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Doug Lesmerises backs me up :)

Without realizing it, of course... last blog entry I complained about the issues of the polling system and what I would do to correct it (within reason of course).

That being said, I just saw Doug Lesmerises top 25, and while I don't agree with him completely, I gotta congratulate him.  He proved me right, a lot of the reports I'm now reading are blasting the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter for not going with the group think.  

The key line he said in a quick interview on the Gameday show:   "I don't use this neutral field matchup routine, because it didn't happen".   WELL SAID DOUG!!  We should be seeing a rating based on the BEST teams in the nation based on their performance.

Hopefully, Doug, you've set a trend, because it sounded like all but IDIOT Craig James agreed with your theory (James was sticking to the "history says" and "neutral field" issue.).. Even Kiper agreed with him, which shocked the you know what out of me.

I'd probably disagree with Doug on some of his picks, but I have to commend him for standing up for what he believes and what he sees.

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Polls = Poppycock

After reading Doyle's "article" about the 'overrating' of teams due to their conference in early polls, I have one question for Mr. Doyle.. Did you have a vote in the AP poll and if you did, can we ask where you ranked the Rebels?

That being said, Mr. Doyle brought up some points that were obvious to most fans of college football that seem to be a "revelation" To other sportswriters.     Polls are OPINIONS nothing more.  So why is it that a National Championship based on sports reporters "opinions" more relevant than Joe Q Public? 

Let's point out a few points.

AP Polls   Most reporters based on the east coast, don't keep up with west coast games.    Think about it.   If Oregon/Washington dont' finish until midnight central time, that means it's 1 a.m. on the east coast, and most reporters are under deadlines to get their articles completed, so they see about the same as Joe Public.. Highlights.  That's their grading criteria more often than not.

Conference "priority" :   Why is it that a Big-10 team is given higher credentials than an MWC team?   Why is a SEC team given priority over a C-USA team?  History.    Would any reporter explain to me why what happened 4 or 5 years ago is relevant to this season?

Recruiting grades:    I know , i know.. these are the kids from high-school who are "all-stars".   Most high recruits usually get the priviledge of a redshirt season... So they don't even fit into an equation the following year.   But I hear "University X" had a top 20 recruiting class.. based on what?  Stats from teens who may or may not have reached their physical development?

The one thing the BCS did right... they don't count the polls until Week 6 (i Think it's 6) into their calculations.   But a few things get to get straightened up.   But why is it that an Oklahoma loses to a (then undefeated) BYU...  but they only drop from 3 to 13, and since BYU was beaten handily by Florida State, they haven't dropped below 2-1 FLorida State?    (still unranked, with Oklahoma still a top 10 team).  WHat has Oklahoma done to prove that their record (BYU - L , Idaho State/Tulsa - W) is more valid than FLorida state (Miami - L, BYU/Jacksonville STate - W).

What happened to proving something with wins/losses rather than sportswriter's opinions?  When the BCS dropped a couple of ranking systems from their formula, did it not seem suspicious that the polls dropped were ones based on wins, losses, and statistics, and not one of the opinion polls (reporters or coaches?)    Name one coach that has time to keep up with _ALL_ 120 Division 1-A teams in the country.

And this is what the BCS wants to base their mythical "national" champion on?    A small subset of public opinion?     Does anyone else see the problem with this?

Other than the team that wins the national championship the previous season, shouldn't the best teams be the ones with the fewest losses?    Did you know that at hte moment, there are exactly 25 teams in the nation that are undefeated .   (PDF still shows Ole Miss as undefeated, as it hasn't been updated yet).  Should these 25 teams not be the top 25 teams in the nation until they are defeated?    When you narrow down the undefeated teams, then you can argue about everyone underneath them... but until then 0 losses = best teams in the nation.

There is a way to fix this.. but of course, I can assure you it's not going to happen... because these schools want their "BCS money".

Note: We are only including Football schools in this..

First:    We are going to allow polls, however, as you will see, they are very limited as to what they're involvement will be.
Second:   We are going to convert the entire country into 5 "super conferences"  of 24 teams per super conference... you can go to 6/20 if you wish.. it's up to you.

Each Super conference very simiilar to the NFL.. you'll have 2 Divisions, with 2 subdivisions.

