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2011 NBA CFs and Finals

Very unbelievable, the 2011 NBA playoffs is the most cliffhanger ever I have seen since the 2007 NBA playoffs.  As my recall back in the 2007 NBA playoffs, I picked the then-defending NBA champion Miami Heat and league-best 67-win Dallas Mavericks to return to the NBA Finals.  Both were quickly eliminated from the first round playoffs.

Now, my top four NBA teams (two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers, defending East champion Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic and West-leading San Antonio Spurs) were stunningly eliminated from the first two rounds of the 2011 NBA playoffs.  Entering the conference finals and upcoming NBA Finals, there are five teams left with the Game 7 of the West Semifinals between Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies.  The Thunder-Grizzlies Game 7 is being played on ABC right now.

Eastern Conference Finals

1. Chicago Bulls (62-20) vs. 2. Miami Heat (58-24)

Most of the NBA experts predict that the Heat is now favorites to win the East Final series.  Honestly, although I am rooting for the Bulls, I agree with the NBA experts' predictions that the Heat will most likely win the East Finals to advance to the first NBA Finals in five years.  Yuck!  Go Bulls bumping the evil Heat's Big Three and Company in laughter!!!  Of course, I always despise Dwyane Wade so much because of his egos!

However, on the other side, supposed Rajon Rondo was healthy without an elbow injury AND Celtics had not sent Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder in mid-February, then the Celtics would definitely have won the series over the Heat in 5 or 6 games.  They could have advanced to the third NBA Finals in the last four seasons.

Western Conference Finals

3. Dallas Mavericks (57-25) vs. 4. Oklahoma City Thunder (55-27)/8. Memphis Grizzlies (46-36) winner

I am rooting against the Mavericks because they embarrassingly humiliated my Lakers in the West Semifinals!  Of course, I am still MAD at them for killing my Lakers!  However, I don't see that either of the Thunder and Grizzlies will get past the Mavericks.  Based on the veteran experiences, I know that that Mavs most likely will win the West Finals in 4 or 5 games to advance to the second NBA Finals in the franchise history.  Both Thunder and Grizzlies have a lot of players younger than 25 years of age.

NBA Finals

Both Bulls and Heat have better overall records than the Mavericks' record.  With homecourt advantage, either Bulls or Heat will most likely win the NBA Finals.  (More than 75% of the home teams have won the NBA Finals.)  The Bulls already have six NBA titles; Heat has one in 2006.  Why not Mavs should win the first NBA championship in the franchise history?  And it is the Mavs' time to take its REVENGE on the most evil Heat team by beating them to win its first NBA championship!  Go Mavs killing the evil and egoistic Heat for its first NBA title!!!!!
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2011 NBA Conference Semifinal Predictions

First off, I was very stunned that the West top-seeded San Antonio Spurs and heavily favored Orlando Magic were ousted by the heavily underdogs, Memphis Grizzlies and Atlanta Hawks, in the first-round playoffs respectively.  After Spurs exiting, the defending two-time NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers have a better chance to have the homecourt advantage throughout at least West Finals and advance to the fourth straight NBA Finals.  Unfortunately, Lakers will most likely have tougher times without homecourt advantage if they eventually face either Chicago Bulls or Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.  Both Bulls and Heat have better overall records than Lakers.  Note that more than 75% of the home teams have won the NBA Finals series.  As the Lakers fan, I feel like I'm saying "Yuck!"

However, neither Bulls nor Heat will able to get past the defending East champion Boston Celtics, anyway.  With the Magic exiting in shock, I see that only Celtics have more advantages than any of the other three East teams.  Celtics have a number of more experienced veterans that have already have been to the NBA Finals in the past: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Glen Davis and Shaquille O'Neal.  Although I despise the Celtics very much, I still pick them to advance to the NBA Finals for the third time in the last four seasons based on the veteran experiences and secret tricks of defense.  LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will NEVER have any answer for the Celtics in laughter!  Celtics still dare to kill the Heat with secret tricks of defense especially involving KG and Rondo, although Kendrick Perkins is no longer with the Celtics team.  (Perkins is now with the Oklahoma City Thunder team since the February trade.)

