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Posted on: September 22, 2009 10:07 pm

NFL Week 2 Observations

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A few observations from week two of the NFL season.


Brett Favre will have the highest completion percentage of his career. Mistake free football is the name of the game in Minnesota and the record holder for career interceptions has done exactly that. Through two games, Favre has a 77% completion percentage and zero turnovers. Once Favre plays some tougher opponents that will likely change, but the Vikings game plan will stay the same: short, high percentage passes with the (very) occasional deep ball. Favre will never be a fantasy stud again, but he will win a lot of football games.


The Minnesota Vikings are halfway to being a Superbowl team. Through two games, the Vikings have been outscored 23-17 in the first half by the awful Browns and Lions. In the second half, however, they have outscored their opponents by an incredible 44-10. If coach Brad Childress can start giving his halftime speech at the beginning of their games, this will be a very scary team.


The two biggest wide receiver sleepers this year are both Giants. Throughout the whole off season, one of the biggest questions around the NFL was, “Who is going to replace Plaxico Burress?” Turns out, there were two people up to the task. After two weeks, the number one fantasy wide receiver in the league isn't Larry Fitzgerald...it isn't Randy Moss, Andre or Calvin Johnson. Instead, it's that guy who's available on waivers in most leagues named Mario Manningham. Then there's Steve Smith, who also went undrafted in a lot of leagues, who is 6 <sup>th </sup> overall in points and ahead of the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings, and Randy Moss...to name a few.


The Packers offensive line is worse than we thought. We knew their offensive line was bad after seeing what Ogunleye did to them in week one, but this was awful. Antwan Odom had 5 sacks this week....FIVE. In 12 games last season, he had a total of 3 sacks. It's to the point where Packer fans not only have to worry about making the playoffs this season, but they have to be concerned with the health of their franchise quarterback. Isn't Chad Clifton supposed to be the anchor of that squad?


Norv Turner will be fired this off season. Every year there are lofty expectations for the Chargers...and why not? They have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. You know where they don't have talent? The sidelines. The Chargers will limp into the playoffs this year due to a terrible division and get the boot in the first round. Turner has already been in hot water in the past and this season certainly won't help his case.


LaDainian Tomlinson isn't immune to red flags. Tomlinson had tons of red flags coming into this season...30 years old, over 8 seasons in the NFL, over 2,500 carries...yet people (including myself) were still drafting Tomlinson in the top 10 of drafts with hopes he could regain a glimpse of his former self. Well, in the one game that he played in, he was a non-factor. This is against a Raiders team that he has historically played extremely well against. Granted, he did look quicker than he did a year ago while he was battling injuries all year. Unfortunately, it looks like he'll be battling injuries again this year as he missed week 2 with an ankle injury.


The New York Jets have the best defense in the NFL. At this point, there's really no contest. Through two weeks they are yet to give up a touchdown...and this is against the Texans and Patriots. Let's take a look at some stats...Tom Brady threw for 378 yards and two touchdowns in week one against the Bills. In week two against the Jets, he threw for 216 yards with no touchdowns. In week two against the Titans, Matt Schaub threw for 357 yards and 4 touchdowns. In week one against the Jets, he threw for 166 yards and no touchdowns. Are we starting to see a trend here?


That's all for this week. Look for more observations next week.

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