Posted on: September 24, 2009 1:01 pm

Okay, I've revised my assessment of Eli.

I used to think he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, but I've revised my thinking to start the 2009 season.  He can.  He can hit the broad side of a barn.

But you know what?  That's about as far as it goes.

How many receivers did Eli have open and he just threw a duck ten yards over his head?  Sure, he also made a lot of good passes Sunday night in Dallas, and he spread the ball around very well, but honestly, how many times can he miss his receiver by a mile before he gets burned again like he did against Minnesota in '07?  Remember?  What was it?  Five INT's?

It's going to happen again, and it may even happen this Sunday in Tampa, especially if they don't improve their red-zone effectiveness.

And don't be suprised if the Bucs don't drive their Cadillac right up the Giants defensive gut too.  With Tuck out, and the secondary still thin at tacklers without Ross and Dockery, this 27th ranked run defense could find itself at the bottom of the barrel come Monday morning.

Don't get me wrong, they'll still beat the Bucs, but it ain't gonna be pretty.  Prediction: Giants 37 Tampa Bay 30.

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 2:56 pm
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What Did Manning Do To Deserve This?

Let's see.  His completion percentage hovered around .500 all season despite having the best backfield and offensive line in football (meaning he had more time to throw, and the defenses had to be honest and cover the run giving him more one-on-one coverage).  He hardly ever threw a touchdown pass and couldn't hit a receiver in the flat if his life depended on it.  So what am I missing?  Why does the Giants front office feel so compelled to make this guy the highest paid player in football before the season starts?

Has anyone ever heard of incentive pay?  By signing Eli now, before training camp even begins, the Giants have given this guy absolutely no reason to play.  Sure, they claim that he has such a great work ethic, that he gives 110%, but is he going to give any less effort if he doesn't sign the contract?  It cuts both ways Jerry.  We constantly hear ownership announce that this is a business whenever they cut players or trade them away, well it's also a business when it comes to signing players and paying them what they're worth.

You cannot justify making Eli Manning the highest paid player in football merely on the record of having won one Super Bowl.  With that logic, then everyone on the team should be the highest paid players for each of their respective positions.  The Giants won the Super Bowl 17-14.  It was hardly an offensive performance.  And if it wasn't for Plaxico's height and sure hands, and a lucky grab by David Tyree, they wouldn't have even come close to winning.

I'm not saying the guy doesn't deserve to be in the league or even get a contract extension, but why now, before training camp, coming off such a disappointing 2008, and why for so much money?  The fans are already being zonked by the PSL's and the increased costs associated with the new stadium.  Adding Manning's new contract to the mix is hardly going to win over any more fans.

Mark my words, if and when Eli fails, and he will, it'll be Jerry Reese's head that rolls along with his.

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