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Posted on: November 12, 2009 10:46 am

NFL Power Rankings - Week 10

We are more than halfway through the season and the cream is starting to rise to the top.  There are still 2 undefeated teams left in the NFL and they are one and two in our power rankings.  You will see a new team enter the rankings this week although I am not sure how long they will stay there...here we go.

1.  New Orleans Saints (8-0) - The Saints remain as the #1 team in our power rankings with a win over the Carolina Panthers last week.  They have been #1 in our rankings since we started back in week 3.  Last Sunday they fell behind early to the Panthers but still found a way to come back and win.  That has been their theme over the past couple of weeks.  Even when they were behind 14 points was anyone concerned that they would lose?  This team has a cake walk of a schedule for the rest of the season with the exception of maybe two games.  Is it too early to talk of an undefeated season?

2.  Indianapolis Colts (8-0) - The Colts remained undefeated after their hard fought win over the Houston Texans last week.  This week is a huge test for Peyton Manning and company as Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots head into town.  I can't think of a bigger rivalry in the NFL that pits two teams that aren't from the same division against each other.  The Patriots have been a thorn in the side of the Colts for the past 7 years with the exception of their one SuperBowl victory.  Can the Colts handle the recently hot Patriots and remain undefeated?  We will see.

3.  Minnesota Vikings (7-1) - The Vikings are coming off of their bye week and will host the pitiful Detroit Lions which should be an easy victory.  If you watch our weekly NFL video show you know my thoughts on teams coming off a bye, more often then not they play very good football and cruise to a victory.  Brett Farve is supposedly battling a groin injury but for a guy who has NEVER missed an NFL start I find it doubtful that it will prevent him from playing.  The Vikings don't have a tough opponent until week 14 so as long as they can avoid a stumble against the basement teams in the NFL they should remain planted in our rankings for the foreseeable future.

4.  Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) - The Bengals played a great game last week against a struggling Baltimore Ravens team and now head to Pittsburgh in a game that will decide first place in the AFC North.  This team is playing really good football on both sides of the ball.  They are running the ball effectively and playing spectacular defense which is a recipe for a championship team.  If they take care of business in Pittsburgh they will hold a commanding lead in the division at 5-0.  This will definitely be the game of the day.

5.  Dallas Cowboys (6-2) - I would have never imagined the Cowboys would make their way into the power rankings this year the way the started the season.  But 4 wins in a row will get it done.  They beat the Philadelphia Eagles last week and completely shutdown their high powered offense.  They have an interesting game against the struggling Green Bay Packers this week at Lambeau Field.  Anytime you go to Lambeau you have a chance to lose.  If the Cowboys play the way they have been playing they should be able to take care of business and remain in our rankings for another week.

There you have it...NFL Power Rankings for week 10.  Make sure to check out our weekly NFL picks show at www.moleandmeares.com or www.youtube.com/meares78 .


Posted on: November 5, 2009 1:58 pm

NFL Power Rankings - Week 9

It is that time of the week again, time for the official Mole & Meares NFL power rankings.  Not much change this week as our top five teams all performed fairly well last week.  This week could be different, here we go...

1. New Orleans Saints (7-0) - The Saints remain atop our power rankings again this week with a win against their division rivals last Monday night, the Atlanta Falcons.  The Saints overcame a plethora of turnovers in route to their seventh consecutive win to start the season.  This team just finds a way to win every week and they are extremely fun to watch.  They play another division opponent this week in the Carolina Panthers but they shouldn't prove to be much competition.  Look for them to be atop our rankings again next week at 8-0.

2. Indianapolis Colts (7-0) - The Colts are the only other undefeated team left in the NFL although San Francisco gave them everything they could handle last week in what was a close game.  Peyton Manning continued his stellar performance throwing for over 300 yards again this season but he failed to find the endzone.  The Colts managed to come away with a win and will host a dangerous Houston Texans team this week.  Indianapolis is not going to go undefeated this year and this could be a trap game for them.  I like Houston to upset the Colts and send them down our rankings next week.