Since the Magic were eliminated in the first round, the Bulls have a better chance to advance to the first Eastern Conference Finals in 13 years.  Last time, they advanced to the EC Finals en route to the 6th NBA championship in 1998.  At that time, they had Michael Jordan, who I always despised so much due to his egos.  I still see that the young and inexperienced Bulls team most likely will lose the EC Finals series to the more experienced veteran Celtics team in 5 or 6 games.

Here are my predictions of the 2011 NBA Conference Semifinals.

1. Chicago Bulls vs. 5. Atlanta Hawks = Bulls in 7
2. Miami Heat vs. 3. Boston Celtics = Celtics in 6

2. Los Angeles Lakers vs. 3. Dallas Mavericks = Lakers in 7
4. Oklahoma City Thunder vs. 8. Memphis Grizzlies = Thunder in 5

Conference Finals predictions coming up!  Enjoy your NBA days!  Smile
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2011 NBA Playoff Predictions

First off, I must say that the Chicago Bulls are the most surprising NBA team that have officially clinched the NBA's best record at 62-20.  Originally, I thought that the San Antonio Spurs were supposed to clinch the NBA's best record with at least 64 wins while they were leading the league's overall record after the All-Star break.  Honestly, I still believe that the Bulls are the most underdog top-seeded team ever because they are still inexperienced and too young.  Bulls, you watch out of the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics, both teams have numbers of experienced veteran players such as Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo.  They have played in the postseasons for some years.  Most of the Bulls players do not have much experience getting past the first round series in the last five seasons.  Sorry, Bulls fans....but just be realistic about your team being the most overrated team ever, especially younger ones including Derrick Rose.  I know that Tom Thibodeau is one of the best defensive coaches but the player chemistry is a main concern for the playoffs.

As the longtime Lakers fan, I must be very honest about my team.  I am very disappointed in the Lakers because most of the players are LAZY with no motivations.  They don't seem they don't care about the playoff seeds, huh?  Give me a break!  Since they are No. 2 seed in the West, I see that they are going to have much tougher times this year than they had in the previous two seasons.  They won't have any homecourt advantage after the West Semifinals.  Yes, I do see that they will have much tougher times than they did in 2008 in which they eventually lost the NBA Finals series to the Celtics in six games.  I'm totally disappointed that the Lakers have never clinched the NBA's overall best record!  Damn you, Lakers!!!!!  I don't mean to be negative, but my true feelings about my team who is so lazy and lacks motivation.  I know why Kobe Bryant is so frustrated and seems unhappy with his teammates.  I can understand why he had a bad temper when he angrily spat at a referee and threw a towel onto the floor in the Lakers' victory over the Spurs last week.  Of course, I would feel the same way as if I were in his same boat.  I would scold and criticize my teammates for lacks of motivations in winning in order to clinch the NBA's overall record and homecourt advantage throughout playoffs!  To Lakers players except Kobe, you are idiots because you are totally lazy!!!!  Yes, I would get mad at them as if I were Kobe!  Because of lacks of motivation, defense and chemistry, I hate to see my team most likely not repeating its third title.  Because of no homecourt advantage, I see that Lakers most likely will lose the series to the Spurs in the West Finals.  Yuck!  Very disappointing.  Yes, honestly, I do want my team to win its third NBA title in a row.....of course!  However, in reality, they have 50-50 chance to win the third straight NBA championship because of lacks of homecourt advantages and players' lacks of motivations and defense.

