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Top-25 Week 10

Wow! Nobody except the top-5 want to remain consistent. What is up with that? Looks like 2 of the top-3 are going to play for the national championship. Texas vs. Florida or Alabama. More non-BCS team than ever knocking on the door. But I don’t think any one but TCU has a chance of getting in.

LW=Last Week Ranking

1. Florida - Looks like unless the Tebow angers the football gods we will see them in the NCG.
2. Texas - Peaking at the right time. LW-2
3. Alabama - These may be the football gods that stop Florida. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - UConn plays everyone close. No need to be alarmed. Nothing to see here. Move
    along. LW-4
5. TCU - As long as they keep wining the BCS chants are only going to get louder. LW-8
6. Boise St. - Your strength of schedule was already on life support. Stanford put it in the grave.
7. Georgia Tech - Almost got lost in the Wake Forest. Next time remember to leave bread
    crumbs on the ground so you can find your way out. LW-10
8. Pittsburgh - Oh for the love of all that is good and holy, 2 Big East times in the top-10! This is
    it Elizabeth I’m coming. LW-12
9. Iowa - Luck be a lady and she kicked you to the curb. LW-7
10. Houston - Rules for playing Houston. First team to 50 wins. LW-14
11. Oregon - Oooooh... defense where have you gone tonight? Why did you leave me here all
      alone. I searched the world over and though I found a defense. You met another and thppp
      you were gone. LW-6
12. USC - Below Oregon because they lost to them. Above Ohio St. Because they beat them.
      Simple. LW-13
13. Ohio St. - Feels good to have an offense doesn’t it? LW-16       
14. Miami, Fl - Still on their meds. Or may they didn’t need them to beat Virginia. LW-15
15. LSU - Just can’t quite win the big one can ya? LW-9
16. Utah - Kept New Mexico’s perfect season alive. LW-17
17. Arizona - Controls own fate in PAC-10. As much as having to play Cal, Oregon and USC can
     be considered as controlling ones one fate. By the way fate is defined as something that
     unavoidably befalls a person. How do you control something that is unavoidable. Good thing I
     don’t believe in fate. LW-19
18. Oklahoma St. - Okie Lite, less filling but tastes great. LW-18
19. Stanford - Running on lot of Gerhart and a little Luck. LW-NR
20. Penn St. - Lost. LW-11
21. Wisconsin - Could just finish 10-2. Not bad. LW-23
22. South Florida - At the beginning of the season there were no Big East teams ranked. Now
      there are three. We might finish with four. Maybe the Big East isn’t so least. LW-22
23. Virginia Tech - Georgia Tech thanks you for the new goal posts. Now go away. LW-24
24. Oregon St. - Typical Oregon St. Peaking in November. LW-NR
25. BYU - Why does this team play better on the road than at home? Strange. LW-NR

BASE jumped without a parachute: Notre Dame, California, Oklahoma.

Ready to take the plunge: Navy, Clemson, West Virginia, Temple, Auburn, Texas Tech, North Carolina, Rutgers.

Final thoughts. I know I’ll sound like a homer for saying this. But how do the polls get off ranking Oregon lower than USC a week after they embarrassed them. I know that the Ducks should not have lost to Stanford. But USC lost to Washington. Oregon beat Washington. And how do you rank Ohio St head of USC and Oregon. USC beat Ohio St. And Ohio St. lost to Purdue. Oregon beat Purdue.

All three have the same record. Simple logic dictates the order that you rank them. I followed the same logic last week keeping Boise St. a head of Oregon even though my heart said otherwise. To see what happens when you let your emotions get the best of you see AP and Coaches poll.


I will post The Best D@mn Poll In The Land when it becomes final.

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Top-25 Week 9

Loved watching my Ducks pound USC. Sorry Trojan fans. But it felt good. Still the question raging nowadays is what to do with Boise St. And when does Oregon’s body of work eclipse the loss to Boise St.? Or can it ever? I’ll let everyone else fight over that. For now I still have Boise St. Ahead of Oregon.

LW=Last Week.