3.  Minnesota Vikings (7-1) - In the most media hyped game in recent memory the Brett Farve led Vikings headed back into Green Bay last Sunday and laid the smackdown on the Packers and took a strangle hold on the division.  Brett Farve played solid and the defense came up big in the victory.  Minnesota heads into the bye week and I am sure Brett Farve's 40 year old body couldn't be happier.  If they continue to protect the ball and play solid defense I don't see them dropping from our rankings anytime soon.

4.  Denver Broncos (6-1) - The Broncos finally lost a game last week to the Ravens who were in a must win situation.  The Broncos schedule this year is absolutely brutal and it is a good thing they got off to such a hot start.  They looked lost on offense last week and they better hope they figure out what went wrong fast as they head into the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers backyard this weekend.  I have a feeling we are going to see a slow decline of the Broncos over the next couple of weeks, although I still think they will run away with their division.

5.  Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) - The Bengals are coming off their bye week and they will be hosting the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.  If they can string two wins together in the next two weeks against the Ravens and Steelers they will be in the absolute drivers seat in the division.  I still don't believe this team has played up to their potential this year and I think they might raise in our power rankings over the next few weeks.

So there you have it.  Make sure to check out our weekly NFL picks video which highlights the top 4 games of the week and comes out every Friday.  You can watch the video at www.moleandmeares.com or at www.youtube.com/meares78 .

Posted on: October 29, 2009 4:32 pm

NFL Power Rankings - Week 8

So we are down to three unbeaten teams in the NFL after Minnesota lost to Pittsburgh this past week.  Those teams will be at the top of our rankings but we will see a new team emerge into the rankings this week...read on to find out who it is...

1.  New Orleans Saints (6-0) - The Saints survived a scare this past week against the Miami Dolphins.  They were down by 21 in the first half and still managed to win by 11.  Their offense is ridiculous and their defense in the second half is incredible.  It is hard to find a weakness on this team.  They have a tough game against the Falcons who really didn't show up agains an up and down Cowboys team.  This is a divisional game though, teams always show up for rivalry matches...could this be the week the Saints finally lose?

2.  Indianapolis Colts (6-0) - The Colts offense looked incredible last week, of course they were playing what basically amounts to a division 2 college football team in the St. Louis Rams.  Still, Peyton Manning looks unstoppable this season and their division is a joke.  The Colts look they are headed to another AFC championship game, unless of course, they lose as the favorite again in the early rounds of the playoffs.

3.  Denver Broncos (6-0) - The Broncos are coming off a bye week which the desperately needed to get some of their veteran players healthy.  Now they head into Baltimore in a game which most people will expect Baltimore to win.  Teams coming off a bye seem to have more than enough time to prepare and gameplan for their opponent and I like Denver to win this game and remain undefeated.  Their defense has been playing incredible and Kyle Orton continues to protect the ball.  All of that adds up to another Bronco's victory.

4.  Minnesota Vikings (6-1) - The Vikings fell from the ranks of the unbeaten this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This week they play one of the most hyped games in recent memory in the NFL, Favre playing his first game at Lambeau as an opponent.  This is a very big game for the Green Bay Packers...they are a half game back in the division and they have already lost once this season to the Vikings.  Can the Vikings rebound from the crushing defeat by the Steelers?  Can Aaron Rodgers come out of Brett Farve's shadow in Green Bay?  We will find out on Sunday!

5. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) -  It was difficult to find a team to put at number 5 this week in our rankings.  There were a couple of teams that could have slid in but overall I believe Cincinnati deserves to be here, especially coming off the 45-10 drumming of Chicago last week.  Chicago was supposed to be a team that would compete for their division and Cincinnati just absolutely destroyed them.  They sit atop the AFC north and have wins over both Pittsburgh and Baltimore.  They are on a bye this week but the two weeks following will show us if they are for real as they have to face the Steelers and Ravens again.

That is it for this week's power rankings.  Please make sure to visit us at http://www.moleandmeares.com or http://www.youtube.com/meares78 to check out our weekly NFL picks video.



