Posted on: October 15, 2009 8:52 pm

Week 5 Recap


    Ted Ginn and Chad Henne and their Dolphins now trying to make something happen.

    Alright, Ginn was the only receiver so far to survive Revis in 2009. He scored a touchdown against him, first to do so. His statistics were decent, only 2 receptions but for 57 yards and yes, his touchdown. Kudos to Ginn for doing this against what may be the best cornerback in the NFL. But the scarier and more important thing is that my NY Jets now have 2 losses of our last 2 games...

    So the Saints defense held Terrell Owens to no receptions, you guys remember? So maybe Revis can duplicate this. Well don't expect that, but don't expect more than 40 yards out of the guy, trust me don't. See ya in week 6 Bills (the team who could only score 3 points against Cleveland).

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Posted on: October 15, 2009 8:45 pm

Week 4 Recap


    Welcome to another editon of Revis Island. Darrelle Revis faces up against another one of the more elite receivers in Marques Colston, with a man by the name of Drew Brees throwing the ball up to him.

    You can say the Jets offense may not have come to play when they unfortunatley lost there first game of the year (24-10), but don't think for a second that 24 points was scored against the Jets defense. The Saints did score 24 points but due to an interception return for a touchdown and thanks to a fumble in the endzone, 14 of those points the Saints put up was while the Jets offense was on the field. Damn it hey?
    Since we are focusing on Revis I'll just tell you in a nut-shell what he did. A big-name receiver was limited to under 40 yards, and this time only 2 receptions (2 rec 33 yards). Revis helped the Jets secondary hold Brees to his worst yard productive game while he only mustered up 190 yards.

    Next up Mr. Ted Ginn of the Miami Dolphins. Maybe he'll be the only to get 40 yards on Revis since he has that outside speed to burn any corner, but don't expect much.
Posted on: October 15, 2009 8:39 pm

Week 3 Recap


    Justin Gage made a trip to Revis Island in week 3 and I'll put this blog in very briefly.

    After Darrelle made Johnson and Moss look like fools, you think Gage would go without a catch. 4 receptions and 37 yards and still no touchdowns against Revis was Gage's accomplishment. No matter the skill Gage was still shut down. After all the Steelers, yes the Steelers let him snag a touchdown and 7 receptions along with 78 yards.

    Gage was shut down and now Revis will be facing Marques Colston and Drew Brees. Mark my words, Colston wont do much.
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Posted on: October 15, 2009 8:29 pm

Week 2 Recap


    After Andre Johnson comes probably one of the only people considered as good and if not better than Johnson himself, Randy Moss. With a healthy Brady throwing to the guy, who would have thought anyone could hold his number one target to under 75 yards.

    But 75 yards is nothing, Revis tripled that when he held another one of the leagues finest to 4 receptions and a disappointing 24 yards, and no touchdowns. Revis even caught a pass from Brady himself that afternoon. Looking back, the Jets defense in general shut Brady and his offense down when they became the first team since 2006 to hold the Patriots offense to no offensive touchdowns all game. When New England faced the Bills the game before, Moss had 14 passes completed to him, with a total of 141 yards.

    Well there you have it, Revis once again shows how he is basically the new Nnamdi x2. The next visitor... Justin Gage.
Posted on: October 15, 2009 8:20 pm

Week 1 Recap


    Alright. It's week 1 and the Jets are facing the Houston Texans. Since Revis is the No. 1 cornerback in New York, you know who he's covering, Miami Hurricanes graduate, Andre Johnson.

    The stats that Johnson was limited to, was incredible. 4 receptions for only 35 yards and no touchdowns. Next week Johnson then went to face the Titans where he scored 2 touchdowns, 6 first downs out of the 10 receptions he snagged, and on top of all of that, 149 yards.

   So for Week 1, Revis shut down one of the NFL's finest and his next stop.... Randy Moss.

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