East Conference:   First Division - sub conference a and B.   Secon division - Sub Conference A and B

You'll play your Sub-Conference teams (5 games), you'll play 2 teams from your B conference (rotating of course), and then you have to play the other two conferences that finished in the same position you did in the standings.  (so if you finished 3rd in East-First-A, you'll have to play the team that finished 3rd in East-2nd-A and East-2nd B).

That's 9 games... that will give you TWO OOC game that you're free to schedule as you wish... there's your 11 regular season games
If you decide to schedule a Jacksonville State, that's your business... if you think it's what you need to be "Impressive".

Now that we're done, now you've got 4 division champions determined...  A vs. B,  C vs. D..   Winners face off... that's 13 games to set your playoffs in motion.   Winner take all..

That gives you 5 conference champions... and NOW you can look to the polls

Take the 3 top ranked teams in your polls who didn't win their conference championship.. and throw them in there.   (If you go with 6 conferences, you only take the top 2 ranked teams)...  you now have your playoffs.    The conference champions with the best rankings get the top seeds of the playoffs, the ranked non-champs get slots 6. 7, and 8.

Now there are some cons in there...   How do you set up the conferences?  Geographically of course... YOu want something to talk about, you set up it as much as you can in geographics... Yes, some smaller schools are going to bring down some numbers, but you know what.. deal with it.  Treat it like a sport and not a business for once.... Here's an example (Feel free to move teams as you see necessary).

The Southern Superconference:

Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, East Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Houston, Kentucky, La-Lafayette, La Tech, LA-Monroe, LSU, Marshall, Memphis, Mississippi, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Southern Methodist, Southern Mississippi, Tennessee, Troy, Tulane, UAB, Vanderbilt.

East:    Army, Boston College, Buffalo, Clemson, Connecticut, Duke, Florida Atlantic, Florida Int'l, Florida State, Georgia TEch, Louisville, Maryland, Miami Fla, Navy, North Carolina, NC STate, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, S Florida, Syracuse, UCF, Virginia, VIrginia Tech, Wake Forest

Midwest:    Air Force, Arkansas STate, Baylor, Cincinnati, Colorado, Col. St, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Middle Tennesee, Missouri, Nebraska, Rice, Okalahoma, Ok. State, Tulsa, TCU, Texas, Tex A&M, Tex. Tech, North Texas, West Virginia, W. Ky, Wyoming

Heartlands;    Akron, Ball State, Bowling Green, central Michicagn, E. Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kent STate, Miami Ohio, Michigan, Michigan state, minnesota, N. Illinois, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio, Ohio state, penn state, purdue, temple, toledo, W. Michigan, Wisconsin

West:   Arizona, Ariz. State, boise state, BYU, Cal, Fresno State, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico state, Utah, ORgeon, Oregon State, New Mexico, San Jose State, USC, Stanford, SD state, UTEP, UCLA, UNLV, Utah State, Washington, Washington State

Let each region of the country find their 'champion'.. and then compete for the real National Champion...

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Rivarly restored... MSU vs. USM

At least for two years.     While i'm waiting to hear the final results from the MSU-USM home-and-home matchup agreement (at least I'm HOPING it's home-and-home), I got to wondering.

For USM fans, which non-C-USA matchup would be most important to us?

Mississippi State?   Ole Miss?   Louisville?  

I leave Alabama and Auburn off this list, because it was always a road game for us, with no return games ever allowed, and we were forced to deal with Pro-Alabama/Auburn officiating 99% of the time.  (No, that's not sour grapes, there are documented examples).

MSU and OM were always long instate rivals, and the team that managed to win the three games took pride in being the "Mississippi State Football Champions"  (kind of like how somehow despite our horrid basketball teams, we  managed to beat UNO, LSU, and Tulane to be the unofficail "Louisiana State Basketball Champions". 

But then i got to thinking, was there any rivalry for USM more "heated" than Louisville?     Everyone remembers how Favre became a college-household name with his 60 yard hail mary that bounced from one Louisville player to a USM player who took it in for a score.  Or how there were always fights and scrums in the past when our teams met.

So which is it USM fans?    Which team do you miss playing the most?  (even though we now get both Louisville and MSU in the future... Come on Webbels.. not scared of us are you?  Not with your #4 ranking... you coudln't be 'scared' now could you?)

