Posted on: September 15, 2009 7:17 pm
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Top- 25 Week 2

Is this the year of the Mid-majors. You have Boise St., BYU, Utah, TCU, and Houston all making claims of greatness. Smaller school all over are taking biggers schools down to the wire. And some are winning. This year is going to be fun.

So here we go my top-25 week 2 style LW= Last weeks ranking.

1. Florida - For moment it looked like the Vols were going to be the Gators first test. NOT!!! LW-1
2. Texas - Struggled early against Wyoming. Probably from the pain of looking at those hideous jerseys they wear at
    Wyoming. LW-2
3. Alabama - Struggled then rolled. Now onto the juggernaut that is N. Texas LW-3
4. USC - Barkley should probably call Tressel and thank him for the awesome play calling . LW-4
5. Penn St. - Still waiting for them to be teasted. LW-5
6. California - Who ever ranked Minnesota in the coaches poll should have waited until they played Cal. Minnesota will
    keep it close for a while. But Cal will roll. LW-7
7. Ole Miss - South Carolina will be their best test so far. LW-8
8. BYU - Not sure they belong? Game vs. FSU should help clear up this silliness. LW-10
9. LSU - Time will tell whether on not the win vs. Vandy was significant. LW-11
10. Ohio St. - Almost put them at 11. Not sure they would beat Boise if they played. For that matter I’m not 100%
     sure they will beat Toledo. LW-6
11. Boise St. - I’ll bet Fresno St. will give them all they can handle. It’s in Fresno too. LW-12
12. Virginia Tech - If they lose to Nebraska bye-bye top-25. LW-13
13. Georgia Tech - Miami might give them a run for their money. LW-14
14. Oklahoma - We shall see if they can beat Tulsa with Landry Jones at the helm. LW-15
15. Oklahoma St. - Was last week an anomaly or a portent of thing to come? We shall see. LW-7
16. TCU - Beat Virginia. So what? LW-16
17. Cincinnati - Looking like the beast of the Big East. I that an oxymoron? LW-18
18. Oregon St. - The first half looked like the their bowl game from last year. The forth quarter? Very entertaining!
19. Georgia - Way to almost give the game away! LW-22
20. Nebraska - First test coming up at VT! LW-25
21. North Carolina - Did they win or did Uconn lose? Just sayin! LW-20
22. Missouri - Barely beat Bowling Green. Maybe Illinois is even worse than anyone thought. LW-21
23. Utah - First test at Oregon. Is that right? Did I just say that? LW-23
24. Kansas - Duke? How many cupcakes are they going to play before we see a real game? LW-24
25. Michigan - They had better pound E. Michigan into next week. Or Michigan will give up it’s spot to Houston. LW-NR

Stuck outside of a locked candy store with noses pressed up against the glass: Houston, Miami Fl, Oregon, Pitt, South Florida, Tulsa, Baylor

Here is the Top-25 from The Best D@#M Poll in the Land


1. Florida
3146 points (100 1st place votes) LW-1

2. Texas 3011 points (2 1st place votes) LW-2

3. Southern California 2962 points (2 1st place votes) LW-3

4. Alabama 2793 points LW-4

5.  Penn State 2660 points LW-6

6.  California 2445 points LW-9

7. Mississippi 2441 points LW-7

8. BYU 2331 points LW-12

9.  Boise State 2169 points LW-11

10. Louisiana State 2163 points LW-10

11. Ohio State 2024 points LW-8

12. Oklahoma 1960 points LW-13

13. Virginia Tech 1946 points LW-15

14. Georgia Tech 1829 points LW-14

15. TCU 1606 points LW-16

16.  Cinncinnati 1384 points LW-22

17. Nebraska 1279 points LW-17

18. Oklahoma State 1258 points LW-5

19.  Utah 1083 points LW-18

20.  Kansas 943 points LW-23
21.  North Carolina 904 points LW-20

22. Georgia 886 points LW-21
23.  Miami, FL 756 points LW-24

24.  Michigan 610 points LW-NR

25.  Houston 582 points LW-NR

Some of the others getting points: Oregon St. 569, Missouri 365, Pitt 288, West Virginia 117, South Florida 113, Iowa 100, Texas Tech 88, Notre Dame 83, Oregon 81, UCLA 69. I thinks that's far enough.

Final thoughts: Oregon St. got the shaft this week and got bumpt from the poll even though they won. Look for more shake ups this comming week as teams get past the easy part of their schedule. See you next week. I welcome your comments.


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