Posted on: October 22, 2009 10:55 am

NFL Power Rankings - Week 7

Last week was interesting in the NFL.  There were a couple of big upsets and a couple of important games that showed us who is for real. There has been a semi shakeup in this weeks rankings and a new team enters our top 5 for the first time.  Here we go!

1.  New Orleans Saints (5-0) - The Saints absolutely demolished our #2 ranked team from last week, the New York Giants.  After a few weeks of not having the explosive offense we were accustomed to seeing, the Saints came out roaring putting 48 points up against what we thought was the #1 defense in the NFC.  This game was over during the 1st quarter when it was evident the Giants had no way of stopping Drew Brees.  The Saints scored a touchdown on their first 4 possessions of the game.  The Saints are now, far and away, the best team in the NFL.  Now they head into Miami this week against a much improved Dolphins team coming off a bye...should be a good game.

2. Indianapolis Colts (5-0) - The Colts had a bye week last week and moved up two spots in our rankings.  People will ask how can I move up the Colts when they didn't even play last week and my answer is simple, Peyton Manning.  Manning is having his best statistical year since he came into the league and their offense looks unstoppable.  Their defense will return Bob Sanders this week and that should help out their secondary which is their only question mark to this point.  The Colts have a cake walk opponent this week in St. Louis and should remain in this spot for the foreseeable future.

3.  Denver Broncos (6-0) - The Broncos just keep figuring out a way to win.  They stay at 3 in our power rankings this week but it was hard not to move them up to number 2.  They went into San Diego on Monday Night Football and took care of business and also took a commanding 3 1/2 game lead in their very weak division.  Now they get a much needed bye this week which will allow their starters to get healthy.  In two weeks they will have to travel to the east coast to battle the Baltimore Ravens which should be a great game...two excellent defenses going head to head.  I wouldn't bet against the Broncos for the rest of the season.

4.  Minnesota Vikings (6-0) - Can Brett Favre really have been the answer for this team?  We knew they didn't have a good situation at quarterback coming into the season and now it seems like he was definitely the missing piece.  The Vikings answered any doubters they might have by beating the Raven's last week 33-31.  Adrian Peterson ran for over 100 yards and Favre didn't make any mistakes.  Giving up 31 to the Raven's offense is a small cause for concern but you can't dispute the fact they are still undefeated.  They have another big matchup against an AFC powerhouse this week when they travel to Pittsburgh.  If they can somehow defeat the defending world champs in their backyard it will be hard not to move this team further up the rankings.

5.  Atlanta Falcons (4-1) - For the first time this year a team with a loss enters our top 5.  The Falcons have been playing brilliant football this year and they have bee doing it quietly.  Their one loss came back in week 3 against the Patriots in Gillette Stadium.  The last two weeks they have beaten teams that we thought could have good seasons, San Francisco and Chicago.  Their defense is good and Matt Ryan seems to have matured into a very good second year quarterback.  They have to go into Dallas Stadium this week and play the Cowboys who are coming off of their bye and are in desperate need of a win.  It will be hard for the Falcons to not over look the Cowboys when they know the following week they have a Monday Night showdown with the Saints.  Their spot in our top 5 could be very short lived.

Don't forget to check out our weekly NFL picks video at www.moleandmeares.com .

Enjoy NFL week 7!

Posted on: October 15, 2009 10:27 am

NFL Power Rankings - Week 6

It is Thursday, October 15th and it is time again for the Mole & Meares NFL power rankings.  Our top 5 teams from last week didn't lose so there you won't see any new additions but you will see teams in different spots than last week.  Here we go.

1. New Orleans Saints (4-0) - The Saints had a bye last so they will remain atop of our rankings.  This week is when we find out how good they really are.  They will host the New York Giants on Sunday with the opportunity to solidify their spot as the best team in the NFC and maybe the entire NFL.  We might also get to see how they play when they aren't leading since we haven't seen that yet this year.

