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Sensabaugh, Jenkins, Newman Shut his azz up

IRVING, Texas -- The rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles just wouldn't feel right without an explosive, trash-talking wide receiver. DeSean Jackson has filled that role leading up to the rematch in the first round of the NFC playoffs.

The Cowboys contained Jackson while sweeping the regular-season series against the Eagles, but the Pro Bowl receiver has been popping off in cyberspace.


 About an hour after the Cowboys shut out the Eagles to claim the NFC East championship, setting up the rematch Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium, Jackson declared on Twitter: "we gonna sting they ass next week."

Jackson, who has been held to five catches for 76 yards and no touchdowns in the two losses to Dallas, followed that up by scoffing at a fan's question about the Cowboys' success against him during a video appearance Tuesday on UStream.

"Mike Jenkins ain't never shut me down, so y'all chill out over there," Jackson said. "Them boys are scared of me. I'm a dual threat on that field. They be having like four people on your boy out there, but it's all good. I probably get man coverage like 10 percent every game. But I like those odds. I'll take that."

Jenkins, who had watched the video of Jackson, laughed at what he heard.

"It's just talk," said Jenkins, a second-year cornerback whose emergence as a star was critical to the Cowboys allowing the fewest points in the NFC. "I find it quite funny, I guess. He doesn't do as much talking on the field. I mean -- computer, field? It's not physical. I think it's kind of funny.

"We don't really have nothing to talk about. It's been two games. Look at the stats. We let our stats talk. We let our game play talk."

Jenkins, who has actually matched up with rookie receiver Jeremy Maclin on most snaps while Terence Newman covered Jackson, did want to address Jackson's contention that the Cowboys are giving him extraordinary attention.

The Cowboys have primarily played man coverage with normal help from the safeties against the Eagles this season, mixing in some zone coverage to keep Philadelphia guessing.

"It's been a lot of talk, too, about double-covering or triple-covering this guy," Jenkins said. "I haven't seen it yet. We single it up. We call [man] every play. There's one man on him and we're just sitting in it.

"We're holding our own and that's pretty much it. We're holding our own. That's pretty much it. We're not doing anything special for him or anybody else."

Jackson wasn't nearly as brash during his conference call with Dallas media on Wednesday morning as he had been in cyberspace.

When asked about his comment that the Cowboys are scared of him, Jackson said he's a confident player who feels that way against any team he plays. He called Jenkins and Newman "pretty good players" but said the Eagles receivers should have the advantage in those matchups.

"We definitely got embarrassed, and we have to come back this week and make different arrangements," Jackson said. "They've contained me, if that's what you want to call it. They're doing a good job playing together. It's not really about myself. It's about the team. We've got to go out there and win."

Most of the Cowboys hadn't seen video of Jackson saying they were scared of him. Jenkins joked that if safeties Ken Hamlin and Gerald Sensabaugh saw the clip, "They're probably going to go at his head."

Jenkins indicated that he'd make sure to show Hamlin and Sensabaugh the video before Saturday night.

Jackson's Twitter comments had already made the rounds at the Cowboys' Valley Ranch facility.

"That's just to give you something to talk about," linebacker Bradie James said. "He's a good player and certain players can actually back that up. He might be one of those guys. Of course, we'll have our stingers out, too, waiting for him."

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Cowboys does a complete 360

WOW!!! what a turnaround by the Dallas Cowboys, after loosing their first TWO games of December, the Cowboys finish with a flourish winning their last three remaining game. After going into the Superdome and beating the prevously unbeaten NO Saints, the Cowboys
shotout their last two oppoents the Washington Redskins, and the High flying Philadelphia Eagles to win the NFC East Crown.

The Cowboys are now playing with a Swagger, on both sides of the ball that haven't been seen before since Wade Phillips has been coach.

Tony Romo is playing the best football of his career and finish the year with over 4483 passing yards, 26 TD's 9 Int and a Quarterback rating of 97.6 Miles Austin was also a big susprise for the COwboys turning out to be the replacement for the loss of T.O by finishing the year with over 1,320 receiving yards and making his first Pro Bowl.

The Defense has been solid all year but seems to turn it up a notch in the month of Dec, by holding the Saints, to their lowest output of the year, and shutting out their last two oppoents the Redskins and the Eagles. The emergence of DE Anthony Spencer. and 2nd year CB Mike Jenkins is the reason the Cowboys defense is playing so well. 

