Posted on: July 21, 2009 9:20 pm

Beckham's days numbered in US?

As you may or may not know Mr. Posh Spice isn't all that popular with LA Galaxy fans these days. His confrontation with the face of US soccer, Landon Donovan has put Mr. Spice on the wrong side of the crowd even at his own stadium.  To his credit though he has handled it with the diva flare that we all expected from the most famous man married to a spice girl (Let's be honest, that's how most Americans know him).

Donovan was absolutly in the wrong with his comments questioning the professionalism of Beckham made in the public; those things are best left handled behind closed doors. However Beckham's response was apparently even more offensive to the American crowds that have lived and died with Landon Donovan for so long now. To say that you don't care about anything in America is a cardinal sin that I guess no one informed Mr. Spice about. To say that it doesn't bother you in the least that the crowd is making banners and screaming things at you during the games isn't going to make things better for Mr. Spice.

If the latest incident where some MORON jumped out of the stands after Beckham challenged him to do so isn't an indication, Americans can be quite passionate when provoked. A simple history lesson from your own country would have taught you that though Mr. Spice.

It's my bet that Becks doesn't last the season in the US. He'll get "loaned" to AC Milan again and eventually just sold outright and that'll be the end of it. I certainly hope so because if he keeps running his mouth things are only going to get worse because we all know that there are some real "pieces of work" in the stands at any sporting event.
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