Now before I cut off, I had an idea, let's take our three heated rivals... MSU, UM, Louisville... and we schedule a repeating cycle with all three teams.   Say the first week (or second week,if you really want a pre-game warm up with Alcorn, MTSU, Jackson st, etc.) of the season.. we kick the season off right.

2010 -  MSU @ Hattiesburg
2011 -  USM @ Louisville
2012 -  UM   @ Hattiesburg
2013 -  USM @ Starkville
2014 -  Louisville @ Hattiesburg
2015 -  USM @ Oxford

And then repeat the cycle in 2016...    Let's face it.. Bowl games don't want in state rivals, which was our best chance to meet either of our in-state rivals  (there was always talk that hte Liberty Bowl would lift that ban for USM - UM or MSU. but reportedly "Ole Miss balked" at that.. true or not, I don't know.)

It's a sure-fire money / attendance winner for all three schools...   I've never known a Louisville - USM game not to sell out, and would wager that on even terms (Home-and-Home), USM and OM/MSU would be a sure-fire sell out for both schools.    If any of the three teams were national title contenders, and got bumped in that week, there are still 10 to 11 weeks (which is why IMO, it should be week one of the season) of the season to rebound.
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Tier Rankings; An 0-2 team still up top?

A teams :

Arizona     (A   8 2.666667) – That is the Arizona offense that we remember from last season.   But come on Wis, I know you want to give Leinart some snaps, but that was definitely the wrong time for it.
Baltimore (A  12  4) – Okay, so they gave up quite a few yards in the air.  But the defense held its ground at JUST the right moment.  Flacco was impressive once again to help counter the defensive let down.
Indianapolis (A  11 3.666667) – That is what you call a quick strike offense.  14+ minutes of total time of possession and 27 points.  That’s a point every half minute folks… 30 seconds!
Minnesota (A  12 4) – Once again, the Vikings leave a game close in the first half, and then they just turn on the Peterson freight train to run over tired defenses.    Hint to Vikings opponents, score early, score often to force the Vikings to change tactics.
New Orleans ( A  11 3.666667) – Okay, 93 points, average time of possession:  33:28 minutes… And you thought Indy’s 2 points a minute was impressive… how about 1 point every 43 seconds, the Baltimore Ravens are the next closest at 1 point/minute.
New York Jets (A  7 2.333333) – Yes, the Jets are getting a full “A” for this one.  The defense was outstanding for 2 weeks in a row, and popping Brady at every opportunity.  If Sanchez becomes more than a ball manager, there’s big potential
San Francisco (A 6 2) -  What can you say about Frank Gore?  A workhorse for the Niners and is truly underappreciated when talking about some of the great RB’s of the current roster.

B Teams:

Houston     (B  6  2 ) –  Houston does have to remember, you can’t leave guys uncovered on the outside like they did against Chris Johnson.  Fortunately Andre Johnson proved his worth today as perhaps the best WR currently on any NFL roster.
New York Giants     (B  11  3.666667) – Fortunately for the Giants, the passing game was on the mark.   Because the Giants red zone offense left a LOT of points in that mammoth stadium that could have kept them with a perfect 4.0 grade.
Atlanta     (B  9  3) –   Has anyone noticed that Ryan’s not hitting a sophomore slump?   3 passing touchdowns this week and all the talk is still about everyone else in the league, and that’s just the way the Falcons like it.
Pittsburgh   (B  10  3.33) – Solid performance by the team in a close loss, but they are still in need of a running game. 
Tennessee   (B  9  3) – This team is nowhere as bad as the record shows.    And they matched up pretty evenly against Houston.  But Fisher needs to get some wins before this team implodes, much like Jones did.
Buffalo     (B  6  2) – 57 points in 2 games for this team is actually impressive.  It’ll keep TO quiet, but maybe it’s time to razz the trouble maker for some easy drops he had?  Jackson showing that he’s still got some game left in his old legs.
Chicago     (B  6  2) – The gunslinger mentality of Jay Cutler needs to be put under control.  He’s got a great fast gun, but some questionable
Denver     (B  4  1.33):  A much more impressive win, even though it was against a lesser quality opponent.    And Orton’s doing what they brought him in to do, manage the game.
Miami     (B  8  2.667):   They did EVERYTHING right in this game.  They controlled the clock, the controlled the tempo, they kept Manning off the field.  They just forgot how to tackle Dallas Clark throughout the game.

