Posted on: May 16, 2011 8:12 am

Everyone on a roll... the cheese stands alone

AL East Week 6:

Heat rises as everyone wins 4 of 6 for the week ...  plus Sunday bonus.  ..except the sleepy Yankees.  

Tampa Bay Rays     (19-14) --> (23-17)   wk 4-2   +1 Sunday  -  Beats up on Indians
New York Yankees  (18-13) --> (20-17)   wk 2-4   - 1 Sunday  -  Snoozes vs. KC, Sox
Boston Red Sox      (15-18) --> (20-20)   wk 4-2   +1 Sunday  -  Climbs by beating Twins, Yanks
Toronto Blue Jays    (15-18) --> (20-20)   wk 4-2   +1 Sunday  -  Climbs by beating Twins, Sox  -  Bautista = is a beast
Baltimore Orioles     (14-18) --> (19-20)   wk 4-2   +1 Sunday  -  Sweeps seasick Mariners

Saturday night Jorge Posada opts out of playing when discovering he's slated to bat ninth.  Really?  How surprised could he have been that slumping hitters bat last?  Help me understand:  a player is designated by the manager as the DH because.... he's a good hitter?  Or because he is a hot hitter right now?  A bonus, no fielding - just hit.  Which of those fits you, Jorge?   

Sunday night bonus:  Sox Rock, Yanks tank.  Whipped cream on the week's dessert seemed so appropriate.  One team fights uphill, one team sleeps yet again.  Sominex OD in NY?  It sure didn't feel like the intense rivalry we expect.  Missing the drama and player intensity (mostly from the dower NY side).  Calling Thurmon Munson.

Fight was missing, and has been for 2 weeks or so ( vs. Detroit, KC, Boston).  New York has made 13 errors in its past 10 games.  Tex, Arod and Cano look like zombies.  Gardner back to his old ways - pop up a bunt?  Send him to camp to learn to drop a bunt on the ground.  And, by the way, can you run?  Disgraceful.  Rope-a-dope?  Certain about the dope part.  Nick Swisher better stop smerking when he Ks, looking skyward and smiling.  The answer isn't in your stars, dude - it's in yourself.  Running out of haircut versions?   Scientology surely isn't helping.

Props to the surging Rays, slugging Jays and reawakened Red Sox.  The East is beginning to look like we all knew it would be, with teams besides the Yanks --> 20-8 over the last 8 days.  Yanks?  2-5.  But trend isn't destiny.  Watch as the very same glee my friends in beantown feel now can turn on a dime.  But enjoy it for now.  

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