Posted on: December 19, 2009 3:16 pm

3 keys to beating the Eagles

1 . Limit the Big play

We can't allow DJ to make the Big Play and get the Momentum for the Eagles

2 . Get Gore going early

I can not see us throwing the ball in the snowy conditions and we can not fall behind early if
we want to win so it is crucial that we get Gore going early.

3 . Red Zone Offense/Red Zone Defense

If we can score touchdowns and not field goals in the Redzone and
If we can limit them from scoring touchdowns in the redzone we
have a really good chance to win.
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Posted on: September 1, 2009 9:26 pm

The Division Picks

These are the picks for the division winners of the 2009-2010 NFL season including SB winner and wildcards. PR means Projected Record

AFC East

1. Patriots PR-12-4 "2 Words Tom Brady"

2. Dolphins PR-9-7

3. Bills PR-7-9

4. Jets Pr-6-10

AFC North

1. Steelers PR- 13-3 "Easy Schedule"

2. Ravens PR- 9-5

3. Bengals PR- 7-9

4. Browns PR- 4-12

AFC South

1. Titans PR-11-5  "Love Thier solid D"

2. Texans PR- 9-7

2. Colts PR-9-7

4. Jaguars PR- 5-11

AFC West

1. Chargers PR-12-4 "My Sleeper Team"

2. Chiefs PR-6-10

2. Broncos PR- 6-10

4. Raiders PR- 2-14

NFC East

1. Giants PR-12-4 "This team is going to surprise and take down the Eagles"

2. Eagles PR-11-5

3. Cowboys PR-8-8

4. Redskins PR-7-9

NFC North

1. Vikings PR- 10-6 "Great D"

2. Bears PR-8-8

3. Packers PR-7-9

4. Lions PR-4-12

NFC South

1. Falcons PR-10-6 "Matt Ryan Will have a big year"

2. Panthers PR-9-7

3. Saints PR-8-8

4. Bucanners PR-6-10

NFC West

1. Cardnils PR-9-7 " Cards move on because of season series.

2. Seahawks PR-9-7

3. 49ers 8-8

4. Rams 6-10.


Chargers vs. Falcons

31-28 CHARGERS WIN!!!!!!

Taunt me all you want some people have different oppions.


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