Here are my UNBIASED predictions:

Eastern Conference
1. Chicago Bulls vs. 8. Indiana Pacers = Bulls in 5
2. Miami Heat vs. 7. Philadelphia 76ers = Heat in 6
3. Boston Celtics vs. 6. New York Knicks = Celtics in 6
4. Orlando Magic vs. 5. Atlanta Hawks = Magic in 6

Western Conference
1. San Antonio Spurs vs. 8. Memphis Grizzlies = Spurs in 4
2. Los Angeles Lakers vs. 7. New Orleans Hornets = Lakers in 6
3. Dallas Mavericks vs. 6. Portland Trail Blazers = Mavericks in 5
4. Oklahoma City Thunder vs. 5. Denver Nuggets = Thunder in 7

1. Bulls vs. 4. Magic = Magic in 5 (Bulls will have NO answer for the Hulk monster, two-time DPOY Dwight Howard.  Based on veteran experiences, I do see that the Magic team will most likely outplay the inexperienced top-seed and upset them in only five games.)
2. Heat vs. 3. Celtics = Celtics in 6

1. Spurs vs. 4. Thunder = Spurs in 6
2. Lakers vs. 3. Mavericks = Lakers in 7

East: 3. Celtics vs. 4. Magic = Magic in 6 (Celtics will have NO answer for Dwight Howard, either!)
West: 1. Spurs vs. 2. Lakers = Spurs in 6 based on its homecourt advantage.  YUCK!

Spurs vs. Magic = Spurs in 7 based on its homecourt advantage, although they will have much tougher times with the Hulk monster DH.  Like I have stated in the past, no team has answer for the DH Hulk monster.

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2010-11 NBA Picks: First Half of Feb 2011

Here are my NBA picks for the first half of February 2011.

Feb 1
San Antonio at Portland = Trail Blazers must enjoy humiliating the Spurs with its wonderful blowout by 20+ in laughter!  I would love to see the Spurs, Heat and most evil Celtics losing all remaining games in laughter!!!!!!!
Boston at Sacramento = Kings by 20+ in laughter!  Go Kings bumping LOSER, HATEFUL EVIL Celtics!!!!!!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!!!!!!!!!!
Houston at LA Lakers = Lakers by 5-10

Feb 2
Dallas at New York = Mavericks by 1-5
New Orleans at Oklahoma City = Hornets by 1-5
Portland at Denver = Nuggets by 5-10

Feb 3
Miami at Orlando = Magic by 20+ in laughter!!!!!!!  Magic 115, Heat 88
San Antonio at LA Lakers = Lakers by 20+ in laughter!!!!!!!!  Lakers 134, Spurs 90 in laughter!!!!!

Feb 4
Dallas at Boston = Mavericks by 20+ in laughter!!!!!  Heavenly Good Mavericks 111, Reddish-Eyed Devil Celtics 80 in laughter!!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!!!!!!!
Oklahoma City at Phoenix = Suns by 1-4

Feb 5
Memphis at Houston = Rockets by 5-10

Feb 6
LA Clippers at Miami = Clippers by 10-15 in laughter!!!!!!!!!  Go Clippers bumping the most overrated Big 3 in laughter!!!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO Heat!!!!!!!!!
Orlando at Boston = The Heavenly Magic enjoy humiliating the Most Wicked Devil Celtics by 20+ in laughter!!!!!  Magic 122, Celtics 68 in laughter!!!!!!!  The Celtics, especially Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce plus Doc Rivers, are true LOSERS forever!!!!!!!  Also, Celtics are actually CHEATERS with their stupidest secret tricks of defense, killing all opponents into horrible nightmares as well!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!!!!!

Feb 7
Boston at Charlotte = Bobcats by 20+ in laughter!!!!!  Bobcats 107, Celtics 56 in laughter!!!!!!!!
LA Lakers at Memphis = Lakers by 20+.  Lakers 116, Grizzlies 54 in laughter!!!!!

