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Posted on: September 1, 2009 11:49 pm

Lester Gets #11, Red Sox Roll in Tampa

My only question is, why couldn't they do this the last time they were in Tampa?

Jon Lester pitched well tonight and earned the win.  Jonathan Papelbon had to come in early to get the save, ultimately throwing for two innings.  I'm not certain that's the smartest move, but since every game counts and they need to secure the wild card, it's not a bad thing for now.  I'm hoping it doesn't happen too often in the next couple weeks, because Papelbon needs to be fresh for the playoffs.  I like Billy Wagner, and all, but Papelbon is the guy at the back of the bullpen.

In other news, the 2009 Astros are a sinking ship.

I wish I had something nice to say, but I really don't.  They had a nice win yesterday, and followed it up with another loss that could have easily been a win had the offense done ANYTHING.  Maybe I'm not seeing the forest through the trees (or vice versa), but this lineup does not look like it should be performing this badly.  Yet almost every night, they routinely show a lack of patience, a lack of clutch hitting, and a lack of run-scoring besides homers.  They never string base hits together (or hardly ever).  They do have what looks like a bonafide lead-off hitter (for the first time since 2004/2005) finally in Michael Bourn.  But if they can't bring him in from third, what the hell's the point?
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Posted on: August 25, 2009 11:44 pm

Two in a Row!

The Red Sox won again tonight against the White Sox, 6-3.

Jon Lester pitched well for most of the game, but ultimately gave up the lead.  It's too bad for him, but that's what happens sometimes.  Victor Martinez came in for Jason Varitek and added two hits.  He's undoubtedly been everything the team thought he would be.

In other news, Wandy Rodriguez went up against Adam Wainwright tonight in St. Louis.  It was no butt-kicking; the score was just 1-0 in favor of St. Louis on a freak double by Pujols (and I say that based on his HORRIBLE history against Wandy).  It just wasn't Wandy's night either; unfortunately for him, the Astros' offense sucks compared to the Red Sox.

I predicted that Lance Berkman's return could be the spark that returned the Astros to contention.  So far, that hasn't been borne out, in any way, shape, or form.  The pitching has been spotty at times too.  At the moment there are two rookies in the rotation, though, and I sure didn't expect that.  But with Mike Hampton's struggles and the usual spate of injuries, Bud Norris and Yorman Bazardo have had to step up.  Rookies being rookies, they haven't exactly done that.  I'm not worried about either of them, though.  And Bazardo isn't really a rookie anyway, though I'm not certain about his service time.
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Posted on: August 21, 2009 12:27 am
Edited on: August 21, 2009 12:31 am

Lester, Red Sox Offense Drop the Hammer

Jon Lester threw eight innings of three-hit ball tonight.  It was one of the best starts he's had this year, and the offense was in good-enough shape to back him up.  J.D. Drew was particularly on, going 4-for-4 with two homers.

In other news, Wandy Rodriguez brought it back tonight.  Like Lester, he threw eight innings and almost got a complete game.

Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee homered.  Jose Valverde came in with the bases loaded and got the save pretty easily, at least in comparison to last night.
Posted on: August 15, 2009 12:12 am

Better Late Than Never

The Red Sox played a fabulous ninth inning tonight in Arlington; they scored six runs and got the win against the Rangers.

David Ortiz struck first in the 6th, hitting a timely two-run homer.  At that point the game was tied.  But in the next two innings, the Red Sox would be losing 4-2.

That set the stage for the 9th; Jacoby Ellsbury singled in Ortiz, Victor Martinez doubled in Ellsbury and Pedroia, and Bay singled in Martinez before J.D. Drew came up.  Drew capped the night and the scoring with a two-run homer.

Unfortunately, all this came well after starter Jon Lester had left the game.  He threw six innings, allowed three runs, and struck out 11.  A fine game for Lester, but timing is everything.

In other news, the beatings continue for the Astros.  Tonight in Milwaukee, bad Wandy showed up again (as opposed to Magic Wandy of the previous seven times he went out to the mound), giving up 8 runs in the first inning.  He threw four innings total, giving up 10 runs, walking five and striking out four.  Terrible, but not surprising.

Sammy Gervacio made his long-awaited debut for the major league club, also.  He threw two innings of shutout ball.  His delivery is neat to watch, actually.  Gervacio is a righty who throws sidearm (but not a submariner, it must be noted) with a lot of movement.  Ever since I heard of his prowess a couple years ago, I was convinced that he'd eventually be the closer for the Astros.  Perhaps that time is coming as soon as next season.

Of course, I also thought that Fernando Nieve and Paul Estrada were going to make big splashes with the Astros.  I was wrong on both counts.
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