Posted on: August 23, 2009 12:37 am

Beatdown After Beatdown

Yesterday the Red Sox lost to the Yankees, and I was so enraged that I couldn't even write my little spiel about it.

Today the Red Sox won, and Kevin Youkilis hit two home runs.  As a Red Sox fan, that made me feel a lot better.  Still, yesterday's loss left a bad taste in my mouth that hasn't quite left yet.

In other news, the Astros won against Arizona 4-2.  Brian Moehler got the win for the first time in a month, and LaTroy Hawkins got the save so that Jose Valverde could get some much-needed rest.
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Posted on: August 21, 2009 12:27 am
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Lester, Red Sox Offense Drop the Hammer

Jon Lester threw eight innings of three-hit ball tonight.  It was one of the best starts he's had this year, and the offense was in good-enough shape to back him up.  J.D. Drew was particularly on, going 4-for-4 with two homers.

In other news, Wandy Rodriguez brought it back tonight.  Like Lester, he threw eight innings and almost got a complete game.

Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee homered.  Jose Valverde came in with the bases loaded and got the save pretty easily, at least in comparison to last night.
Posted on: August 20, 2009 9:02 pm

Fantasy Draft Result - Wolves

Round 1 - Larry Fitzgerald (WR, ARI) - Starting WR #1
Round 2 - Peyton Manning (QB, IND) - Starting QB
Round 3 - Reggie Wayne (WR, IND) - Starting WR #2
Round 4 - Ryan Grant (RB, GB) - Starting RB #1
Round 5 - Larry Johnson (RB, KC) - Starting RB #2
Round 6 - Eddie Royal (WR, DEN) - Starting WR #3
Round 7 - Patriots (DST) - Starting DST
Round 8 - Rob Bironas (K, TEN) - Starting K
Round 9 - Owen Daniels (TE, HOU) - Starting TE
Round 10 - Felix Jones (RB, DAL) - Backup RB
Round 11 - Steve Smith (WR, NYG) - Backup WR #1
Round 12 - Percy Harvin (WR, MIN) - Backup WR #2
Round 13 - Joe Flacco (QB, BAL) - Backup QB
Round 14 - Brent Celek (TE, PHI) - Backup TE

I got the 8th position in this league's draft, which explains why my team is a little bit crappier than my other one.  Some positions are better, though.
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Posted on: August 19, 2009 11:40 pm

Two Down in Toronto...

One more to go, and this time they'll have Dustin Pedroia at 2B.

The Red Sox won 6-1 today; David Ortiz, Jason Bay, and Victor Martinez hit home runs.  Clay Buchholz put together a solid start for the first time in awhile.  And Kevin Youkilis found himself in a controversy again as he got plunked.

Roy Halladay was not his usual self tonight, apparently.

In other news, the Astros pulled out a 6-3 win that was a lot closer than the score indicates.  Jose Valverde loaded the bases in the 9th before getting Chris Coghlan swinging.

Yorman Bazardo was not all that great tonight, but the bullpen was up to the task of holding him up.
Posted on: August 18, 2009 11:46 pm

Beckett Fails in First Chance to Get #15

Josh Beckett had his first chance to get win #15, but just gave up too many runs tonight.

David Ortiz and Jason Bay hit home runs; Ortiz also scored the game-winning run.

In other news, I personally went to Minute Maid tonight to watch the Astros play the Marlins.  The Astros lost 6-2 and allowed Ricky Nolasco to throw a complete game.  Other than that, it was a lot of fun.  I was in section 124, row if any of you people were there tonight, give a shout-out.

