, North Carolina, Fresno St.

Final Thoughts: This has been a great year. I’ve enjoyed doing this blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Like you I’m just a guy who loves college football. Too bad the off-season is so long.

I've decided to be lazy and post the link to the Best D@mn Poll In the Land's results. The link is  http://www.thebestdamnpoll.com/TheP

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Top-25 Week 13

Ah...rival time. This is where teams that normally don’t have a prayer against a superior opponent do the unthinkable. Win! Alabama, Texas, and Arizona barely escaped. Clemson, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia Tech...uh...not so much. Lots of upsets this week. The one that really got me was N.C. State beating North Carolina. Wow! Just wow. Any way here is this weeks top-25.  

LW= Last Week

1. Florids - 3 words. Burn those uniforms! LW-1
2. Texas - Is it me or does Texas seem vulnerable? Yes I know Texas A&M was a rivalry game
    and not all superior teams survived their rivalry game. But come on. This game should not
    have been this close. LW-2
3. Alabama - Their game too was a little to close too. But Auburn is an above average team,
    unlike Texas A&M. Also I was impressed that Alabama overcame Mark Ingram being shut
    down. Other players on the offense stepped up. That bodes well for the Tide when they face
    Florida. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - Illinois a trap game? Give me a break. College football is exciting enough with
    out people blatantly manufacturing it out of nothing. Sad. LW-4
5. TCU - The C in TCU stands for cruise. As in Cruise Control. LW-5
6. Boise St. - The only thing worse than that blue smurf turf is wet smurf turf. I wonder if it
    smells like wet smurf too? LW-6
7. Oregon - Civil War! Civil War! Civil War! LW-8
8. Ohio St. - Stick ‘em in the stasis chamber. These guys have a month to kill before the Rose
    Bowl. LW-9
9. Iowa - Sneaking back into the top-10. LW-11
10. Georgia Tech - Will probably still win the ACC. But may have given Clemson a blueprint for
      the upset. LW-7
11. Penn St. - Twiddling thumbs. LW-13
12. Pittsburgh - Upcoming Cincy - Pitt game may have lost a little luster. Winner still wins the
      BIG East. LW-10
13. Oregon St. - Win and go to the Rose Bowl. Lose and probably go to the Sun Bowl. Are you
      getting deja vu Beaver fans? LW-14
14. Virginia Tech - Accidently ranked VT behind Miami, even though the Hokies beat them.
      Error corrected. LW-17
15. Miami, Fl - Nice pounding of South Florida. Though all South Florida losses seem lopsided
      these days. The Bulls must give up once they are down 10. LW-16
16. LSU - Mmmmm...gold helmets. LW-21
17. California - This team is mainly known this year for it’s losses and concussions. It can be
      easy to forget that it’s one win over Washington away from a 9 win season. LW-19
18. BYU - Utah gave them all they could handle. This win finally convinces me they are worth
     ranking. LW-NR
19. Houston - 59 points in one half. Rice must be an FCS team masquerading as FBS team. LW-
20. Stanford - I’m actually confused as to why, with such a dominating running back and 
      offensive line they don’t crush every opponent. They have a great QB, receiver, and tight end
      as well. There must be a small piece of the puzzle The Cardinal is missing. Even so this is a
      good team. LW-NR
21. USC - They’ll probably beat Arizona just to make the fight for the number 2 spot in the PAC-
      10 even more messy. Or will Arizona winning do that? So hard to tell. LW-23
22. Nebraska - Good defense, bad offense. Don’t believe me? The Cornhuskers are ranked 11th
      in total defense and 3rd in scoring defense. Conversely the offense is ranked 92nd in total
      offense and 72nd in scoring offense. In short, if Texas scores more than 14 points in the BIG
      XII championship game the Cornhuskers are finished. LW-25
23. Oklahoma St. - Not the best team in Oklahoma. But the team with the best record. How does
      that work? Don’t ask me why I haven’t ranked Oklahoma. They are a 5 loss team. Nuff said.
      LW- 12
24. West Virginia - Win the Backyard Brawl, get ranked. Works for me. LW-NR
25. Utah - Could have put Clemson here. They did beat Miami but also lost to a now 2-10
      Maryland. Utah has the better record. They win. LW-18

* No top-25 for you! One year: Clemson, Mississippi, North Carolina

* Still waiting for soup: Arizona, Wisconsin, Northwestern

* My inspiration for this comes from Seinfeld. Don’t let it be said that I steal others work without giving due credit.