C Teams:

Carolina (C  4  1.33) – Okay, an 8 point loss to the Falcons was a vast improvement.   Delhomme looking to continue to try to returning to form in baby steps, and they could salvage the season.
Cincinnati (C  4  1.33):   2 interceptions, 2 fumbles (although none were possession changers) 24 flags in this game.   It was an improvement on the scoreboard, the Bengals are still making too many mistakes to be considered a true contender.  
Dallas (C  9  3) -  Okay, the Running game worked, the stadium worked, the crowd worked.   Romo and the Pass Defense?  
Green Bay (C  8  2.67) - Bad call by Rogers to go over the middle with so little time left cost them any chance to salvage the game against the Bengals.  Add in the flag-fest and this game was not as impressive as the score showed.
New England (C  10  3.33) – Am I ready to write off the Patriots?  Not Yet.  But they’ve got to get back to the faster, more methodical Patriots offense, and the defense has to give the Patriots shorter fields to work with… the longer Brady is out there, the more likely he is to get hit.
Philadelphia (C  9  3) – Don’t’ let the stats for Kolb fool you.   The Saints gave up 109 yards through the air when the game was well under control.   That being said, it was nice to see Andy Reid get a little creative in his play calling, especially with that talent.
San Diego (C  8  2.67) – Horrendous play calling by the coach was hidden by the fact that Rivers threw for 400 yards in a close game.   But this team is definitely in need of a power running game if they want to stay in the playoff hunt.

D teams:

Jacksonville (D  4  1.33) – Okay, they hold a potent Indy offense to 14 points, and then let Arizona rack up 31?   Good news for Jags fan, they’re still allowing under 100 rushing yards a game.  Bad news.. they’re 26th against the pass.
Seattle     (D  8  2.67) – No Hasselbeck, no prob.. er, wait a minute, BiG problem.  And the run defense… do we really need to look at the tapes again.
Washington (D  1  0.33) – If there is a team that should be checked to see if they tampered by talking to the scheduling gods, it’s Washington.  Despite their anemic offense, they still have a chance to start the season 5-1 before facing Philly.

F teams:

Cleveland (F  2  0.67) – Are we ready yet to say the Brady Quinn time as a starting QB is done?   Mangini is showing that he may make a good coordinator, but as a head coach, not so much
Oakland (F  1  0.33) – Really, how do you win a game when you play that pathetically?
Detroit     (F  1  0.33) – The defense took a step back in the second half, despite  a good start against the Vikings.   Fortunately, they’ve got the Redskins coming up next week, and that offense is not good, so the losing streak could be broken at 19.
Kansas City (F  0  0) – Let me see if I have this right.    You’re opposing QB goes 7 for 24… You give up 67 rushing yards, and you still can’t win?   At least the Lions look like they’re trying out there, I’m not sure what the Chiefs are doing.
St. Louis (F  0  0)  - The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The OL is getting Bulger killed, Steven Jackson rushes for a 100 yards, and the Rams still can’t score more than single digits in a game.    I know Spagnuola likes challenges, but he is going to need a miracle.
Tampa Bay (F  0  0) – If the Bucs only had to play the 2nd and 3rd quarters,they’d actually be competitive.   It’s that slow start in the 1st and the horrible finishes in the 4th that are killing them.



4.0 - Baltimore
3.0+ - Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, New England,
3.0 - Tennessee
2.0+ - Miami, San Diego, New York Jets
2.0 - Houston, Buffalo
1.0+ - Cincinnati, Denver, Jacksonville, Cleveland
0.0 + - Oakland,
0.0 - Kansas City

4.0 - Minnesota
3.0+ - New Orleans, New York
3.0 - Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia
2.0+ - Arizona, Green Bay, seattle
2.0 - San Francisco,  Chicago
1.0+ -  Carolina, Jacksonville
0.0+ -  Detroit, Washington
0.0 - St. Louis, Tampa Bay

Of course, this why the NFL doesn't go on "coaches polls" or "press polls", onliy the Wins and Losses count.    The Titans have been impressive in their losses, but they can't buy a win at the moment     San Francisco is staring from a preseason hole, and finds themselves as the lowest undefeated seed, and despite Detroit being 0-2, have shown themselves as being far from the worst on the grading chart (that honor easily goes to St. Louis and Kansas City)

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A tale of two halves...