1. Florida - For those that think your number one team should dominate this was your week.
2. Texas - For those that think your number two team should dominate this was your week. LW-2
3. Alabama - In other news seismologists had the week off. Said one seismologist “With Mount  
    Cody not playing this week he wasn’t blocking field goals. When that guy lands seismographs
    all over the country go crazy. But this week there wasn’t nothing to do. Sigh.” LW-3
4. Cincinnati - So when Pike comes back, who do they play? LW-4
5. Boise St. - Beat one ranked team get credit for beating 4 ranked teams. The BCS way. I’m not       
    bitter. LW-8
6. Oregon - Wow! Just wow! No time to look back though. Their’s an ugly tree in Palo Alto that
    needs cut down. I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok. LW-9
7. Iowa - Now here is a team that plays tough hard nosed football...in the 4th quarter. LW-6
8. TCU - Slowly but surely winning the non-BCS beauty contest. Really, the Frogs are playing 
    good football. Right now they deserve a BCS bowl. But which one? LW-7
9. LSU - With all this talk about the teams above is anyone paying attention to LSU. They will if
    they can pull off the mammoth upset of the Crimson Tide. Get it mammoth? Elephant?
    Oh...never mind. LW-10
10. Georgia Tech - ACC title is almost in your grasp. Be careful not to get lost in the Wake
      Forest. LW-11
11. Penn St. - I can see it now. At the end of the season we’ll have a three way tie. Iowa will have
      beaten Penn St. Penn St will have beaten Ohio St. And Ohio St. will have beaten Iowa. Then
      I can sit back and watch the Head to Head Means Everything Nazis get dizzy trying to figure
      out who to rank higher than who. LW-12
12. Pittsburgh - Have a tune up verses Syracuse next week. Big game at home against ND
      coming up after that. LW-15
13. USC - This time the Trojan Horse was empty. No knights left for Sir. Pete to stick inside. I
      think they still have enough left in the tank to win out and get an at-large spot in a BCS Bowl.
14. Houston - Keenum for Heisman? Time to start thinking about drinking the Keenum Kool-
      Aid. LW-16
15 Miami, Fl - The Psychocanes are finally back on their Meds. But they didn’t kick in till the 4th
     quarter. LW-19
16. Ohio St. - Ok, vacation in New Mexico is over. How’s the golf there? Beaver Stadium
      probably won’t be as hospitable. LW-20
17. Utah - Still winning with defense. Might want to send out a search party for that offense.
      Hope you locate it before you travel to TCU. LW-17
18. Oklahoma St. - Now let this be a lesson to you kiddies. Don’t do drugs. Be nice to your
      mother. But most importantly never, I mean never, lie to the Football Nazis we call the
      NCAA. LW-13
19. Arizona - Gets to take their turn at abusing the Whipping Boy State Cougers. LW-22
20. Notre Dame - I live on the Left Coast and I can already hear them chanting BCS from here.
21. California - Up coming the battle of the backs. Quizz vs. Best. LW-25
22. South Florida - Has the mid-season meltdown been halted? LW-NR
23. Wisconsin - Wisconsin beat Purdue, Purdue beat Ohio St., Ohio St. beat Wisconsin. Nice
      little circle of love huh? LW-NR
24. Virginia Tech - Posers! LW-14
25. Oklahoma - Please, no more ridiculousness about not ranking BYU while ranking Oklahoma.
      You’re beating a dead horse. You know like Florida St. and TCU beat them. LW-NR

Can’t find a date for the dance: Oregon St., Texas Tech, Auburn, Temple, North Carolina, Rutgers, BYU, Duke.

Kicked to the curb: West Virginia, South Carolina, Navy

Final thoughts: Wouldn’t it be great to see Duke win the ACC? Probably won’t happen But we can hope. There a lot of other ACC teams still in it. Idaho and Nevada still have a chance to win the WAC. Utah could still win the MWC. And Temple could win the MAC. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. Get it? I love college football.

Here are the results for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.

The Poll Results for the week of 10/31/2009

Rank  Team         Total Points 1st Place Votes
1       Florida            2780               64
2       Texas             2717               18
3       Alabama         2671              12
4       Cincinnati       2444
5       TCU                2390
6       Iowa                2287
7       Boise State     2278
8       Oregon           2233
9       LSU                 2034
10     Penn State      1967
11     Georgia Tech 1962
12     Pittsburgh       1657
13     USC                1552
14     Houston          1534
15     Ohio State      1472
16     Utah                1424
17     Miami (Fla.)    1383
18     Arizona            1036
19     Oklahoma St.  1022
20     Notre Dame     975
21     Oklahoma        865
22     California         771
23     Wisconsin       723
24     South Florida  485
25     Virginia Tech   481

Some other receiving votes include: Brigham Young 444, Clemson 155, West Virginia 110,
Oregon State 71, Rutgers 62, Auburn 56, Temple 50, Texas Tech 45, Central Michigan 43

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Top-25 Week 8

So this week it was Alabama’s turn to struggle. Other polls keep swapping the top 3 teams around. I don’t see the point. Florida, Texas, and Alabama are the top 3 teams. The one who will be one top will be sorted out by the end of the season. So until one of these team loses, I’m going to stay the course.