Final Thoughts: Lots of conference championship games coming up. Some defacto, some planned. BIG East game Cincy - Pitt is one defacto championship game. The other in the  PAC-10 game is Oregon - Oregon St. is a defacto championship game as well. Why does it seem weird to be typing this? Anyway I can’t wait for the Civil War. I’m impatient, anxious and scared at the same time. Say...isn’t that what college football is all about?

Here are the results of The Best D@mn Poll in the Land.

1 Florida (12-0) -              2493 Points            66 1st Place Votes
2 Texas (12-0) -                2416 Points            8 1st Place Votes
3 Alabama (12-0)-            2369 Points            7 1st Place Votes
4 TCU (12-0)-                    2273 Points             3 1st Place Votes
5 Cincinnati (11-0)-          2165 Points
6 Boise State (12-0)-         2113 Points
7 Oregon (9-2) -                1978 Points
8 Ohio State (10-2)-           1961 Points
9 Iowa (10-2)-                    1747 Points
10 Penn State (10-2)-         1728 Points
11 Georgia Tech (10-2)-    1618 Points
12 Virginia Tech (9-3)-      1513 Points
13 Pittsburgh (9-2)-            1466 Points
14 Oregon State (8-3)-      1400 Points
15 BYU (10-2)-                    1307 Points
16 LSU (9-3) -                      1245 Points
17 Miami, FL (9-3)-            1142 Points
18 USC (8-3) -                     978 Points
19 Houston (10-2) -             936 Points
20 California (8-3) -            869 Points
21 Nebraska (9-3) -             861 Points
22 Oklahoma State (9-3)-    715 Points
23 West Virginia (8-3) -       633 Points
24 Stanford (8-4) -               622 Points
25 Utah (9-3) -                     317Points
Other Receiving Votes: Clemson  (8-4) 255 Points, Wisconsin (8-3) 188 Points, Central Michigan (10-2) 164 Points, Navy (8-4) 59 Points, Arizona (7-4) 47 Points, Texas Tech (8-4) 29 Points, North Carolina (8-4) 28 Points, Oklahoma (7-5) 27 Points, Northwestern (8-4) 25 Points, Ohio (9-3) 24 Points, South Carolina (7-5) 21 Points, Rutgers (8-3) 18 Points, Ole Miss (8-4) 15 Points, Nevada (8-4) 10 Points, Georgia (7-5) 7 Points, Missouri (8-4) 6 Points, East Carolina (8-4) 6 Points, Temple (9-3) 6 Points


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Top-25 Week 12

We are approaching the conference championship part of the season. Even conferences that do not have championship games are going to play defacto championship games in their conferences. In the PAC-10 the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon St. will decide who goes to the Rose Bowl. And in the Big East Cincinnati and Pitt will play for the Big East title, as long a the Panthers get past West Virginia. Now at least for a year everyone screaming that every conference should have a championship game can chill for a year.

Here are my rankings for this week. Enjoy...or not.

LW = Last weeks ranking.

1. Florida - Next up for the Gators is Florida St. Two teams that definitely have that warm and
    fuzzy feeling for each other. It’s so nice when people get along. Maybe they’ll trade eye
    gouges as a sign of affection. LW-1
2. Texas - Final tune-up at A&M before BIG 12 Championship game. How many tune-ups do
    they need? LW-2
3. Alabama - Oooo...here comes Auburn. Will they be able to knock off the mighty Crimson
    Tide? Will the tide finally have a blemish on their season? No. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - Some are calling the Bearcats next game against Illinois a trap game. Illinois has
    about as much of a chance of trapping Cincinnati as Wile E. Coyote does in catching the Road
    Runner.  LW-4
5. TCU - Will beat New Mexico on Saturday. How’s that for a Nostradamus moment? LW-5
6. Boise St. - One more test this year. Nevada on the smurf turf. Nevada is on an 8 game winning
    streak. But beating the Broncos on the field of blue is a very tall order. LW-6
7. Georgia Tech - Georgia shouldn’t be to difficult for the Yellow Jackets to handle. The Dawgs
    season has been so disappointing that even their mascot has even given up on them. LW-7
8. Oregon - Everything’s coming up Roses...maybe. LW-9
9. Ohio St. - Now has a 41 day gap between their last game and the Rose Bowl. Their opponent
    in the Rose Bowl will have a 29 day gap. Will the Buckeyes be able to stay in game shape that
    long? LW-10
10. Pittsburgh - Biggest wins so far: South Florida, Notre Dame, and Rutgers. Lost to 4-7 N.C.
      State for crying out loud. It will take a win over Cincinnati in a couple of weeks for them to
      move up. LW-8
11. Iowa - The QB’s different but the winning ugly is the same.  LW-12
12. Oklahoma St. - No really good wins, no really bad losses = acceptable method of obtaining
      an at large BCS bowl bid. LW-13
13. Penn St. - Has no more games to play. LW-15
14. Oregon St. - Who says the PAC-10 has no championship game? LW-17
15. Clemson - This is what one Clemson fan said about their season. “Clemson has improved
      expodentially” By the way this is an exact quote. Don’t know what it means. But thought I’d
      pass it on. LW-24
16. Miami, Fl - In my poll they are the meat in an ACC sandwich. LW-19
17. Virginia Tech - Gobble, gobble. LW-18
18. Utah - BYU only loses at home. So the Utes have a good chance of winning. LW-21
19. California - Cal and Stanford play for the Stanford axe every year. Interesting considering
      there are almost no trees left in the Bay Area. Except for Stanford’s stupid mascot. LW-25
20. Mississippi - Winner of the game no one wanted to win. LW-NR
21. LSU - Loser of the game on one wanted to win. Bummer! LW-11
22. Houston - Will feast on Rice next week. Yum! LW-22
23. USC - Bye weeks are an excellent method of avoiding needless loses. LW-23
24. North Carolina - Beat Miami and Virginia Tech. Maybe they’re ranked to low. Wait, they lost
      to Virginia. Nevermind. LW-NR
25. Nebraska - Has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they indeed suck less than the rest of
      the BIG-12 North. LW-NR