So on paper, Virginia was 0-2... USM was 2-0.    

On the field, you wouldnt' have known it for 30 minutes...  Yes, the "comedy of errors" that Virginia suffered through the first two weeks of the season appeared to start all over, as Sewell fumbled the second snap of the game, and USM took over.   From that point on, however, for the next 29 minutes of the game, you wouldn't have recognized the two teams from their records.

I don't know what happened to my USM team, but the offense sputtered, Deandre Brown couldn't hold a ball for his life, Davis refused to work the magic with his other RB's and WR's... and the defense... well, we won't mention the defense of the first half, other than to say that when you give up 190 yards (yes, 190) to a team that had about a 108 yard per game average (if CBS-C had the right numbers), you know it's just wrong.

The DL was getting no push, couldn't get NEAR Sewell and the coverage just ran out of time to cover all the WR's.. and Vriginia was looking like an all-pro team out there, moving up and down the field at will.

First half score:  27-10

Then something happened... either Fedora lit a fire under someone's donkey at halftime, or the Virginia players remembered that they lost to Wiliam and Mary...   I'm not sure what it was, but other than one drive that ended in a Sewell TD, USM apparently showed up to play, including a 100 yard Kickoff return by Freddie Parham  (I thought it was 102, but I'm not an official statistician, sorry Freddie, my numbers don't count :) ), and Damion Fletcher passing Sammy Winder for the all-time rushing Touchdowns in a USM career.

But for the second week in a row, the defense seemed to have problems with a scrambling, agile QB, particularly until the 4th quarter.   I'll be honest, I haven't kept up with this new (i think he's new?) Kansas QB, but if our line can't get any pressure on him without the help of a blitz, this is going to be a VERY Long week/weekend.

And just for what it's worth, Coach Fedora, please save the half-back pass plays until we're IN the lead with no fear of a comeback... PLEASE?
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The Bell Tolls for C-USA

Versus Versus

I found a story yesterday via my Golden Eagles board that kind of has me conflicted...    It's about the Memphis Tigers who are looking to get out of C-USA and into a BCS conference.

Basically, according to the Commercial Appeal the Memphis tigers paid for hte services of former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese to get into the Big East.    At first I sat back and understood where they were going.  They want to be in a BCS.  Understandable.  They're getting no competiion from C-USA in Basketball (basically, carrying the entire conference on their shoulders), so they need to find a conference in which they don't get gypped by the rest of the league.   (No offense, Tulsa, you're the 2nd best in the conference (IMO), but you've got a way to go to get any Basketball cred in terms of crowds.)

Being a USM fan, i figured okay, I can understand this choice... They're wanting to have a chance to play for a BCS title, as well as not lose out with their Basketball program.

Let's face it.. right now, the only claim to fame that C-USA has is their Baseball roster (Rice, USM, ECU, etc. have carried the mantle well in that department.), and a few upsets so far for football.  (You dont know how happy I was to see OSU lose to HOuston, and I'm a Cowboy fan...)

There have been talks for a while about the BE picking up somebody (USM fans have hoped it's been them for a while... but I'll get to that later).    So again, anyone jumping ship would have been the right move.  (Although how TCU did it was downright underhanded IMO...  You dont' sign with one conference, when you've got a backdoor deal already in play for another conference years down the road.)   Memphis brings enough basketball prowess to fit right in... football.. well, they didn't do themselves any favors over the past two weeks.

They played #8 (at the time) Ole Miss.. and I don't think they broke 30000 in attendance.  (might have been 31K, not sure), then they blew the game against MTSU.    I know, I know.. wins/losses don't matter as much as demographics... But again, how many people attended the MTSU game?    How many are going to attend if they keep losing?    They think it's enough to sell the Big Easst, I guess (and everyone KNOWS the BE is going to expand, considering that they're in danger of losing their AQ status to the MWC and/or WAC.)

However, as I said, I could only hope that USM decided to join a BCS, but then I saw the following statement, in fact, another article from the WV Gazette suggested bringing in Southern Miss, East Carolina, Memphis and Houston (no mention of Marshall?  strange).   I dunno how well that works in terms of travel itinerary, but it would give them some serious oomph in the football name brand., although it only really adds one "contender" in the basketball world.   