LW= Last weeks ranking.

1. Florida - Tebow: saving the world one football game at a time. LW-1
2. Texas - Feasted on dead Tigers. LW-2
3. Alabama - Or is it Ali Baba? They so stole this game. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - No Pike? No Problem! LW-4
5. USC - Not surprised this one was close. The Beavers always play the Trojans tough. Might
    want to sent out a search party for the defense though. LW-5
6. Iowa - Was TCU’s win over BYU better that Iowa’s over Penn St. a few weeks ago? I don’t
    think so. LW-7
7. TCU - Nice beat down you administered to BYU. But Florida St.’s been there done that.
8. Boise St. - Enjoy your vacation in Hawaii? LW-6
9. Oregon - Offense starting to really click. Punt block for a TD just the icing on the cake. LW-11
10. LSU - Can’t wait for the LSU - Alabama game on Nov. 7. Should be an exciting game if you
      like games that end with a 6-3 score. LW-10
11. Georgia Tech - 7.62 Full Metal Yellow Jacket! LW-12
12. Penn St. - Hey! We finally beat a team that doesn’t totally suck. LW-13
13. Oklahoma St. - Still the best team in Oklahoma. Not that it means that much these days.
14. Virginia Tech - All you ACC teams are just imitating. So won’t a real ACC team, please
      stand up, please stand up? LW-15
15. Pittsburgh - You know, I thought about inserting yet another  moustache joke here but, nah.
      Never mind. LW-18
16. Houston - Your Miner mistakes may be overlooked if UTEP continues to improve. LW-17
17. Utah - Probably the last team that stands in the way of an undefeated season for TCU. LW-19
18. West Virginia - Should have no problem helping South Florida continue their mid-season
      meltdown. They’re helpful like that. LW-22
19. Miami, Fl - Well, the Fighting Schizophrenics are off their meds again. That happens all the  
      time. They think they’re better and stop taking their meds. There’s a lesson in here
      somewhere. LW-9
20. Ohio St. - Your not getting past good one loss teams or 2 loss teams with a win verses a
      ranked opponent until you actually beat someone. LW-24
21. South Carolina - Is there even a hint of doubt that the Gamecocks next game at Tennessee             
      will be hard fought and very close down to the last play? LW-23
22. Arizona - The other Stoops team. LW-NR
23. Notre Dame - Making yet another Bi-weekly appearance on my poll. LW-NR
24. Navy - Why? Why not? LW-NR
25. California - Have the Golden Bears finally figured out hibernating season is over? LW-NR

Still trying to get into the country club: Oklahoma, Central Michigan, Ole Miss, BYU, Kansas, Rutgers.

Membership revoked: BYU, South Florida, Texas Tech, Kansas.

Final thoughts: I’m excited and nervous about the USC, Oregon game. Turns out this game is going to be as important as I thought it would be before the season started. I’m not much of a smack talker. You eat less crow that way. So all I will say is GO DUCKS!!! 

Here are the results for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.

The Poll Results for the week of 10/24/2009
Rank   Team           Total Points 1st Place Votes
1          Florida              2902               55
2          Alabama           2854               27
3          Texas                2839               16
4          Cincinnati         2604
5          TCU                  2440                 1
6          USC                  2405
7          Iowa                  2387
8          Boise State      2354
9          LSU                   2111
10        Oregon             2055
11        Penn State       1996
12        Georgia Tech  1951
13        Oklahoma St.  1802
14        Virginia Tech   1654
15        Pittsburgh         1513
16        Houston            1377
17        Ohio State         1271
18        Utah                   1184
19        Miami (Fla.)      1176
20        West Virginia    1135
21        South Carolina  797
22        Arizona               772
23        Oklahoma          621
24        Notre Dame       600
25        Mississippi        533

Some others receiving votes: Central Michigan 376, Navy 209, Brigham Young 208, California 202, Wisconsin 53, Texas Tech 26, South Florida 25, Oregon State 23


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Top-25 Week 7

If you love close games, this was your week. If you prefer top teams to dominate, well...you might not have liked this week so much. Personally I like parity. There is nothing more annoying than knowing how every football game is going to turn out before it starts. So here it is my top-25 for week 7

LW= Last week ranking.