Feb 8
San Antonio at Detroit = Pistons by 20+!  Pistons 120, Spurs 95 in laughter!!!!!!
Memphis at Oklahoma City = Thunder by 15-20

Feb 9
Chicago at Utah = Bulls by 1-5

Feb 10
LA Lakers at Boston = It's Lakers' time to avenge their horribly embarrassing home loss to the most wicked Celtics.  Lakers 115, Celtics 82 in laughter!!!!!!!  Losing to the most hateful Celtics is NOT acceptable, period!  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!!!!!!!!!  Lakers gotta be aggressive to take its heated revenge on the devil Celtics.  Celtics are LOSERS, period!!!!!!!!!
Dallas at Denver = Nuggets by 1-5

Feb 11
New Orleans at Orlando = Magic by 5-10
San Antonio at Philadelphia = 76ers by 5-10!!!!!!!  Go Sixers bumping the Spurs!  Yes, I don't want the Spurs to clinch the NBA league's best record.  if so, Lakers won't have its homecourt advantage throughout playoffs unlike last two seasons.  Speaking as a Lakers fan, that sucks!
Miami a Detroit = Pistons by 15-20 in laughter!!!!!!

Feb 12
Chicago at New Orleans = Hornets by 5-10
Dallas at Houston = Rockets by 1-4

Feb 13
Miami at Boston = I don't care at all!  I am NOT rooting for either team because I strictly despite both teams this year.  Both teams are EVIL and have already humiliated my Lakers with horrible blowouts on the home floor at the Staples Center.  That is totally UNACCEPTABLE!  Both Celtics and Heat are LOSERS, period!!!!!!!
Denver at Memphis = Nuggets by 15-20

Feb 14 (Happy Valentine's Day!)
San Antonio at New Jersey = Nets by 5-10 over Spurs in laughter!!!!!!!
LA Lakers at Charlotte = Lakers by 15-20

Feb 15
Miami at Indiana = Pacers by 5-10 over Heat in laughter!!!
Utah at Phoenix = Suns by 5-10

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2010-11 NBA Picks: Last Half of Jan 2011

Jan 16
DEN @ SAS = Nuggets by 1-5

Jan 17
PHX @ NYK = Knicks by 5-10
ORL @ BOS = Magic by 10-15!!!!!
OKC @ LAL = Lakers enjoy humiliating the Thunder by 20+!

Jan 18
ATL @ MIA = Hawks by 1-5

Jan 19
DET @ BOS = Pistons by 1-4
MEM @ NOH = Hornets by 20+
OKC @ DEN = Nuggets by 5-10

Jan 20
DAL @ CHI = Mavericks by 5-10

Jan 21
NOH @ ATL = Hornets by 1-5
UTH @ BOS = Jazz by 1-5
NYK @ SAS = Knicks by 1-5
HOU @ MEM = Rockets by 10-15

Jan 22
TOR @ MIA = Raptors by 1-5
SAS @ NOH = Hornets by 15-20!
NYK @ OKC = Thunder by 5-10
ORL @ HOU = Magic by 10-15

Jan 23 - No picks of mine

Jan 24
OKC @ NOH = Hornets by 5-10
MIL @ CHI = Bulls by 10-15

Jan 25
UTH @ LAL = Lakers by 5-10

Jan 26
SAS @ UTH = Jazz by 5-10

Jan 27
MIA @ NYK = Knicks by 15-20
HOU @ DAL = Mavericks by 5-10
BOS @ POR = Trail Blazers by 1-5

Jan 28
DET @ MIA = Pistons by 5-10
ORL @ CHI = Magic by 5-10
BOS @ PHX = Suns by 5-10

Jan 29
HOU @ SAS = Rockets by 1-4

Jan 30
MIA @ OKC = Thunder by 15-20
BOS @ LAL = Lakers by 1-5 (This game will be one of the Lakers' toughest teams because of the Celtics' defense that is driving me nuts!!!!!!)

