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2009 NFL Power Rankings, Week 4

1.) NY Giants (4-0) [no change]
 A nice schedule is aiding and abetting the Giants' stay at the top.  They're great all-around and continue to win.
2.) New Orleans (4-0) [+2]
 Knocked out the Jets temporarily and looked very impressive doing so.  Drew Brees and the offense can exhale now; the defense can play!
3.) Minnesota (4-0) [+2]
 Adrian Peterson hasn't done a whole lot since Week 1.  They keep winning anyway.
4.) Indianapolis (4-0) [+2]
 The Colts are an unstoppable offensive juggernaut and can make it 5-0 with a win in Tennessee.
5.) Denver (4-0) [+2]
 The Broncos are suddenly a very good team.  Credit the defense, and coordinator Mike Nolan.
6.) New England (3-1) [+2]
 They took another game I thought they had no chance of winning.  Tom Brady is improving, but the defense needs to step up too.
7.) San Francisco (3-1)
 The 49ers are no fluke either.  They're back after an impressive dismantling of St. Louis.
8.) Chicago (3-1)
 Ever since Week 1, the Bears have been nearly unstoppable.
9.) Philadelphia (2-1) [no change]
 Philadelphia had a bye week, and as such does not get penalized.
10.) Cincinnati (3-1)
 The Bengals are either really lucky, or really good.  For now, I'll split it down the middle.

A Look at Week 4:
There were definitely some exciting games in Week 4.  The Broncos weren't afraid of the Cowboys, and though neither team played as good as they're capable of, Denver earned the victory.  Pittsburgh practically lost its defense in the 4th quarter and still pulled out a win against San Diego.  Last night, Minnesota looked impressive at times against Green Bay.  There are now only five undefeated teams left this season, and it would not be a complete surprise to see more of them fall.  At this point, it looks like it'll take a great performance all the way round to beat one of the remaining five; they're all playing well right now and look to have few to no weaknesses.

A further recap of Week 4's best.

NY Giants (1) @ Kansas City (unranked):
 Not quite as big a beatdown as the previous week for the Giants.  A good win as long as Eli Manning's heel injury proves to be nothing big.

Baltimore (2) @ New England (8):
 There was plenty of offense in this one, but surprisingly, Baltimore had the ball last and couldn't put it into the end zone.  Not exactly what I was expecting from Joe Flacco and company.

NY Jets (3) @ New Orleans (4):
 Did the Jets not show up, or did New Orleans just blow their doors off?  I had no idea the Saints defense would come up that huge, which is why I picked the Jets to win.  Whoops.

Dallas (unranked) @ Denver (7):
 Denver flat-out outplayed the Cowboys when it counted.  Bad tackling and bad playcalling sunk the Cowboys this week.

Green Bay (10) @ Minnesota (5):
 Game of the Week?  Sure, why not.  Brett Favre took on the Packers in the Metrodome and pulled out the win.  Greg Jennings and Donald Driver barely showed up for the Packers; on the other side, Adrian Peterson was hardly the force one would expect.

The best games coming up next week.

Cincinnati (10) @ Baltimore (unranked):
 Two 3-1 teams square off to determine the early leader in the AFC North.  Should be one of the better games on the slate.

Oakland (unranked) @ NY Giants (1):
 If the Texans can make Oakland look utterly lost, what will the Giants do to them?

Atlanta (unranked) @ San Francisco (7):
 The Falcons come off their bye refreshed (hopefully) and ready to continue their march to the NFC South title.

New England (6) @ Denver (5):
 This one could go either way.  Just like Jets/Saints in Week 4, I expect the better offense to come out on top.

Indianapolis (4) @ Tennessee (unranked):
 The Colts look to continue their winning ways.  Against that Titans defense, it shouldn't be too much trouble.
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