Posted on: October 12, 2010 10:35 pm
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2010 Top 25 Week 6

So we have a new number one this week. I think Alabama's loss is less about them being a weak team and more about something we usually see in the NFL. Parity! Yes I said it parity. It is getting harder and harder to remain undefeated. Yes there are still quite a few undefeated teams. But one by one we will start seeing them go down. Who will it be this week?

So here it is. My top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land for your perusal.

1. Ohio St. - Will anyone be able to finish the season undefeated? Now the Buckeyes get the
    unenviable joy of having the largest target in college football. NEXT: @ Wisconsin has first
    shot at that target. LW - 2
2. Oregon - The trip to Pullman wasn’t as much fun as it should have been. The final score was
    fine. The injuries not so much. Good thing NEXT: is BYE  LW - 3
3. Boise St. - Did you know the Broncos are 2nd in total defense just ahead of Ohio St.? True
    story. NEXT: @ San Josie and the Pussy Cats. Sigh. LW - 4
4. Nebraska - Did you know the Cornhuskers are ranked 7th total offense averaging over 494
    yards a game? True Story. NEXT: Texas (Some how this game has lost it’s luster.)  LW - 6
5. TCU - Most Cowboys like it in Texas. Not so these poor Wyoming frauds masquerading as
    a football team. NEXT: BYU (This game has also lost it’s luster.) LW - 5
6. Oklahoma - Did you know the Sooners are ranked 93rd in total defense, giving up over 411
    yard per game? True Story. NEXT: Iowa St. LW - 7
7. Auburn - Did you know the Tigers are 1st in total offense in the SEC? True Story. NEXT:
    Arkansas LW - 9
8. Utah - This is probably the ceiling for the Utes until they play Air Force and TCU. NEXT: @
    The ugliest jerseys of Wyoming. LW - 10
9. LSU - Did you know a broken clock is right twice a day? True story NEXT: Scrimmage
    with McNeese St. LW - 13
10. South Carolina - This is officially the biggest jump for any team in my poll. For once The
      Ole Ball Coach let Garcia play. And for once Garcia didn’t let him down. Nice. NEXT: @
      Kentucky. LW - NR
11. Alabama - You know I could be wrong but I think Bama fans are actually glad to be rid of
      the stress of worrying about whether or not the Tide could go undefeated two years in a
      row. It’s still very possible for them to defend their National Championship title. NEXT: Ole
      Miss LW - 1 (See. Your still number 1. You just have an extra 1 to go with it now.)
12. Stanford - Wow! You almost looked past USC. How dumb is that? One of the best hits I
      saw in football this weekend was made by QB Andrew Luck. A QB bringing the wood.
      How cool is that? NEXT: BYE  LW - 15
13. Arkansas - Ryan Mallett will have yet another opportunity to choke away another game
      versus a highly ranked team. NEXT: @ Auburn LW - 12
14. Michigan St. - I still haven’t forgotten the fake FG, that resulted in a TD versus ND, should
      have been nullified by a delay of game penalty. For shame. NEXT: Illinois  LW - 17
15. Arizona - This team is in need of a running game. The Wildcats still have to play @
      Stanford and Oregon. Both like to get after the QB. I see at least 2 more losses for them.    
      NEXT: @ Washington St. LW - 8
16. Iowa - The loss to Arizona will hang around your necks like a boat anchor for at least a few
      more weeks. NEXT: @ Michigan LW- 14
17. Florida St. - Not as sure you’re good as I’m sure that I had way over ranked Miami.
      Which is why you’ll find no love at all in this poll for the Hurricanes this week. NEXT:
      Boston College LW - 21
18. Oklahoma St. - NEXT: Texas Tech (Two high powered offenses and two low powered
       defenses. First team to 100 wins!) LW - 20
19. Nevada - Saw some of this game. The most prolific players in their game this weekend
      were the officials. On one drive alone a Nevada touchdown was nullified three times. Drive
      ended with a missed field goal. I’m a believer in Colin Caepernick but this was a messy
      game. Next:@ Hawaii  LW - 19
20. Wisconsin - If you love tough grind it out low scoring smash mouth football look no further
      than Camp Randall this Saturday. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate soccer NEXT:
      Ohio St.  LW - 22
21. Missouri - Haven’t really beaten anyone but haven’t lost either. Fine. I’ll rank you. But
       you’re on a short leash. NEXT: Texas A&M  LW - NR
22. Air Force - No aerial game and you're...the...Air Force? Eventually some defense is just
      going to put all 11 in the box. NEXT: San Diego St.  LW - NR
23. North Carolina St. - Next game should have a PAC-10esq score. NEXT: East Carolina.
      LW - NR
24. Michigan - Did you know that the Wolverine D is ranked 111th of 120 overall? Just Below
      New Mexico. Scary but true. NEXT: Iowa  LW - 18
25. West Virginia - Go find something on West Virginia yourself. Oh by the way NEXT: South
      Florida. LW- NR

Cannon fodder: Miami, Fl, Florida, Kansas St., Northwestern, USC

Wishing upon a star: Florida, USC, Oregon St., North Carolina, Virginia Tech.

Many of you may have noticed I have Arizona over Iowa and South Carolina over Alabama. Now some of you may feel Alabama is better than South Carolina and Iowa is better than Arizona. Well I say prove it. This early in the season it is utter insanity to ignore what happened on the field. No matter what head and heart tell you, tangible on the field evidence says otherwise. And don't give me that 9 out of 10 times so-in-so will win. You can't prove it until they play again. Of course Alabama can get around this loss by beating Auburn who beat South Carolina. Then all bets are off.

Till next week.


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