Posted on: September 10, 2009 1:44 pm

Making a Donkey of Myself Week 1 Edition

These are my picks for week 1.

The spreads used were the ones off the "expert picks" page on CBS. I am not an expert, this is just for fun. Feel free to leave comments or participate if you wish. Please keep it friendly though.

Titans vs Steelers (-5.5)
I think this will be a very close game, with a field goal being the margin of victory. So I'm taking the Titans with the points.

Dolphins vs Falcons (-3.5)
I think the Dolphins and Falcons are 2 teams that are very close to one another in terms of skill. My gut is telling Dolphins even though it will be in Atlanta. I'll probably be wrong, but I'll stick with it.

Chiefs vs Ravens (-12.5)
I fully expect the Ravens to win, but I don't have much confidence in the Ravens offense in terms of putting up alot of points. I'll take the Chiefs with the points.

Eagles vs Panthers (+1.5)
This will probably be a really good game that ends up being close. I trust Donovan McNabb more than I do Jake Delhomme though. I think the Eagles defense can at least slow the Panthers rushing attack down enough to make Delhomme beat them with the pass. I don't think he can get it done.

Broncos vs Bengals (-4.5)
I keep hearing about how the Bengals defense has improved. They also have Carson Palmer back, so the offense should be decent. The Broncos probably won't be very good this year, so I'm going with the Bengals here.

Vikings vs Browns ( +3.5)
The Browns looked dreadful during preseason. The Vikings will probably roll them over.

Jets vs Texans (-4.5)
With the Jets giving Mark Sanchez his first start as a rookie, I like the Texans to take care of business at home.

Jaguars vs Colts (-7.5)
The Jags always play the Colts tough, and I think they will keep it close. I'll take the Jags with the points.

Lions vs Saints (-12.5)
Rookie Matthew Stafford is making his first start on a team that went 0-16 last year. The Saints can put up alot of points and I've been hearing their defense has improved from last year. I smell blowout.

Cowboys vs Bucaneers (+5.5)
I don't have much faith in the Bucaneers after all the changes they went through this offseason. As much as it pains me to pick the Cowboys, I have too.

49ers vs Cardinals (-6.5)
I think the 49ers will play the Cardinals close. Cardinals also didn't look right during the preseason.

Redskins vs Giants (-6.5)
Both teams can play defense and run the ball well. Both teams passing games are question marks at this point. I'll take the Redskins and the points in what I figure will be a close game.

Rams vs Seahawks (-8.5)
With their team relatively healthy compared to last year, I think the Seahawks will be alot better. I think they can dispatch the Rams easily here.

Bears vs Packers (-3.5)
Homer alert: I think the Packers win by over a touchdown.

Bills vs Patriots (-10.5)
Tom Brady is back. The Bills offense was beyond terrible in the preseason. I believe Marshawn Lynch is suspended. It all spells blow out.

Chargers vs Raiders (+9.5)
Talent wise the Chargers are way better than the Raiders. I think the Chargers will win easily.

Total so far: 0-0

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