Posted on: October 14, 2011 10:49 am

How weak is the NFC West?

Everyone is always saying how weak the NFC West is in comparison to other divisions. This of course all stems from last year's ridiculous contribution to the playoffs, A Dismal 7-9 Seattle Seahawks. But take a second look at that for a moment, Seattle beat the then Super Bowl champs to end all hopes of a repeat. Get lucky? Get overlooked? Maybe, but that just proves the point that there isn't that much separation between the NFC West and the rest of the NFL.

So fast forward to this year. Week 1 the Arizona Cardinals defeat the Carolina Panthers. Admittedly the Panthers had the number one overall pick in the draft for a reason. But also keep in mind how much of their problem was truly coaching. Jon Fox had been there for ever and no one was ever surprised by his play calling anymore. Looking at what the Panthers are accomplishing this year shows a number of things, Cam Newton is truly a gifted athlete. Carolina has hung tough against a lot of its competitors this year. In fact they haven't lost by double digits yet. With those losses coming to teams like the Saints, Packers, and Bears. They aren't exactly playing scrubs either. Yet the Cardinals beat them Week 1, and lost by one point to the Redskins who also have been playing with a renewed sense of what the hell it means to be an NFL team.

Moving on to the 49ers surprising games against the Cowboys, Eagles, and Buccaneers. Experts all picking against the 49ers each and every time. They lost to the Cowboys in overtime due to a blown coverage, as loss is a loss and I accept that. Eagles they came from way behind to win that game in convincing fashion. The Bucs game they just dominated every aspect of the game. You can say that the Cowboys and Eagles aren't that good, but then you are giving up the argument that the NFC West is weak, because neither one of those teams is in it. Follow that up with the Seahawks surprising victory over the Giants, it is starting to appear to me that the NFC North is the weak division not the West.
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