So it seems that public opinion has no problem with Memphis jumping ship to the Big East... again, I can't blame them if they went specifically to that conference.     But then I saw this ... in which the AD director states flat out..

“Quite honestly, the truth of the matter is the lifelong dream of Memphis is to get in the SEC,” Johnson said Thursday in a phone interview. “We’re surrounded by SEC country. When Arkansas got in Memphis thought they were going to get in.”"
So now you're applying to get into the Big East, but your dream is to be invited into the SEC?   So what do you tell the Big East if the SEC were to come calling around?

“I told him, ‘It’s simple. There are six BCS conferences. Get us in one,’” Johnson said. Congrats memphis..way to piss off one of your suitors.   Even USM hasn't been THAT stupid to any of the conferences (of course, I'm thinking our AD is an idiot for not even TRYING to relocate.. "All is well".   *Sigh*

Of course, even though the consultant that was hired said he can't promise that, I'd wager that in the next 6 months after football season is over, Memphis will be a member of the Big East, and Houston, Tulsa, ECU and Souther Miss are going to be struggling to find something that will get them a shot at a BCS tourney.  

And in the process, Conference-USA will fall by the wayside.. even if it's just Memphis that jumps, and they're looking to do it sooner rather than later.  So long C-USA it was nice knowing you while we were around.

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Ranking the Tiers...

As some of you may or may not know, I've never been a fan of the 1-32 ranking system.   It's great cannon fodder talk for around the water cooler, but this is the NFL, if you're 11-5 and #5 or #6 in the AFC, you're still in the playoffs (Usually).  

So with that I decided I'm going to stick with the Grade Tier ranking system...  A, B, C, D, F.   

They'll get ranked by their performance each week, and an average will be put together for all the weeks/games to determine who's the most/least successful.   The weekly rankings are based ONLY on that weeks' games.. if you want the total check the bottom of the posting for the overall rankings.

So.. here goes.. Each team is listed, their total points scored, and their averages.  Note that there is no limit on to how many teams can appear in each tier.. so one week there could be NO A's, the next week , 8 or 9...

Week 1 Rankings:

Tier A  

    Baltimore (A, Running GradeTotal:  8.0 Average 4.0) - 300 yards from a Baltimore QB?   And the defense only gave up 188 yards total offense.
    Dallas  (C,  6.0, 3.5) - Probably the biggest jump, but as the Cowboys had a 4.9 YPC average on the ground to go with Romo, they deserve the jump
    Minnesota (A, 8.0 , 4.0) - The NFC-North's worst nightmare.   Favre actually managing a game and just letting AP still be the "man"
    New England  (A, 8.0, 4.0) - It took 55 minutes for Brady to shine through, but is there anyone else you trust to run a 2-minute offense more efficiently?
    New Orleans (B, 7.0, 3.5) - 6 Touchdowns.. and should have been 7 passing and 1 rushing.   Lions or not, that's impressive.  Now fix the ST issues or the "A" tier will be a short stay.
    New York Giants (A, 8.0, 4.0) - I thought about dropping these guys, but you know what... I really can't this week.  Another 'lackluster' game could move them down to "B".
    Seattle (B, 7.0 3.5) - a complete shutout.. Despite the early struggles, the Seahawks are my pick to win the West now that they're all on the field

Tier B

    Atlanta (B, 6.0, 3.0) - Much like GreenBay, they don't go up because their superstars weren't a factor.  Turner for only 60 rushing yards?
    Green Bay (B , 6.0, 3.0) - I wanted to raise these guys up to A, but ony 150 yards from the "Superstar QB of the future" hurt.   
    Indianapolis(A, 7.0, 3.5) - Gonzalez injury is huge.   But I don't expect Indy to stay down long.
    Philadelphia  (A, 7.0, 3.5)  - Could rebound easy , but the loss of McNabb automatically means a one-tier drop for a week.  Garcia signing is smart, but will it be effective for one week?
    Pittsburgh  (A, 7.0, 3.5) - If Tennessee hadn't gone into Prevent, I don't think Roethy makes the comeback, but then again, when Pit-TN meet, i never know what to expect.  Polamalu absence hurts for short term, but these guys will be back to the "A" ranks soon.
    Tennessee(B, 6.0, 3.0) - Had Pittsburgh beat, until they completely changed their defensive style.  If something works, stick with it!