Jan 31
CLE @ MIA = Cavaliers by 1-5
ORL @ MEM = Magic by 20+
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2010-11 NBA Picks: First Half of Jan 2011

Happy New Year to y'all and yours!!!!!  SmileCoolSmile

Jan 1
OKC @ SAS = Spurs by 10-15 (Yuck!)
MEM @ UTH = Jazz by 15-20

Jan 2
HOU @ POR = Trail Blazers by 5-10
MEM @ LAL = Lakers by 20+

Jan 3
MIA @ CHA = Bobcats by 5-10 in laughter!!!!!  To the Heat's Big 3, you fools!  BOO, BOO Heat!!!!!
HOU @ DEN = Nuggets by 5-10

Jan 4
MIL @ MIA = Bucks by 20+ in laughter, like they did to my lovely Lakers team on the road last month!  But I hope that the Bucks can humiliate the Heat WORSE than they did to my team!  BOO, BOO Devil Heat!!!!!!  Go Bucks!
SAS @ NYK = Knicks by 1-5
OKC @ MEM = Thunder by 10-15
POR @ DAL = Mavericks by 5-10

Jan 5
SAS @ BOS = Celtics by 1-5, as I want the Spurs to lose this game at this time.
GSW @ NOH = Hornets by 5-10
POR @ HOU = Rockets by 5-10

Jan 6
OKC @ DAL = Mavericks by 20+, never trailing the entire game!

Jan 7
HOU @ ORL = Magic by 15-20
NOH @ LAL = Lakers by 1-5
NYK @ PHX = Suns by 1-5

Jan 8
IND @ ATL = Hawks by 5-10
PHI @ DET = Pistons by 15-20
BOS @ CHI = Bulls by 1-5
MEM @ OKC = Thunder by 20+
ORL @ DAL = Magic 5-10
UTH @ HOU = Rockets by 5-10

Jan 9
NOH @ DEN = Nuggets by 5-10
MIA @ POR = Trail Blazers humiliating Heat by 20+ in laughter!  Go T'Blazers!
NYK @ LAL = Lakers by 10-15

Jan 10
HOU @ BOS = Celtics by 1-5
DET @ CHI = Bulls by 5-10

Jan 11
PHX @ DEN = Nuggets by 5-10
NYK @ POR = Knicks by 1-5

Jan 12
MEM @ DET = Pistons by 20+
ORL @ NOH = Hornets by 1-5

Jan 13
ORL @ OKC = Magic by 20+

Jan 14
DAL @ SAS = Mavericks by 5-10!
NOH @ HOU = Rockets by 1-5

Jan 15
HOU @ ATL = Hawks by 1-5
NOH @ CHA = Hornets by 5-10
MIA @ CHI = Bulls by 20+ in laughter!  Go Bulls!
DAL @ MEM = Mavericks by 20+

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Five NBA Games on Xmas Day

There are five NBA games on Christmas Day.

Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks
I choose the Bulls-Knicks as the best, closest game ever.
Prediction: Knicks 111, Bulls 108

Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic
I would love to see the good Magic enjoying to humiliate the most evil and baddest Celtics with a wonderful triple-digit blowout!  The Celtics will have NO answer for the NBA's best center, "Hulk" monster Dwight Howard, and Magic's best three-point shooting in laughter!  I know that the Magic acquire three new players, although Hedo Turkoglu is back with his old team, where he was once named to the NBA's most improved player of the year in 2007-08.  Personally, I am not sold on Gilbert Arenas and rather retain Jameer Nelson in the starting line-up in the point guard position.  Jameer has been playing on the same team with Dwight for a very long time.  The Celtics are truly LOSER, period!
Prediction: "Heavenly" Magic 115, "Reddish-Eyed" Devil Celtics 88 in laughter!!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO meanest Celtics!  Go Magic killing the sickest Celtics in laughter!
Tongue outSealedMoney mouth

Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers
I strictly hope that the Lakers must better start to enjoy humiliating the most overrated Big 3 and Co. team with a wonderful triple-digit blowout!
Kobe Bryant-Pau Gasol-Lamar Odom >>> LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh in laughter!
Prediction: Lakers 106, Heat 73 in laughter!!!!!  Go Lakers killing the hateful Heat!
Tongue outSealedMoney mouth

Denver Nuggets at Oklahoma City Thunder
Prediction: Nuggets 109, Thunder 105

Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors
Prediction: Trail Blazers 104, Warriors 95

Merry Christmas to y'all and your families!

