Posted on: October 6, 2010 9:48 pm

Why change what is Working Dusty

Everyone in baseball thought Dusty was an idiot when he decided to start volquez and not Travis Wood. Obviously a very bad move. And Phillips hasnt led off in 6 weeks, Stubbs has finally been a productive lead-off hitter. Phillips has actually been good batting seventh, where in his mind hes too good to bat seventh. Dusty looked very dumb tonight. Very Very Dumb, and a little stupid too.  Well tonight it may no have mattered, but as soon as phillips grounded out on the first pitch I knew it was over. A guy like Halladay you need to make him pitch alot of pitches so maybe you can get to the pen. At least we will get one playoff game in Cincinnatiin 15 years.
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Posted on: October 3, 2009 7:29 pm

Tony Pike

How at this point in the young season could Tony Pike not be a Heisman hopeful. With his size and smarts he should and will be one of the best steals of next years draft. And the Cincinnnati Bearcats, well they kind of speak for themselves as well. They lost nearly their entire starting defense from the previous year, which might i add won the big east and played in the Orange Bowl. They are Scary good and any team in the country would be weary of playing them on any given week. If they go undefeated and don't get to play for a national championship it would be a travesty. They devestated an Oregon State team which is the same team that put it to USC last year. Only time will tell. Noone can say they arent playing great lead by Pike who is as good as any.
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