Sitting on their laurels: Stanford, Wisconsin, Rutgers.

Unsure of what laurels are: Northwestern, Temple, Nevada, Navy, BYU, Central Michigan.

Final thoughts. Some might wonder why I haven’t ranked BYU yet. Go look at their schedule. BYU hasn’t beaten anyone but Oklahoma. And the Sooners are 6-5, so that don’t mean much anymore. BYU’s resume isn’t much better than Central Michigan and Temple’s. Yes Temple lost to an FCS team. But BYU got smoked at home. Twice!

Here are the results of The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.
1. Florida (11-0) -                 2599 Points        49 1st Place Votes
2. Texas (11-0)-                    2578 Points       21 1st Place Votes
3. Alabama (11-0)-               2544 Points       17 1st Place Votes
4. TCU (11-0)-                     2395 Points         2 1st Place Votes
5. Cincinnati (10-0)-            2315 Points
6. Boise State (11-0)-.          2210 Points
7. Georgia Tech (10-1)-       2139 Points
8. Pittsburgh (9-1)-             2022 Points
9. Oregon (9-2)-                   1919 Points
10. Ohio State (10-2)-          1918 Points
11. Oklahoma State (9-2)-   1701 Points
12. Penn State (10-2)-          1644 Points
13. Iowa (10-2)-                   1583 Points
14. Virginia Tech (8-3)-       1321 Points
15. Clemson (8-3)-               1265 Points
16. Oregon State (8-3) -        1253 Points
17. BYU (9-2)-                      1074 Points
18. LSU (8-3) -                       997 Points
19. Utah (8-2) -                       920 Points
20. Miami, FL (8-3) -              901 Points
21. Southern California (7-3) -712 Points
22. California (8-3)-                709 Points
23. Ole Miss (8-3) -                 687 Points
24. North Carolina (8-3) -        602 Points
25. Houston (9-2) -                  499 Points
Some other Receiving Votes: Nebraska  (8-3) 479 Points, Stanford (7-4) 310 Points, Navy (8-3) 191 Points, Wisconsin (9-3) 133 Points, Temple (9-2) 94 Points, Central Michigan (9-2) 77 Points, West Virginia (7-3) 62 Points, Nevada (8-3) 56 Points, Arizona (6-4) 32 Points, Northwestern (8-4) 30 Points.

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Top-25 Week 11

Biggest noise this week made by TCU with their spanking of Utah. But all of the Undefeated’s took care of business this week. PAC-10 is a bit of a mess. But if Oregon wins out it will all be moot. I think if USC were sitting atop the PAC-10 with Oregon’s record less people would be paying attention. People love chaos. Gives them something to talk about.