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2010-11 NBA Picks: Last Half of Dec 2010

Sorry, I'm running late!  Here are my picks for the last half of December 2010:

Dec 16
Atlanta Hawks at Boston Celtics = Hawks 1-5
San Antonio Spurs at Denver Nuggets = Nuggets 5-10

Dec 17
Miami Heat at New York Knicks = Knicks 5-10
Utah Jazz at New Orleans Hornets = Hornets 5-10

Dec 18 (8 games but no selections of mine)

Dec 19
Indiana Pacers at Boston Celtics = Pacers 1-5!  Pacers 99, Celtics 94 at the most wicked TD Garden in laughter!  Why?  Pacers have embarrassingly defeated my lovely Lakers team at the Staples Center in L.A. on Nov 28.  That's FAIR!  BOO, BOO Celtics in laughter!!!!!!!  Go Pacers bumping LOSER Celtics in laughter!!!!!
Phoenix Suns at Oklahoma City = Suns 1-5

Dec 20
Orlando Magic at Atlanta Hawks = Magic 1-5
Dallas Mavericks at Miami Heat = Mavericks 10-15 in laughter!  Heat's new Big 3 and Co. still can't beat the powerful Mavs!  LOL!!!!!!
Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs = Suns 1-5

Dec 21
Dallas Mavericks at Orlando Magic = Magic 5-10

Dec 22
Oklahoma City Thunder at New York Knicks = Knicks 5-10
Denver Nuggets at San Antonio Spurs = Nuggets 1-5

Dec 23
San Antonio Spurs at Orlando Magic = Magic 10-15
Miami Heat at Phoenix suns = Suns 5-10

Dec 24 (no games scheduled)

Dec 25
Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks = Knicks 1-5
Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic = Magic enjoy humiliating the most evil Celtics with a wonderful triple-digit blowout!  Magic 115, Celtics 88 in laughter!!!!!  Go Magic bumping most wicked NBA team ever in laughter!!!!!!
Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers = Lakers enjoy humiliating the most overrated Big 3 and co. team with a wonderful triple-digit blowout!  Lakers 106, Heat 73 in laughter!!!!!
Denver Nuggets at Oklahoma City Thunder = Nuggets 1-5

Dec 26
Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons = Pistons 5-10
Atlanta Hawks at New Orleans Hornets = Hornets 5-10

Dec 27
Dallas Mavericks at Oklahoma City Thunder = Mavericks 15-20
Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz = Jazz 5-10

Dec 28
Orlando Magic at Cleveland Cavaliers = Magic 20+
Boston Celtics at Indiana Pacers = Pacers 5-10!  Pacers 106, Celtics 97 in laughter!!!!!
New York Knicks at Miami Heat = Knicks 5-10!  Knicks 107, Heat 99!
Milwaukee Bucks at chicago Bulls = Bulls 1-5
Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs = Lakers 5-10!
Portland Trail Blazers at Denver Nuggets = Nuggets 5-10

Dec 29
Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons = Pistons 10-15!!!!!
Miami Heat at Houston Rockets = Rockets 10-15!!!!!

Dec 30
New York Knicks at Orlando Magic = Magic 5-10
San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks = Mavericks 5-10
Utah Jazz at Portland Trail Blazers = Blazers 5-10

Dec 31 - Last Day in 2010!
New Orleans at Boston Celtics = Hornets better kill the most evil Celtics, winning by 1-5 points in margin.
Atlanta Hawks at Oklahoma City Thunder = Thunder 1-4

Happy Holidays! Smile

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