The Cowboys will be playing the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night in the first playoff game since 1996. it will undoubtedly be a hard task for the Cowboys who will be faceing the Eagles for the 2nd week in a row, but at the way they are playing right now I have no doubt that it will be a dogfight but the Cowboys will prevail to win it's first playoff game under Head Coach Wade Phillips.
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18 Plays 99 Yards

WOW! I just watched Vince Young lead the Tennessee Titans, on a 18 play 99 yards drive to defeat the Arizona Cardinals. Young converted Four fourth downs plays to complete the incredible comback. The Titians defeated the Cardinal 20-17 the Titans have won 5 straight games since Young has return to the lineup as a Starter replacing Kerry Collins
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Hello Jason Garrett are you there.

The Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday was attributed to one thing the Running game, Jason Garrett Playcalling this season has been horrible, and it was evident on Sunday in Green Bay.

The Cowboys ran the ball on 12 times which made their offense very predictable, and the Packers use that predictability to Blitz the Cowboys almost every play. The Cowboys have Three of the best Runningbacks in the League in Felix Jones, Marion Barber, and Tashard Choice,

The Cowboys were leading the League the first Games of the season with almost 200 yards a game, but every since then the numbers have been slowly declining because of the lack of rushing attempts, and at times Garrett has totaly abandon the Run. Garrett was thought of to be one of the best and brightest offensive minds in the Nfl and Jerry Jones paid him as such with a Contract that pays him a hefty 3 millions a Year. Garrett offense has become predictable and so has he Here's what Packers Defensive Cordinator Don Capers
said about the Cowboys Offense.

Don Capers Comments

The Dallas Cowboys used only 14 rushing plays during Sunday's loss at Green Bay, matching their third-lowest number of attemtps in this century. The loss dropped the Cowboys to 1-16 in this century when they run fewer than 20 times. The lone win came against lowly Detroit during the 2007 season. Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers said his group was able to pressure quarterback Tony Romo because the Cowboys essentially abandoned the running game. ``The game became one-dimensional,'' Capers told reporters. ``You can just go out and blitz, but if people are going to run the ball for big yardage on you, you're foolish
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1st Place for the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys face the Philadelphia Eagles, for 1st place in the NFC East on sunday night it was a Classic NFC east Match-up. The Eagles was comming off a Drubbing of the NY Giants, and the Cowboys was comming off a Convincing win over the Atlanta Falcons.

The game was just what we expoected harrd hitting and plenty of drama Donvan Mcnabb threw 2 picks and constantly pressuse by the must improve Cowboys, Defense Dallas 2nd year Cornerback Mike Jenkins had one of Mcnabb unfortunate picks, and newly acquired Safety Gerald Sansebaugh had the other.

The Eagles was unable to make the Big play that the constantly made aganist the NY giants, and his young Wide Receivers of Dejuan had 5 catches, and Jermey Macklin only had 4 catches. Lashun Mccoy replace Brian Westbrook at runningback who was not able to go with a Concusion.

Tony Romo led the Dallas Cowboys Offensive attack with 301 yards and 1 pick, Romo also found his connection with Roy E williams for 5 catches for 75 yards. The Cowboys had been waiting for Williams and Romo to finally get in sync which they had yet to this season. Miles Austin who had been putting up huge Receivers yards over the last three game only had 1 catch for a Touchdown, but it was Miles 1 catch and Touchdown that gave the Cowboys the lead for good. And the Cowboys won a close one 20-16 and alone in first place on top of the NFC east.
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Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones says he has no intentions of Firing Head Coach Wade Phillips in the middle of the season, Jerry has to be naive or just plain stupid he must not have watched the game aganist Kansas city who are winless and the Cowboys needed a Superman effort from wide receiver Miles Austin to beat them in Overtime.

Firing Wade Phillips and handing the team over to Offensive Cordinator Jason Garrett is not only the right thing to do it makes perfect sence. It would give Jones time to evaluate Garrett and see if he is the right man for the Cowboys in the future. The Cowboys have a Brutal stretch of games comming up that the Cowboys could easily lose all of them that will definitely have the Cowboys owner singing a different tune.

Jerry Jones and I Quote under no circumstances will Wade be Fired during the Season. Well Jerry We will see if you're a Man of your word.
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Smoke Screen

Miles Austin Spectacular day yesterday aganist the winless Kansas city Chiefs was just a Smoke Screen of what's really going on in dallas. The Cowboys had to go into Overtime to beat a winless Chiefs team. The Cowboys win has clouded the memory of Jerry Jones of how bad and how fast the Cowboys has fallen, the Cowboys play unexpired and undiscipline football and a change at the Head Coaching position has to be made not at the end of the season but ''TODAY''.

Not only has Phillips lost his luster as a Head Coach but as a Defensive Cordinator as well, for the last Three weeks the Cowboys has given up game tying or winning drives in the last 2.00 minutes of the games and a abundance of penalties that either end drives or keep drives going for the opposing team is unacceptable Wade must go and he must go NOW.
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