2. New York Giants (5-0) - The Giants took care of business last week against the Oakland Raiders in a blow out.  Eli Manning looked good and didn't seem to be bothered by his heel injury and got to sit out most of the second half so he will be fresh come Sunday.  They do look to be the most complete team in the NFC but will their defense be able to stop the high powered Saints offense on Sunday?  I think the key to them beating the Saints lays on the shoulders and legs of Brandon Jacobs.  If they can pound the ball and win the time of possession battle they will come out victorious and perhaps take over our coveted #1 position next week.

3. Denver Broncos (5-0) - The Broncos just know how to win.  They move up two spots this week with their defeat of the Patriots.  The Patriots were coming off their biggest win of the season against the Ravens and just got flat out outplayed by the Denver Broncos.  Now the Broncos head west for a Monday night showdown against the San Diego Chargers.  If they win they take a commanding 3 1/2 game lead in the division and will have surpassed everyone's expectations for the season. 

4.  Indianapolis Colts (5-0) - The Colts thrashed the Titans on Sunday night in their last match up before their bye week.  Peyton Manning continues to put up ridiculous numbers so far this season with his fifth consecutive game of at least 300 passing yards.  This guy is on his way to win consecutive MVP awards for the second time in his career.  If their defense keeps playing the way it has been this team is scary good. 

5. Minnesota Vikings (5-0) - The Vikings destroyed the St. Louis Rams last week 38-10.  What I find most interesting is they keep winning games without Adrian Peterson rushing for over 100 yards.  If Brett Favre can continue to protect the ball and not get his 40 year old body into trouble this team will compete for the NFC championship.  They have a huge test this week against the Ravens who have lost 2 in a row and will be looking for a much needed win.  Something tells me this is the week the Vikings will fall from the ranks of the undefeated.

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Posted on: October 8, 2009 1:36 pm

NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

Its Thursday, October 8th and here are the power rankings for the NFL through the eyes of Mole & Meares.

1. New Orleans Saints (4-0) - The Saints took care of business at home this past week against what was our 4th ranked team in the NFL, the New York Jets. What was surprising wasn't that they won but how they won, with defense. Everyone knows that the Saints have a high-powered offense but their defense is what has won them the past two games. If you would have told me that Drew Brees wouldn't have thrown a touchdown pass in the past two weeks, I wouldn't have though they would win. They are much improved from a year ago on the defensive side of the ball and that only makes them more scary. Oh, and by the way, they have yet to trail in any game yet this year...yeah, they are our number 1 team.

2. New York Giants (4-0) - The Giants remain as our number 2 team this week after a victory against the pathetic Kansas City Chiefs. Their schedule doesn't get any tougher this week as they play host to the equally pathetic Oakland Raiders. Steve Smith has definitely emerged this year as a dominant wide receiver, he leads the league in receptions through week 4. Their first true test of the year will come in week 6 against the New Orleans Saints. That is when we will find out if they are the real deal or not.

3. Minnesota Vikings (4-0) - They won last week's biggest hyped game in years. Brett Favre against his old team. But the biggest story of this game was the inability of the Packers offensive line to stop the Minnesota rush. Aaron Rodgers had absolutely no time to throw the football and Minnesota dominated them from start to finish. If Adrian Peterson stays healthy for the whole year this team could find itself playing for the Superbowl come February.

4. Indianapolis Colts (4-0) - The Colts quietly enter our power rankings this week at 4-0. They aren't spectacular but they find ways to win football games. Peyton Manning is off to his best statistical start of his career, that is incredible considering the stats he has put up throughout his career. Their running game is questionable and their defense can be susceptible at times to big plays but in my eyes they are still the favorite to come out of the AFC so far this year. It is very early to say this and it makes me sick to think about, but could we be in for a Manning vs Manning Superbowl?

5. Denver Broncos (4-0) - I can't believe that I am putting the Denver Broncos in the top five teams in the NFL but they are one of the 5 remaining undefeated teams and I will give them some respect coming off of a nice victory at home against Dallas. They have the best defense in the league based on points per game. They have a quarterback who doesn't turn the ball over and they have play makers on offense. They might only appear in these rankings for one week but I had to give them their due. They face a much improved New England team coming off their biggest win of the season last week. It should be an interesting game and we will definitely find out if Denver is as good as THEY think they are.

