Posted on: July 20, 2009 10:49 pm

NBA age rule is a joke

I know that I'm not exactly in the minority here as I think that a lot of people feel the same way but the NBA age rule is a joke! While the premiss is good, keep kids out of the league for a year and allow them to play a year against improved competition and see if they really are worth the tremendous investment that teams make in their first round picks. The problem is this...NOT ALL KIDS ARE MEANT FOR COLLEGE.

Every year all across this great country very good kids that will turn out just fine, don't go to college and just as surely there will be plenty that will go and not complete even one year there. As it turns out, college isn't for every 17-18 year old kid. Beyond that even more kids come from families where they need money a.s.a.p and the NBA is their best chance to take care of their families.

The NBA is forcing kids into a situation where they simply can't succeed. Unfortunatly this is the case with the NFL as well. Kids are forced into colleges and because the students can't make the grade on their own coaches are forced to break the rules in order to get the best players on the field. In the NFL it is somewhat understandable because of the violent nature of the sport but in the NBA the teams should be held accountable to make wise decisions. In doing so the kids get their chance to chase their dream and the college game can be kept as it was meant to be...for kids who need it.
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