    Buffalo (D, 3.0,  1.5) - I'm moving these guys up, simply because if it hadn't been for one fumble at an in opportune time, this game POSSIBLY goes in Buffalo's favor.  And yes, running it back out -was- the right call with 5 seconds until the 2:00 warning..  However, for some reason I"m seeing them getting blown out in the Rematch.
    Jacksonville (D, 3.0, 1.5) - Once again, the Jaguars give the Colts ALL they can handle, and a weird decision on the run by MJD cost them the tie.
    Miami (B, 5.0, 2.5) -  The Falcons showing that the Wildcat offense can be stopped, and that means that the Dolphins have to win with a standard game and defense.  I'm not sure they can.
    New York Jets (D, 3.0,  1.5) - Don't look now but the rookie QB's didn't do to bad.  Although Sanchez has to improve on the 58% completion rate for the Jets to get much higher than "C".
    San Diego (A, 6.0, 3.0) -   I counted 4 Chargers that came out due to injuries n the Raiders game.  Not to mention that for 58 minutes, the Oakland raiders literally punched the Chargers in the mouth. If Oakalnd can do that.. what can other teams do?

    Arizona (B, 4.0  2.0) -  For a prolific offense, they just looked inept way too often.   The NFC-West streak is over and the SB loser curse is lingering.
    Houston  (C, 3.0, 1.5)  - This is the Houston front 7 we're talking about.  They're still good, among the best.. But that being said, it was a bad day for them.  (190 yards?)
    Oakland  (F, 1.0,  0.5) - Can you believe that I'm taking Oakland off the bottom of the charts for a week?  But major thumbs up to Russell for coming back in after that layout and throwing bombs still, and Seymour looked like he was PO'd for being traded, he was a monster out there.  Bad defense over the middle at the end cost them the game.
    Chicago  (C, 3.0, 1.5) - Urlacher gone, Cutler with 4 INTs, and only 86 rushing yards.  I'd be getting nervous if I were a Bear fan.
    Cleveland (D, 2.0, 1.0) - For one half, the Browns looked like they had AP figured out.. Then the halftime gun and we had a new, er old... Dawg Pound Defense.
    Detroit (F, 1.0,  0.5) - Believe it or not, the Lions had some good things to take from this game.   Stafford to Johnson is going to be dangerous in time.
    San Francisco (D, 2.0,  1.0) - Sorry guys, but even with the win, I was not impressed.  21 yards total on the ground?


    Carolina (C, 2.0,  1.0) - Millions paid out... and 12 turnovers in 2 games  (but I don't blame him for that Fumble.. that was just a semi-truck that hit Delhomme).
    Cincinnati  (C, 2.0, 1.0) - Fundamentals!!   If you can't coach fundamentals, then Marvin Lewis needs to go.
    Denver (D, 1.0, .5) - I don't care if they won or not, when you win because of another teams after showing absolutley nothing for 59 minutes and 49 seconds, you don't deserve a "D".
    Kansas City  (F, 0.0,  0.0) - 188 yards and they still scored 24 points?   The KC Chiefs are the detroit lions of the AFC of the week..
    St. louis  (F, 0.0, 0.0) -  Not only were they bad, but even when they had a good play, they could only do it with 12 men on the field.
    Tampa Bay  (F, 0.0,  0.0) - The Josh Freeman countdown clock is running.
    Washington  (F, 0.0,  0.0) - The offense was HORRIFIC.  I took a ribbing for giving them an "F", but this defense can onlyn carry them so far

  4.0 - Baltimore, Minnesota, New England, New York Giants
  3.5 -  Dallas, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle
  3.0-  Atlanta, Green Bay, Tennessee, San Diego
  2,5 - Miami
  2.0-  Arizona,
  1.5 - Buffalo, Chicago, Houston, Jacksonville, NY Jets
  1.0 - Carolina, Cincinnati, Cleveland, San Francisco,
  0.5 - Denver, Detroit, Oakland,
  0.0 = Kansas City, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Washington

So after week 1:  The playoffs would be:

AFC - Balt, NE, Ind, Pitt, SD, TN... the usual six power players.
NFC = Minn, NYG, DAl, NO, Phil, Seattle - 3 from the East?   Eeep...

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