I gotta say, Minute Maid is really cool.  I wish I had gone to a Red Sox game in Fenway so I'd have something to compare it to.  Oops.
Posted on: August 18, 2009 1:55 pm

Fantasy Draft Result - Team Redfire

Round 1 - Adrian Peterson (RB, MIN) - Starting RB #1
Round 2 - Reggie Wayne (WR, IND) - Starting WR #1
Round 3 - Kurt Warner (QB, ARI) - Starting QB
Round 4 - Ryan Grant (RB, GB) - Starting RB #2
Round 5 - Jason Witten (TE, DAL) - Starting TE
Round 6 - Braylon Edwards (WR, CLE) - Starting WR #2
Round 7 - Torry Holt (WR, JAC) - Starting WR #3
Round 8 - Cowboys DST - Starting DST
Round 9 - Rob Bironas (K, TEN) - Starting K
Round 10 - Felix Jones (RB, DAL) - Backup RB
Round 11 - Steve Breaston (WR, ARI) - Backup WR
Round 12 - Jason Campbell (QB, WAS) - Backup QB
Round 13 - Brent Celek (TE, PHI) - Backup TE
Round 14 - Devery Henderson (WR, NO) - Backup WR #2

Right now, I feel pretty good about my team.  On paper, it's pretty strong, though there are injury risks.  I especially like my backups.  I probably could have gotten a better backup QB had I made that priority #1 once I filled out the starting lineup.
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Posted on: August 16, 2009 11:08 pm

Arlington Unkind to the Red Sox

The Red Sox lost again today.  It's looking like they can't win games not started by Josh Beckett or Jon Lester.

Tim Wakefield made a rehab start, but it's uncertain how much longer he'll be out, as his fielding looks to be a concern.  Hopefully he and Daisuke come back sooner than later, because they're both sorely needed.

In other news, the Astros won a dramatic game in Milwaukee today, 8-5.  Hunter Pence ended it by catching a long fly from Prince Fielder. Roy Oswalt was not sharp again; luckily, Jeff Fulchino and the rest of the bullpen were solid enough.  Geoff Blum and Hunter Pence had home runs at crucial moments.

And in non-baseball news (for the first time since I started blogging here), I've joined two Fantasy Football leagues for the upcoming 2009 season.  I'll be blogging primarily about the Dallas Cowboys once the season starts (with semi-frequent looks at other teams such as Pittsburgh, New England, and Indianapolis), plus providing Power Rankings all through the season, and taking a look at playoff matches once they're solidified.  As far as my two fantasy teams go, I'm not sure how much or what kind of info I'll be blogging about here; I imagine that I'll be talking about my success or failure in each league on a weekly basis.

Since the NFL season is such that it doesn't require daily updates, I'll probably construct some kind of schedule (one that's convenient for me, of course) and then update whatever things I'm blogging about following said schedule.  It looks like this season will be more fun than usual.  So stay tuned.
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Posted on: August 15, 2009 12:12 am

Better Late Than Never

The Red Sox played a fabulous ninth inning tonight in Arlington; they scored six runs and got the win against the Rangers.

David Ortiz struck first in the 6th, hitting a timely two-run homer.  At that point the game was tied.  But in the next two innings, the Red Sox would be losing 4-2.

That set the stage for the 9th; Jacoby Ellsbury singled in Ortiz, Victor Martinez doubled in Ellsbury and Pedroia, and Bay singled in Martinez before J.D. Drew came up.  Drew capped the night and the scoring with a two-run homer.

Unfortunately, all this came well after starter Jon Lester had left the game.  He threw six innings, allowed three runs, and struck out 11.  A fine game for Lester, but timing is everything.

In other news, the beatings continue for the Astros.  Tonight in Milwaukee, bad Wandy showed up again (as opposed to Magic Wandy of the previous seven times he went out to the mound), giving up 8 runs in the first inning.  He threw four innings total, giving up 10 runs, walking five and striking out four.  Terrible, but not surprising.

Sammy Gervacio made his long-awaited debut for the major league club, also.  He threw two innings of shutout ball.  His delivery is neat to watch, actually.  Gervacio is a righty who throws sidearm (but not a submariner, it must be noted) with a lot of movement.  Ever since I heard of his prowess a couple years ago, I was convinced that he'd eventually be the closer for the Astros.  Perhaps that time is coming as soon as next season.

Of course, I also thought that Fernando Nieve and Paul Estrada were going to make big splashes with the Astros.  I was wrong on both counts.
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