1. Florida - Complain all you want about these close games of theirs, but their a lot more fun to         
    watch. LW-1
2. Texas - Face it people they are going to keep winning ugly. So get used to it. LW-2
3. Alabama - Note to opponents. Sell out on run make McElroy beat you. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - Mmmm...that’s some mighty tasty cool-aid. LW-5
5. USC - I think the Trojan’s kept it close on purpose because they don’t want Weis fired. They
    like playing a Weis coached team every year. Smart. LW-7
6. Boise St. - Is it me or are people searching feverishly for a reason to move Boise St. down?
    Yes they won a close game. So did Florida, Texas, Alabama, USC. Do we see a pattern?
7. Iowa - Guess they’re for real. Bet the Hawkeyes wish that Norther Iowa would hurry up and
    become an FBS team. LW-10
8. TCU - The only Top-10 team without a win against a ranked opponent. LW-9
9. Miami, Fl - Maybe the best team in the ACC. Huh?! That can’t be right. LW-12
10. LSU - (This space for rent.) LW-11
11. Oregon - People keep pointing forward to the game verses USC. As far as I’m concerned
      that game is irrelevant until they’re done with Washington. LW-13
12. Georgia Tech - Plays Virginia for the lead in the Costal division of the ACC. If you don’t 
      think their’s something crazy going on in the ACC please reread the previous sentence.
13. Penn St. - Next game verses Michigan should be interesting, kind of. LW-15
14. Oklahoma St. - Many left them for dead when they lost to Houston. Then again when lost
      Dez Bryant. But they just keep rising from the dead. LW-16
15. Virginia Tech - Lucky I didn’t move you down more. Someone should have told me that
      Hokies were allergic to Yellow Jackets. LW-4
16. BYU - How do Mormons feel about Frogs? Plague anyone? LW-21
17. Houston - Houston, Houston what to do with you. That Miner train wreck you had earlier
      this season is going hang around your neck like a boat anchor. LW-24
18. Pittsburgh - I’m confused. Exactly why did Pitt loss to N.C. St. N.C. St.’s only wins so far are
      Murray St., Gardner-Webb, and Pitt. So many teams this year with one very ugly loss.
19. Utah - The Utes are undefeated in conference play. They could still sneak up and snatch the
      Mountain West championship. LW-NW
20. South Florida - I’m not going to punish them too much for losing to an undefeated top-10             
      team. LW-17
21. Texas Tech - 5-2 with close losses to ranked teams. And frankly there were some very bad       
      calls in the Texas game. They could win the rest of their games. LW-NR
22. West Virginia - The Mountaineers have a great offense but have fumbled and lost the ball 11
      times this year. And have a turnover ratio of -5. Unacceptable! But they fumbled and lost it
      only once in each of the past 2 games. If they can control their own butterfingers then WVU
      will have a great season indeed. LW-NR
23. South Carolina - South Carolina is a good team that needs just a few things to make it to the         
      next level. They gave Alabama a great game. The difference in that game wasn’t Alabama’s          
      defense. It was Mark Ingram. No Mark Ingram and the Gamecocks might have won. LW-19
24. Ohio St. - Looks like the Sweater Vest has some chinks in it. Watch out! When a perennially
      good team shows some weakness teams start gunning for it hard. I.E. Michigan, Notre
      Dame. LW-8
25. Kansas - The only difference between Kansas and some of the other teams that won close
      games is they didn’t quite pull theirs out. Well I guess that’s a big difference. LW- 14

Teams I will rank when 19-25 loses next week: Arizona, Oregon St., Boston College, California, Central Michigan, Notre Dame, Idaho.

Slacker dropouts: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Notre Dame

Final thoughts: One of the biggest games of this week is in the Mountain West Conference, BYU @ TCU. Yep I said it the Mountain West. That’s how a conference knows they have arrived. People actually care about your inter conference games. Now if Boise St. would just join you...

Here are the results for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.


Rank     Team                     Points   1st Place Votes

1          Alabama                   2970          61
2         Florida                       2950          39
3         Texas                         2859          1
4         Cincinnati                  2628
5         Southern California  2562
6         Iowa                           2435
7         Boise State               2411
8         TCU                          2335
9         Miami (Fla.)              2188
10         LSU                        2097
11         Oregon                  1974
12         Penn State            1966
13         Georgia Tech         1889
14         Oklahoma State     1741
15         Virginia Tech          1552
16         Brigham Young      1493
17         Houston                1213
18         Pittsburgh             1208
19         Utah                      1084
20         Ohio State             1030
21         West Virginia         842
22         Texas Tech            789
23         Kansas                   561
24         South Florida          530
25         South Carolina       461

Others recieveing votes include: Central Michigan 258, Nebraska 214, Oklahoma 181, Notre Dame 151, Mississippi 132,
Arizona 130, Oregon State 119, Michigan 105, Idaho 98


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