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Check back next week for our week 6 power rankings!

Mole & Meares
Posted on: October 5, 2009 2:31 pm

Monday Morning Quarterback - NFL Week 4

We are going to do a little segment each Monday morning on our blog called the Monday Morning Quarterback...we are basically going to recap some of the more interesting stats and storylines from the prior days games.  Are you ready?  Okay...lets begin...

The Denver Broncos might just be for real.  A lot of people, including myself, didn't expect the Broncos to win 4 games all year let alone be 4-0 after week 4.  Their defense is stifling, they gave up double digit points for the first time this year this week against the Cowboys and it was only 10.  They have only given up 2 touchdowns in 4 weeks.  The Philadelphia Eagles made a huge mistake letting Brian Dawkins go...he isn't the only reason the defense is playing so well...but he is one of the reasons. 

The Tennesse Titans might be this bad.  Nobody saw this coming...after starting out last year 10-0 the Titans can't seem to figure out what sport they are playing.  They got their asses handed to them by the Jaguars yesterday.  They let David Garrard throw for over 300 yards, seriously, David Garrad?  Kerry Collins looks like a deer caught in headlights every play.  A lot of people predicted the Titans to make the playoffs this year...if they are lucky they might win 4 games.

The New York Jets have a spectacular defense.  But they still have a rookie quarterback.  Mark Sanchez looked like a rookie yesterday and the New Orleans Saints cruised to a 14 point victory without any help from their offense.  The Saints have yet to trail this season...are you fucking kidding me?  The Jets are definitely for real and depending on how quickly Mark Sanchez matures is how far this team will go.

Fuck Tom Brady.  Seriously, this guy is the poster boy for the NFL and the refs treat him that way...it is utterly disgusting.  There was at least one phantom roughing the passer call against the Ravens which might have cost them the game.  Well...I guess I shouldn't go that far...Derrick Mason forgot how to catch a pass that hits him in the chest and that cost them the game but either way, Tom Brady, you are a pussy.  The last time I checked, quarterbacks were still FOOTBALL PLAYERS, please let them get hit...that is the point of the fucking game.

Peyton Manning - you are good.  He is putting up the best numbers of his career this early into a season.  Seriously?  His numbers are getting better?  This guy can just flat out throw the ball.  Well...at least during the regular season.  The Colts look like a very solid team which will be tough to beat...however, they play in a joke of a division, Houston, Jacksonville and Tennessee are all mediocre at best.  This should be a cake walk for the Colts.  Can he win his second Superbowl?

Worst team in the NFL - St. Louis Rams.  Holy Shit!  How can you be this bad?  I can't wait till they play Detroit on November 1st.  That should be a barn burner.  Looking at St. Louis's schedule, they could definitely go 0-16.  My advice, move back to LA...or at least let USC don your uniforms and play one week for you...that is your best chance of winning. 

How about Cleveland Brown's nose tackle Shaun Rogers.  All this guy does is block field goals...he has 11 blocks in his career and he single handedly kept the Browns in this game with a blocked field goal and a blocked extra point at the end of regulation.  Too bad their offense is so inept they couldn't even get into field goal range in 3 possesions in overtime to even try a kick.  Cincinnati wins a game they shouldn't have, sort of makes up for the miraculous loss they had to the Broncos in Week 1.   Back to the Browns, it looks like they have finally found a star receiver in Mohamed Massaquoi, this guy looks like the real deal.  He caught 8 passes for 148 yards, half of which were spectacular. 

JeMarcuss Russell - you need to quit.  This guy is the worst quarterback in the league.  His numbers are horrific.  Yesterday he went 12 for 33 for 128 yards.  On the season he is 43 for 108 for 506 yards with 1 TD and 4 picks.  He has a passer rating of 42.4.  I don't know much about what goes into a passer rating but I do know if you are below 50 after 4 games you should be automatically cut from the team.  It is such a shame because Oakland has a decent amount of playmakers on offense but they will not go anywhere with this guy leading them.  Bring Rich Gannon out of retirement. 

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