Here is my Top-25

LW-Last Weeks Ranking

1. Florida - Is it me or does it look like despite the close games, the Gators are always in
    control. LW-1
2. Texas - Forget the Big 12 championship game. What we need is a Texas State championship
    game. LW-2
3. Alabama - I think that Mississippi St uses cowbells to make noise because they’re too lazy to
    cheer. No doubt who was the better team this week. And the tide doesn’t use cowbells. Thank
    you. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - Pike, Callaros same result. LW-4
5. TCU - Dominated Utah. Straight up unadulterated domination. LW-5
6. Boise St. - Smeared the Vandals all over the smurf turf in a paste. LW-6
7. Georgia Tech - While other teams in the ACC play like they need to be in straight jackets. The
    Yellow Jackets are for real. LW-7
8. Pittsburgh - A boot to the head for you for letting ND back into the game. LW-8
9. Oregon - I know what you’re thinking. Why is the PAC-10 messy? When those that rule go
    down. The rest scramble to fill the vacuum. Here is your new king. LW-11
10. Ohio St. - Weren’t you suppose to spank Iowa? LW-13
11. LSU - You know I’m still not quite buying what your selling. A 24-16 win verses Louisiana
      Tech? Wait don’t tell me, La Tech is the best 3-7 out there. LW-15
12. Iowa - Can’t punish them too much. Nobody gave them a chance to beat the Buckeyes and
      they took them to OT. A little more magic fairy dust and the Hawkeyes might have pulled it
      off. LW-9
13. Oklahoma St. - This team is willing themselves to victory despite adversity. Worthy of
      respect. LW-18
14. Stanford - Toby Gerhart #3 in the country in average rushing yards per game. Ah but he does
      it with more carries per game you say. Durable I say. LW-19
15. Penn St. - The 747 team. 747 as in plain. Don’t do anything flashy. Just keep winning.
16. Wisconsin - Have big red W’s on their helmet. LW-21
17. Oregon St. - If Oregon beats Arizona and the Beavers beat Washington St. then The Civil
      War will decide who goes to the Rose Bowl. If Oregon wins they go with the best record in
      the PAC-10. If Oregon St. wins they go already owning the tie-breaker with Stanford. LW-24
18. Virginia Tech - Slowly fading into the woodwork. LW-23
19. Miami, Fl - Joining Virginia Tech LW-14
20. Rutgers - So South Florida’s mid season meltdown isn’t finished. LW-24
21. Utah - Just didn’t have the offense to keep up with the Frogs, but still a good team. LW-16
22. Houston - Who said UCF stands for University of Can’t Finish. LW-10
23. USC - The Reign is over. Stick a fork in it. It is done. LW-12
24. Clemson - Not quite read to drink their cool-aid yet. They beat Miami. But who can tell what
      that means yet. LW-NR
25. California - Not quite dead yet. LW-NR

I’ll take teams not quite good enough to rank this week for 500 Alex: BYU (Barely beat a winless New Mexico. Sad!!!), Nebraska, Navy, Nevada, Ole Miss, Boston College, Arizona, North Carolina.

I’m Sorry. But thanks for playing our game. We have some lovely parting gifts for you: Arizona, South Florida, BYU

Final Thoughts: Not as many big games coming up this week. But there are a few that could be very important. Oregon @ Arizona will go a long way to deciding the PAC-10. LSU @ Ole Miss. Stanford @ California. And Kansas St. @ Nebraska will decide who wins the Big 12 North. That’s only important because I think Nebraska would have a chance to beat Texas in the Big 12 championship game. Not a big chance but a chance. Nebraska has a great D.

Here are the results of the The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.

1       Florida                       2716 Points
2       Texas                         2683 Points
3       Alabama                    2669 Points
4       TCU                           2507 Points
5       Cincinnati                   2421 Points
6       Boise State                 2315 Points
7       Georgia Tech              2238 Points
8       Pittsburgh                    2114 Points
9       Ohio State                   1998 Points
10      Oregon                        1924 Points
11      LSU                             1897 Points
12      Oklahoma State         1700 Points
13      Penn State                  1579 Points
14      Iowa                           1460 Points
15      Stanford                     1447 Points
16      Wisconsin                  1421 Points
17      Virginia Tech              1167 Points
18      Clemson                     1022 Points
19      Oregon State               993 Points
20      Brigham Young          942 Points
21      Utah                             720 Points
22      Southern California    672 Points
23      Miami (Fla.)                646 Points
24      Rutgers                       562 Points
25      Houston                      388 Points

Others receiving points include: North Carolina 345 Points, Navy 261 Points, Nebraska 233 Points, California 199 Points, Arizona 177 Points, Mississippi 140 Points, Temple 81 Points, Central Michigan 77 Points, West Virginia 51 Points, Nevada 47 Points


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